April 29, 2009

Sand Is Always Blue (Repost from The Beaded Branch)

(Hello everyone. I got permission from Teri to repost this for my readers. It really touched me to read her story. I know that many of us may feel the same way. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.........)

Sand Is Always Blue

A little girl sits alone in her room coloring. Her coloring book is open to a page that has a wonderful picture of a seagull, flying over a stretch of beach. She can picture in her mind what colors to use. The sand, a soft lovely cornflower blue. The ocean, a beautiful shade of pink with green foam. The seagull, all the shades of purple and lavender her crayon box holds. The sky, a deep forest green, with bright yellow clouds. The lines are only suggestions of where the colors should go. The colors will blend one into the other, and create a kaleidoscopic picture.

Just as she finishes the sand, with nothing else colored in, another child--older and "wiser"--looks at the picture.

"Sand isn't blue."


"Sand isn't' blue. It's tan, white, black, or brown. But it isn't blue. And the lines are there for a reason. Color in the lines."

Since the little girl values the opinion of the older child, she tears out the picture, crumples it up and throws it away, humiliated. The rest of the coloring book is colored in "normal" colors, and always inside the lines.

The girl grows older. She takes some summer time art classes.

"Find a picture of an animal in one of the magazines and draw it exactly as you see it."

She finds a picture of a giraffe, with its' tongue out. She takes her paper, colored pencils, and the picture and starts to sketch. Exactly what she sees.

"I told you to copy the photograph."

"No, you told us to draw what we see."

"Giraffes don't have purple spots. They aren't green. They don't have blue eyes and sparkling eyelashes. Their tongues aren't bright pink. Draw what you see."

"But this is what I see."

"I told you to copy the photograph. Now, if you can't follow simple instructions, then you will never be an artist. Do what I say."

The girl wants to be an artist, so, once again, the paper is crumpled up and thrown away. She then draws a tan and brown giraffe.

Roll forward a couple more years.

The girl is now in high school. Once again, she takes an art class. She follows directions. She plays by the rules. She does exactly what the teacher asks for.

Then one magic week happens. They study surrealism. Salvador Dali. The amazing pictures he created.

"Paint something surreal. Make it as symbolic as you want."

She paints a picture, fingers turning into paint brushes, eyes turning into paint colors on a palette. And incomplete canvas in the background, with the incomplete words "An artist lives...". Parts of the body she uses becoming the extensions of an artist. What she longs to become.

"I told you to paint something surrealistic"

"I did. See the symbolism?"

"That is disgusting. Cut off fingers and plucked out eyeballs are not symbolic of anything except possibly a disturbed mind. Do the lesson the way I told you to."

Another frustration. Another crumpled paper. Another failure.

She does another painting. Easter eggs for the paint colors. Flowers for the brushes. An unfinished bowl of fruit on the background canvas.

"Now. That's better. And now you understand what I was telling you."

Yes. The girl now understands. Conform. Bend to their rules. Become their vision or get the hell out. She gets the hell out. She hides her art. She feels lost, but never quite knows why.

She drifts for years. Unending, unsatisfying, boring office jobs. Always searching for the magic she once had in her life and never knowing where it went. Memories of disappointment and failure are buried deep.

One day, as she and her mother are watching her twins draw and color, one of them approaches and says "Grammy, draw ladybug?" He holds out a big purple crayon and a piece of paper.

"Sweetie-boy, ladybug's aren't purple. Don't you have a red crayon and a black crayon?"

Memories come crashing into the once little girl, now a grown, lost woman. She stands up, takes the crayon and piece of paper. She draws the biggest purple ladybug on the paper she can.

"Don't EVER tell MY children that ladybugs aren't purple!!!"

Her mother stares at her in disbelief.


"Don't ever tell my children to color in the lines, that anything is a certain color. If the sand is blue in their eyes, then let it be blue!"

"What on earth are you talking about?"

"I never realized where my problems were. I was always told--sand isn't blue, giraffes aren't green, fingers and eyes aren't the extensions of an artist. Do NOT fill my children's heads with that nonsense! Anything can be any color, and lines are only suggestions, not rules."

I then proceeded to go to my computer, and find a photo of a seagull on the beach. I edited it so it would be black and white, then colored the sand a soft, cornflower blue. I printed it out and hung it on my refrigerator. My husband came home from work that day, took one look at it and said "That's awesome!" I explained what happened, and he responded, "Well, it's about damn time!"

I had found my creative block. Now I chip away at it daily, almost hourly. I'm still overcoming it. But through my children's eyes, I can see purple ladybugs, blue sand, purple and green giraffes, and extensions of the artist.

To see more of Teri's posts visit her blog at:


Thank you Teri for letting me share this with my readers!

I hope this touches your Sense of Understanding and being able to relate as I and others have!
Have a blessed day!

April 28, 2009

Up to 75% OFF Sale....from TBSaH.........Last Chance!

This is a big sale!
Okay you all know that The Body Shop Consultants will end this thursday, well I have an awesome deal for you! The have now made these items up to 75% off!! Get your orders in before they go out of stock, this would be hard to pass up!

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Last Chance!!!!

April 26, 2009

Mothers Day Basket Raffle for NWArkansas

Mother's Day will be here soon and I have the perfect gift!
Here is your chance to buy tickets for this beautiful basket!
(This basket raffle is for locals ~ I wouldn't be able to ship it in time for mothers day for online ticket holders, I will be having an online basket raffle at a later date so keep your eyes open for it!)
My Local area is Northwest Arkansas, so if you are in this area, get your tickets while you can!

This basket is stocked full o fawesome proucts from
  • The Body Shop at Home ~ Spa Quality bath and body products
  • Ranch House Candles ~ 100% Soy wax Candles and Scent Products
  • HillSide Soaps - Handmade Glycerin Soap Bars

The Basket is worth OVER $175 retail! You can purchase unlimited amount of Tickets!
$1 = 1 Ticket, $5 = 6 Tickets, $10 = 12 Tickets, $20 = 25 Tickets

All Products are Brand NEW, Never used. The winner will be announced here and I will be calling the winner at the number listed on the ticket!

Drawing will be held on Saturday May 9th, 2009 at 5pm.

You can contact me at:

Mary Reid
Ind. Consultant

(contents of basket:)

The Body Shop at Home
Fresh Feet Treats (peppermint) Gift Set (5pc set)
Spa Sanctuary Gift Set (6pc set)
Head to Toe Gift Set (5pc set)
Exotic Mango Trio Gift Set (3pc set)
Moroccan Rose Shower Gel
Satsuma Shower Gel
Satsuma Mini Body Butter

HillSide Soaps
Baby Powder w/Shea Butter Soap Bar
Fruity Passion Chunk Soap Bar

Ranch House Candles
4oz Cascade Candle ~ Lemon Drops
10oz Mason Jar Candle ~ Caribbean Coconut
Tart Chunk ~ Spring Showers
Votive 2 pk ~ Sand & Sun
Room Spray ~ Hot Apple Pie
Wick Dipper

Hurry now for your chance to win this Mother's Day Basket!
And as always do some thing for your self that will "Satisfy Your Senses"!
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April 18, 2009

Come join us in Business excert..........................

I am part of an AWESOME group of ladies. we have a yahoo group Sassy Sisters In Sales
There are several companies that are represented there and we are always looking for more! Here is a post on my company that was just recently posted to our Blog: Sassy Sisters

(this is an excert from :http//sassysistersinsales.blogspot.com)

Mary Reid has been a rep with Ranch House Candles for a little over a year and she loves every moment of it. Mary chose Ranch House Candles for several reasons:
  • The company is "ground floor" which means there is a lot of room for growth as a company and a representative. It also means you aren't just a number in a sea of reps. Some candle companies have oversaturated their market and you can virtually find a rep on every corner. Not Ranch House Candles! There is a very good chance that you will be the only rep in your city. At the very least, the first.
  • She fell in love with the products. Once you try a Ranch House Candle, you will understand why. The scents are simply amazing and the selection is unparallelled.
  • Their products are eco-friendly. Ranch House Candles are made with clean burning 100% soy wax.
Unlike many programs, Ranch House Candles isn't set up by "levels". However, the company is still small and starting out, so that may change in the future. What does this mean for you if you choose to become company representative? It means you are working directly with the owners and other reps for the betterment of the entire company. The owners want to hear your ideas and suggestions. The benefits of selling Ranch House Candles are numerous:
  1. You get to sell a high quality yet reasonably priced products.
  2. You get to work 1 on 1 with the company owners.
  3. There are fewer restrictions than with most other companies.
  4. All orders are hand poured as you and your customers place them. You never recieve a candle that has been sitting on a shelf collecting dust and losing scent.
  5. You can sell your products just about anywhere you want, so long as you are respectful to the company and refrain from doing anything that would reflect negatively on the home office. All advertising must include the words "Independent Consultant" and any special offers you run must state it is a consultant specific deal and not the company's.
The cost to join Ranch House Candles is approximately $22.50/month ($14.95 plus 7.55 shipping). What all does that include? You get a fully functioning website in which your customers can submit orders directly to the company, you get 3 Square Mason Jar Candles each month ($30 value) and 50% commission on most products. Wth your first shipment, you will also get scent samples for each available scent, 20 full color catalogs, 20 invitation postcards, 20 order forms and fundraising literature.
So what is Mary's favorite products? The Wickless Candles & Room Sprays. And her favorite scent is White Nectarine & Pink Coral. Least favorite? She doesn't have one. Mary believes that each customer has different wants & needs and Ranch House Candles has something for everyone.

If you are interested in becoming the newest consultant for Ranch House Candles, please drop by their website and click on "Candles of the Month". Fill out the short form and the owners will be in contact with you! You can also visit Mary on the web at her personal website, Satisfy Your Senses or on her blog.

There are several Sisters that have submitted their information as well for different companies such as:

Brenda Chesney - Affordable Mineral Makeup
Christina Strickand - Brown Bag Parties
Aimee Plesa - Shake Your Bon Bons
JoAnn Greer - Avon
Andrea Baker - Inspiranza Designs
Debbi Anderson - Lets Do Tea & Pink Papaya

To see what they have to offer click here:
Sassy Sisters In Sales Blog

You will find some great deals here! Come join us in our companies or in our group!

To visit the group click here: Sassy Sisters In Sales Group

And as always take care of your self there is only 1 YOU!
Have a great weekend!

April Special with Pink Papaya

I want to share with you these absolutely wonderful specials for April with Pink Papaya! Thank you all for helping me launch successfully in to my new adventure. I am very proud to be a Pink Papaya girl and I KNOW you will love their products!
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April Showers Bring May Flowers!
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Exfoliate & Cleanse!
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Stimulate Your Skin
Purchase a 17oz Bubble Bath full of luscious bubbles, infused with botanical extracts and aloe vera for $22.00 and receive an Ayate Cloth for just $1.00!

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Treat Your Tootsies!
Purchase a Blackberry Fig Foot Scrub with organic brown sugar and blackberry seeds for $22.50 and receive a Foot Creme with Sweet Almond Oil enriched with jojoba and sweet almond oil for only $5.00!

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Facial Glow!
Purchase a mineral Duo Bronzer for $32.00 and receive a Facial Scrub with Grapeseed Extract (citrus bergamot) for $1.00!

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Have a great day and take care of your self there is only 1 YOU!

April 13, 2009

Do Your Feet Hurt? Do you have Plantar Fasciitis or other foot related problems?....

I know that when your feet hurt it makes every task you do become a painful chore.
Every morning I absolutely dreaded getting out of bed only to face the excruciating pain in my beet when I tried to stand up.....forget about trying to walk the short distance across the room.
Like most people with this kind of problem, I have worked many years in jobs that required being on my feet for long periods of time.
At first I thought it was the extra hours I was putting in at work. As it gradually got worse I thought maybe it was my weight, I had put on a few extra pounds. As the months went by I would avoid getting off my feet until the last possible moment which just made for an even longer day and a more exhausted me!
I was given much advice from friends and family etc. From soaking my feet to seeing a Chiropractor. By this time several months had went by and I continued to "work" through it. I soaked my feet in various treatments, I saw a Chiropractor and I bought new shoes.
After consulting several different doctors ( that i could afford to see), One told me I had Heel Spurs, One told me I had Stone Bruises, One told me to lose weight, I was overweight, and another said it was Planar Fasciitis. I was told to get new shoes, lose weight, get inserts for my shoes, and to do a set of exercises.
I took this all into consideration. I tried to lose weight, but was hard going since I could barely stand the pain (no pun intended). Bought a good pair of shoes, got some inserts, (which all seemed to flatten out while wearing them). The exercises seemed to help for the immediate pain, but wasn't long lasting.
At this point I am telling my self, It takes time! It took time an neglect to get to this point and it is going to take time and effort to at least get to a point that I could live with.
On a day this is much like all other day, I got up hobbled and Cringed my way across the room. Taking baby steps and holing on to walls and tables until my feet were able to get me to where I desperately needed to be.....which was the coffee pot and the bathroom,lol. About 30 minutes later it was life as usual. Determined to get as much done before having to succumb to the greater pain.
The big difference in that day was that I had a Home Party scheduled and the show had to go on. This show was later in the evening, so I knew I was going to be up late and had 1 1/2+hour drive to this party and the same back home.
Like a trooper, I set up for the party for 13+ guests, which by the way was a BLAST! I really enjoyed that party,lol. Everyone was so great! At the end of the night when i was tearing down and packing up, the pain was really starting to get worse. At this point I had been on my feet since 5am that morning and it was at that point 8:30pm. My movement that I had running between the guests had slowed down significantly and I started limping slightly. I was trying desperately to not let it show.
One of the remaining guests at that point (it was held at her house), ask out of true concern, If I was alright. Of course I said "Oh yeah, Im fine, I have issues with my feet, this is nothing, would be fine once i got home. Thank you for asking" all with a smile. I had no idea where it would lead to from that point, but hoping it wouldn't mar their image of me as being able to handle my job professionally.
The guest disappeared into a room and came back with her shoes in hand. We had just had a spa party where everyone got to soak and pamper their feet and sample other products.
She pulled these blue rubber type inserts from her shoes and told me about her issues with her feet. She had the SAME problem! She told me what she had went through and what she had tried. She had recently taken a vacation with little to NO problems! Wow, this had really caught my interest. I had asked her what she did for a living, if she was on her feet a lot and if these inserts helped with her day to day job etc. She is a NURSE.
After listening to her story, it was enough to convince me that I had to at least try them. Everything else I had tried didn't seem to work anymore for the most part. I went on line and found them and I purchased a set.
The first day I over did it,lol. I had done more errands and chores than normal and at first it did take a little getting use to. I did notice right away that the arch's were not flattening out like most all of the others I had tried from local stores. Also the heel was just soft enough that there wasn't pain shooting up my legs into my back. WOW, that was a huge deal right away! The second day in wearing them I could go longer on my feet with out repercussions. Then on the third day I cheated. I stayed home and with out thinking ( because my feet weren't killing me), I wore my clogs. Wrong thing to do!! I woke up the next morning unable to make that walk across the room again. Needless to say, the rest of the week I wore the inserts. This was about 2 weeks ago that I started this trial and I have worn dress shoes, flip flops, and yes the clogs as well, but for long periods of time. I know this will take sometime. I do suggest doing the exercises along with the inserts. It has helped me tremendously. I am more active (which helps with the weight issue) and have less pain. It was a blessing that I met this particular person when I did. So, now for the part you have been waiting for.................. These inserts are called "Heel Seats"

You can find them at this link:

I want to remind you that this is solely my personal opinion. This may not work for everyone and you should always consult your doctor before trying new treatments. I have in no way been paid to do this review in cash or free products. I purchased them personally. I believe in passing on a good thing!

Take care of your feet and experience the Sense of Relief!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!
Please feel free to leave any comments you have or would like to share.

April 7, 2009

UPDATE: huge sale of On Hand Inventory

Home made Glycerin Soap:
6 - Fruity Passion, Chunk
4 - Sparkling Citrus
1 - Sand & Sun
4 - Clothesline, Chunk
4 - Coconut Lime
3 - Mulberry, Chunk
2 - Caribbean Coconut

(Chunk is soap that i made with chunks of soap in it, for a textured look)

Body Shop Inventory
3 - Head to Toe Gift Sets - $15.00/was $25.00
1 - Exotic Mango Body Trio Gift Set - $10.00/was $15.00
1 - Shea Whip Body Lotion - $10.00/was $16.00
1 - Moroccan Rose Shower Gel - $8.00/was $13.00
8 - Head Bands - $2.50/ was $5.00
2 - Fresh Feet Treat gift set - $10.00/ was $20.00
1 - Spa Sanctuary Gift set - $20.00/was $32.00
7 - TBS Logo mirrors, black - $3.00/was $5.00
1- Mens Maca Root Face Trio gift set - $10.00/was $20.00
8 - Mini Body Butters - $5.00 / was $10.00
(the mini body butters are:
2 - Almond
2 - Satsuma
1 - Brazil Nut
1 - Strawberry
1 - Warm Amber Shimmer BB)

April 5, 2009

ON HAND INVENTORY SALE!!!!!!!!...........

Hello my wonderful Followers and Subscribers! I am in the process of changing over to a new spa company and am ready to offer you some AWESOME deals! These are items that i have on hand right now and want you to take them off my hands lol! The specials offered from the company (as listed in the previous post) are still available. I am offering these deals on first come first gets, until they are all gone. You can email me for these items at maryreid121@yahoo.com.

I have 25 Soap bars:
These are homemade Glycerin Soap Bars, under my label, HillSide Soaps. I use some of the same scents that are used for Ranch House Candles.
They are $4 each or you can get 3 for $10. Shipping is dependent on how many you order, but wont go over $10.00.
If there is a scent that you want, but not on this list, email me about it and i can send you a list of scents that i offer. Any orders that are placed for those not on the list can take up to two weeks, to be sent out. Those on the list can be sent out in as little as two day.
Here they are:

6 - Fruity Passion, Chunk
4 - Sparkling Citrus
1 - Sand & Sun
4 - Clothesline, Chunk
4 - Coconut Lime
3 - Mulberry, Chunk
2 - Caribbean Coconut

(Chunk is soap that i made with chunks of soap in it, for a textured look)

Now I have several items from The Body Shop at Home. The shipping is the same as above, all dependent of the amount you order.
My prices are cheaper than you can order them right now.

3 - Head to Toe Gift Sets - $15.00/was $25.00
SOLD 1 - Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection - $35.00/was $49.30
SOLD 1 - White Gardenia Collection - $25.00/was $52.70
1 - Exotic Mango Body Trio Gift Set - $10.00/was $15.00
1 - Shea Whip Body Lotion - $10.00/was $16.00
1 - Moroccan Rose Shower Gel - $8.00/was $13.00
8 - Head Bands - $2.50/ was $5.00
2 - Fresh Feet Treat gift set - $10.00/ was $20.00
1 - Spa Sanctuary Gift set - $20.00/was $32.00
6 - TBS Logo mirrors, black - $3.00/was $5.00
2- TBS Logo Bath Matts - $3.00 / was $5.00
1- Mens Maca Root Face Trio gift set - $10.00/was $20.00
8 - Mini Body Butters - $5.00 / was $10.00
(the mini body butters are:
SOLD 1 - Shea
2 - Almond
2 - Satsuma
1 - Brazil Nut
1 - Strawberry
1 - Warm Amber Shimmer BB)

There you have it! As I go through more things I will list more items for sale! These items are marked to sale fast so hurry and claim yours before someone else does!!! This is for US shipping only, Im sorry for that inconvenience. Thank you all so much for being so wonderful!
I am using theses sales to invest in my new company Pink Papaya.(which myself and my team are going to now that The Body Shop at Home consultant division is closing).

I know with deals like this you are sure to find something to "Satisfy Your Senses"!

April 1, 2009

This is not a Joke, check this out...............

Hello Yes i am doing another post , but want to make sure everyone is in on this special deal.This is the last month for us (the consultants) and they are offering a 25% off sale on many items and there are still some 50% off items still available.
Here are the Sale items!

*All Spa Wisdom products and Select Accessories are 25% off
*the Spa Wisdom Blooming Bath Oil and Tranquility Bath Milk are 50% off.

*All Almond Oil Hand products and Select Accessories are 25% off.

*All Fragrance Products are 25% off:
Aqua Lily, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Mandarin Orchid, Moroccan Rose, Neroli Jasmin,Vanilla and White Musk.
Perfume oils and Scent me are also 25% off
White Gardenia is 50% off

* All gifts are 25% off,
the Ultimate Make-over collection, Sumtuous Strawberry, Hi-shine Lip trio and Luxury Spa wisdom Gift are 50% off

* Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on Body Focus Products and Cellulite Massager.

these products will go fast so stock up while supplies last.

here is the link to the site : http://www.thebodyshopathome.com/web/maryreid1

I hope everyone has a great day!!!!!!


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