Reviews & Testimonies

I believe in the products I sell, whether from a company I am with or items that I have made. Your thoughts are important to me! If you have ever purchased, received or won products, hand made items, samples or trials from me please take a moment to leave a Review/Testimony in the comments to share with others.

I could give you hype about all the great benefits or why you should purchase from me, but I would rather you hear it from others that have purchased, received or won them.

Take a moment to read through the comments and "see" what others have to say!

Thank you for taking the time to read the reviews/testimonies and for leaving your thoughts as well!
~ Mary

(If leaving a comment as anonymous please leave at least your first name in the comment as well)~ For those that dont have google or openID accounts or blogs etc.


  1. I have purchased some of Mary's handmade soaps in the best. They not only smelled awesome but looked awesome as well! The shipping was super fast and everything was packed nicely. Mary is a joy to purchase from and you will not be disappointed!

  2. I have purchased many of Mary's products and have no complaints. Her items are received in a timely manner and always well worth what you pay. I love all of her items and her compassion as a seller.

    I order from her all the time.:)

  3. Here are a few reviews left on my FB fan page!

    Leann Marie Longdon-Williams~
    Great products. Long lasting smells. I love them.

    Karla Fisher~
    I love your products. I won't buy candles or room sprays anywhere else. There is something for everyone. Even my son can't imagine buying from anyone but you. Your products rock!!!!!!!!

    Angela Darling~
    I am in love with the tart chunks!!!! Last a long time! I will continue to order!!!!! Awesome company! "TWO THUMBS UP!!!!

    Mandi Taylor-Hall~
    LOVE everything you offer!!! The scents are remarkable and can't be duplicated by any other company! My favorite thing is they are poured to order and not sitting on a shelf de-scenting!! Thanks!

  4. I just received the "live, laugh, love" pendant I purchased from Mary and I LOVE IT! Thanks!

  5. Very Excited to share that Me To You Treasures has been show cased!

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my "I shoot people" photography pendant! thank you so much! And thank you for the extra little gift!

  7. FB Feedback from:

    Crystal Martin
    I received my necklace and it is just as beautiful in person. Thank you very much!

  8. FB Feedback from:
    Tisha Martin
    i got my stuff this morning,,,I LOVE THEM<<<<<thank you lots



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