December 24, 2010

Mommie Minded!

OH you could say I am just a wee bit excited today!!!!

I love the Blogging community and have meet so many wonderful people through blogs. One thing I have really enjoyed was joining in on Blog Hops. The Secret Santa Blog Hop is one I joined in on and am sooooo excited that I did. Thank you to Simply Stacie & Survey Junkie for bringing us together once again!

This is the first time I joined a Secret Santa exchange outside of one of the various yahoo groups I have been part of. So lets move on the the exciting part of this post lol.

My Secret Santa was Megan who writes an awesome blog called Mommy Minded! Her blog is filled with tips, ideas, crafts, reviews, giveaways and more. Very informative and down to earth! It one of those blogs that you have subscribed to your email because you dont want to miss what she's going to post next.

So Megan, being a super crafty mom with great ideas, sent me an awesome "surprise me" Secret Santa gift.
Most that know me, know that I am a huge kid at heart when it comes to receiving packages in the mail,lol. Hubby brought in the package and sat it on the dining room table and walked away,lol. I had not been feeling well and was taking a nap when it came and he made sure that I knew it came it the moment I woke up.

I was in one of those funks and the package coming in was just what I needed for a "pick me up".

I grabbed the package and just before ripping into it, I saw on the side of the box where she wrote "this side up" lol oops, guess I should follow directions,lol. So carefully put the package right side up and opened it with care. I immediately saw lots of crete paper, woohoo I had hit the mother load!

In between the sheets I spied a couple of handles for gift bags.Hum...yep, it was a good idea that I followed directions and opened it at the right end!

I pulled out 2 awesome gift bags. I must say that I hadnt thought of sending a package like that, and hubby said he could see "the wheels turning".

So, I see these two very well put together bags. And had to stop myself from emptying them of their contents..... It was almost the feeling you get when you are given a gift that contains a box, that contains another box, that contains....well you get the idea. I had to take pic's so you could see how cute they are!

Here are the bags that I pulled from the very curious and ready to well, yeah, tear into them lol.

Each bag had a "Tag" on them.

Now I got to pull out the awesome contents of each bag!!!!! Kripes this was killing me! 

Here are the contents of the "Mommy & Me Makeover Day" bag:
 Now being a kid at heart this bag really hit it on the nail! Kaitie (my little urchin) and I could so dig this! The great thing was that it would be used over and over! I see "pretty time" happening many times in the near future,lol.

The Next bag proved to be just as awesome!

Here are the contents of "Mommie & Me Movie Day":
I so wonder if Megan knew how big  we are on movies lol. (We only have about 400 DVD's lol) This was right up our alley. 

Not to mention that Popcorn is very much one of Kaitie's favorite treats! This is one movie that we didnt have in our collection! Just so you know Kaitie and I watched this together twice and she has since watched it on her own 3 more times. (And we have only had the package a couple of days lol).

I can only say that when I said "surprise me", she did just that. This Secret Santa gift has been very enjoyable and in essence wasnt "just for me". It included my very special person, and for that I am most happy!

With school being out for Winter Break, (two weeks here), Kaitie and I will have several days of fun and  great memories just from these two gift bags! Megan, thank you so much for this awesome and thoughtful Secret Santa Gift!!!!!! I must say I got the best pick of the group to be paired with! Now I only wish I had been as creative and thoughtful with your gift!

Now that I have shared with you all about the Secret Santa Gift exchange, I must go and partake of them.....AGAIN! lol. 
You can do gifts like this any time of the year, it doesnt have to be expensive or elaborate. Something as simple and thoughtful as the gifts that Megan bestowed upon me will go a LONG way with those you care about, they even make the perfect "office" gift! Need ideas and tips? Stop by Megan's blog "Mommy Minded" and you are sure to find plenty of them!

I wish you all the Happiest of Holidays!
Merry Christmas to Megan and her family as well as everyone at "Simply Stacie" and "Survey Junkie

~ Mary

December 12, 2010

Changes to come......

As we roll through the holidays, and the New Year is around the corner, I have decided to bring a few changes to the blog. You will see most of them as we go, some will be subtle and others get it.

I would love your suggestions on the type of things that interest you most. Please feel free to post in the comment section about your ideas or email me at I so look forward to your thoughts!

December 2, 2010

Whats in Diet Magic?

Some have wondered what is in Diet Magic. There are a lot of great ingredients that make up this "magic diet pill"!

Below you will find the ingredient list as well as the historical uses of these ingredients. If you have any questions please feel to contact me at

Percent Dally Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Gelatin Capsule. Aquamin is a registered trademark of Marigot Group Ltd.


Vitamin B6 may aid in the formation of several neurotransmitters and is therefore an essential nutrient in the regulation of mental processes and possibly mood.

Calcium Calcium may help to increase bone density, strengthen teeth and helps with osteoporosis. It is a natural dietary supplement that contains dozens of natural minerals and vitamins that the human body requires for good health, including Vitamin D and magnesium, two essential elements that work well with calcium. Having sufficient calcium in the body can prevent muscle and bone pain, high blood pressure caused by stress and cramping of the muscles, as well as bone diseases.

Magnesium may help us to build energy which control blood pressure in our body and is associated with potassium and calcium.

Note: Some experts feel that by adding Calcium and Magnesium to Energy and Weight Loss Formulas that most people experience a smoother energy level and have a more balanced PH.

Chromium (as Polynicotinate) said to have greater biological activity than other forms of Chromium, including sources from picolinate. CP helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and can be critical to the synthesis of cholesterol, fats and proteins. Chromium polynicotinate consists of pure niacin-bound chromium, identified by United States Government researchers as the active component of true GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor). GTF is responsible for binding insulin to cell membrane receptor sites. Chromium polynicotinate has been shown to possess greater biological activity than other chromium picolinate weight loss supplements.

Dark Chocolate Powder may have the ability to elevate the metabolism and perhaps even increase satiety (fullness). For instance, is the chemical responsible for that "chocolate high" some people experience when eating... uh... chocolate.

Geranium Flower(GeranaX) as a nutrition supplement has been used to stimulate weight loss. Also used as a nasal decongestant, some say they seem to breathe better after taking this supplement.

Green Tea Extract powerful antioxidant and Increases Metabolism, May Aid in Weight Loss

Phenylethlamine HCL (Trace Mineral Blend) Referred to as “PEA” Researchers believe that our body releases phenylethylamine as if when we are in love, thus producing the uplifted mood associated with love. It is rumored that chocolate produces the same feelings because of the phenylethylamine it contains. Have you ever tried eating dinner after eating chocolate? Same goes with phenylethylamine you just are not hungry, loss of appetite.

Caffeine (from coffee beans) energy boost from a natural source. Equivalent to 8 oz cup of regular coffee.

Vanadium (chelate) has a significant effect on lowering blood glucose levels

Wow, I agree that is a lot of great information! BUT there is more to be had by visiting my site at

Have a Healthy and Blessed day!
~ Mary

November 28, 2010

What Do You Do?

We are just shy of a month from Christmas! woohoo! And now that we have hunted for all the candy and stuffed our selves with delicious turkey and fixin's now we are rushing about to find the perfect gifts! Well at least those of us that always wait 'til the last moment to shop, that is. Every year I say I am going to start early....yeah, that doesnt happen, nope not ever,lol.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I decided to start our own "tradition" on the gift giving for when it come to shopping for ourselves and our child. As people in general we tend to go over board with the presents thinking more is better. With all the sales going on, its not hard to do. With the economy the way it has been for the last couple of years, the "wallet" strings have gotten tighter, so do we buy more less expensive things or a few higher quality or expensive items? Since Christmas is a Christian holiday and surrounding the birth of Christ we came up with the idea.....Our child only receives 3 gifts from us at Christmas. Baby Jesus received 3 gifts from the 3 wise men so I think its only appropriate. We wanted to keep the holiday in perspective and teach her it wasn't all about how many awesome toys/gifts you can get. Then we took it a step further, she doesnt receive just any 3 gifts. She gets one clothing gift, one educational gift and one "want or toy" gift. This allows us to afford to give her a good Christmas but as she grows older, it doesnt break the bank so to speak. As for my husband and I. We only do 2 gifts one from each other and one from our child. We didnt want the holiday to be all about the gifts and what you can "get".

We hope that as the years go, that we can instill in her that it is better to give than to receive. We want to teach her that there is more joy and satisfaction in giving than the getting. Sometimes its just a good meal with friends and family, enjoying time together and well you understand.

This year, I am just thankful that my little family has a place to call home, that we are where we can work and bring money into our home, which was scarce back home. We are all healthy and happy. That is a gift in itself.

The other day, I entertained the idea, of writing down a list of all that I wanted for christmas. After I did that, I went back through my list and realized, my wants were more needs than anything, funny how that happens as we get older and have families. Of course this is just my opinion.

My list consisted of things like a new vacuum cleaner, an ironing board, curtains, serving bowls, towels....things you would get at a house warming party or house hold needs list.
I couldnt think of anything that was just a pure want. So I thought about it some more. I came up with another list, I wanted more material, yarn, make more things for the home and others. YIKES, what is wrong with me lol. I mark it down to being that I was raised that way lol. Im okay with that!

What I would love to hear is what is on your list, is it a want or need, is it for you or for the benefit for others? How do you decide how and what you are buying as gifts for your loved ones.
Do you have a tradition as well?

Please share your thoughts, I think it would be interesting to see how alike or different we all are. May even give each other some new ideas for the holiday season.

I wish you all the happiest of Holidays!!!!!

~ Mary

November 17, 2010

To think that it took a year to figure this out.... &

So what have I been up to here lately? Well, with holidays all around us there is much to do, throw in some school activities, home life, yard work and a gallon of coffee and I'd say we are off to a good start!

Here lately I have been "re-organizing" everything. After a year of "seeing where things go". I have been going back over all that has happened, where my business has gone in this amount of time, and looking at the different things I need to improve on. I want to make sure that my family life isnt pushed to the way side. I want to make sure that I am giving my business the time and dedication it deserves as well. So re-organizing is the solution to the problem at this stage of the game.

I have recently dropped some opportunities that I thought would be great ideas....the pros just dont out weight the cons. I figured that I would look at what was most important and would be more beneficial in the long run. So, all the "side job" opps have/had to go.

I decided that for my family, I needed to concentrate on what I know works, benefits the family, doesnt take away from the family, and something I enjoy.

So here you have it. I am only working on and with these two companies. and Symmetry ~ Diet Magic.

Both of these companies, offer great benefits, they are all natural, I can stand behind them 100% with no doubts, they dont "take over" my time for my family and well, I love them!!!

I am spending more time being a mom too. Little bit is growing up so fast and I dont want to miss it. I mean what the heck is the point in working for yourself so that you can have the schedule you want if you dont utilize it??? Right?

I am going to do something for the first time this year.......Im sending out Christmas cards....aaaccckkkk....I know, but hey at least Im finally getting round to where are those cards I got a few years ago! They must be in one of these boxes, yike!

Thanksgiving and Christmas will be hard this year, not having family around, but we will mutter through it just fine Im sure. (yes I meant Mutter,lol, we are good at that,lol) We have made some great friends, more of an extended family, to enjoy the holidays with. Praises be, for that.

I have plans for the new year, getting ready to put them into action. A few things in the works is creating my weight loss journey blog, yes I can post them here, but I need a central place so that the support I have been getting doesnt get lost in the shuffle and when things get rough, well you get the point, not that I wont post about it here though. I am working on a better more organized way of leading my team in my business efforts. I am planning on more one on one time with little bit & hubby. I am also sneaking in a bit more ME time as well.

I have one passion I had set aside, due to time constraints and technology...yup Im picking up the pen and paper again. I remember what it was like to get a handwritten letter in the mail, it always made me feel better and well, its what I like to do, so for the various people out there, watch the mail box tehehehe.

I am finding that other than to post to my blog occasionally, or pal around on FB I am rarely using my social networks like I use to. Maybe this is for the better at this time, who knows, but doesnt mean I dont miss everyone, I do, but just needed more real life time so to speak. Ill be back, just needing to (heres that word again) "re-organize".

I'll never get to where I need to go, If I cant figure out which road to travel. The only way to do that is learn to read the road signs. And at times I will need to ask for directions, so for that...thank you for being there!

Just so its not mistaken....this isn't an early New Year's resolution.....its a life change. yup, that sounded hillbillyish, but that is me. I want a better life, I want my child and husband to have a better life. I want to enjoy the years...not pass them by trying to catch up with the rest of the world.

Okay thats enough lets see where it goes from here!

As the saying goes...Take life by the horns, and enjoy the ride,
~ Mary

October 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday............

.....nothin' like talkin' to granny while chilling out in your fave chair and havin' a snack to boot!

October 18, 2010

I'm Back.......

Hello Everyone!

I can not tell you how much I appreciate all of you that take the time to read my blog posts. It means a lot to me to share with all of you, the things that go on in my life from work to family to my thoughts in general. I have had amazing support from you, my readers. Your support has gotten me though some rough times as well as celebrating the great times too.

During the last month my family and I have been going through one of those rough times. I have blogged about it and you have responded in kind. I have posted about work in between when I could...I wanted to keep my blog going and what not, but I do realize that just putting something on here isnt always the best thing....I want to give you something worth reading about.

So, before I starting going lax on my blog I had been informing you about my weight loss journey. I want to pick that up again. I found that having you keep me accountable was a huge part of it. Having someone to share it with has made if fun and worthwhile as well. It also helped me be an inspiration to others.

This being said, the first thing I am going to do is work on my "Weight Loss Journey". The next thing I am doing is getting my business back in order. I want to bring to you quality natural and handmade products, and not just those that I personally sale. I want to highlight others that are in the handmade world and deserve the recognition.

Another thing I want to get back into is the Sunday Stills. This is something that actually got me out of the house, got me to use my creative side not just in pictures but made me use my brain so to speak.....I like that,lol.

I have been down for about a month now. My family and I have went through another miscarriage and it was as hard as the last 3, it has taken a huge toll on my body, as well. I want to get back to where I was, when I was healthy. That is my goal. I want to get to a healthy weight of 175lbs. Although that is not a foreseeable in the near future and obtainable goal, it is my end goal. With your help I will reach it.

When I started my weight loss journey I was 315lbs, in about a month and 1 week I lost down to 280. (which was an amazing feat for me!). I used Diet Magic to help me get there, and wow was that a ride! I had to quit taking it when we got pregnant, or at least realized we were. so for a month I hadnt taken it.....I gained some baby weight I weighed in at 285.5lbs so my weight gain was only 5.5lbs. Which to me is a huge deal, considering most diet products you take to get "skinny" dont keep the weight off and when you stop taking them, it all comes back.... not in this case.....

Anyway, the journey is back on....I took my first pill this morning, and my now beginning weight is 285.5lbs. I am asking for you to help me stay accountable. I will keep you up to date on what I am experiencing. I am a distributor of this product. I joined so that I may get the product cheaper, once I saw it was working for me and that I could help others get the same results.

I dont want to be fat anymore. I dont want my daughter seeing that fat is "okay". I dont want my daughter to see me struggle in life. I want my daughter to see mommy is healthy and happy and there with her every step of the way. I dont want my husband to be burdened with a sick and disabled wife.....that is where I am headed....Are you? Join me on this Journey, lets help each other get where we want to be. Lets get healthy together!

So, Here's to a new beginning! Here's to a second chance!

Again thank you for being here for me,
~ Mary

October 17, 2010

Symmetry offers more than just Diet Magic, take a look......

WOWTM (Weight Loss and Optimal Wellness) Smoothie

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Genesis contains the exclusive triple-patented X'tranol-24 that will impede the production of free radicals in the body for a full 24 hours. A single serving also provides the complete array of healthful nutrients in red wine (including resveratrol) that aid in lowering the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease and prolonging life.

We infuse Genesis with the world's most potent herbs via a process much like brewing sun tea. The herbs are steeped in a juice blend without heat to delicately extract their botanical components and avoid subtle damages to their active ingredients.

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Future StarTM

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Because children grow and develop so quickly, their bodies have a very high demand for complete nutrition; a consistent beneficial intake of all basic nutrients is important for optimal growth and development. Symmetry's Fruit-A-Mins provides a broad spectrum of whole foods, fruit and vegetable extracts-equivalent to one serving of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our unique formula is a comprehensive, delicious chewable vitamin, perfect for your growing child. Encourage your children to eat a balanced diet, and take Fruit-A-Mins daily to assure they are getting a solid nutritional base for a healthy, growing body. It's the solution both you and your child will love!


These are just a few of the great products that Symmetry has to offer! {Click Here} to visit my website to see all that we have! If you would like more information you can fill out the "contact me" form on the site or email me at I look forward to helping you get healthy!

~ Mary

October 11, 2010

Baby News ~ The Aftermath ........................

I want to thank everyone for all your support during this horrible time. There are so many things that run through my mind here lately. I know that for me to completely come to terms with it, I will have to work it out.....Starting with what has happened during the days of losing the baby and what I do to move on in the aftermath of the loss.

One thing I MUST say, is this is by far the hardest, most painful of all the miscarriages I have had thus far. Now I might get too graphical for some, so be warned, Im talking about the yuck stuff too. And for those that have been understand, its not all "easily passed".

Anyway, from when we found out of the loss ourselves in the hospital up to now, a week later, it has been hell. Emotionally and physically it has been horrible.

I dont know what is worse...the relief of finally knowing what was happening or when it hit me on what was happening.

I mean, I hoped, prayed, believed that we could actually carry and have another child. I was happy that it was another blessing for us, so excited that I finally was going to have the chance to possibly have a son to complete our family. Then the pain and the things happening just didnt make sense. I was scared, J (hubby) was scared too. K (Daughter) didnt know of the "scary" things going on, only that mommy was really sick.

We did all that we knew to do. I didnt lift anything, K would drag the laundry baskets around to where I needed them, J & K did the cleaning of the house that required bending or climbing and J did all the heavy lifting. J did dishes, cleaned house, cooked, bathed, dressed and got K ready for school and put her on and got her off the bus each day as well as worked his job.....I did minor things and had to keep my feet up and be on my back most of the time. B (a friend) would come over and put laundry away, clean and mop for me. And talk to me as I vented. I tried to stay as stress free as possible. Friends and family knew what was going on and knew what a challenge this was going to be.........All supported and some privately pissed because they knew what could happen and hurt because they couldnt do anything about it....I love you all for that!

But either way what has happened, has happened and we cant go back....only forward.

What has really plagued me here lately is the things Im going through in the "aftermath". I can honestly say this is the worst of them all. I NEVER hurt this bad!

I know we have to go through the "passing" of it....this requires a bit of pain and of course the blood. J still cant understand how a woman can go through her monthly losing that much blood and not dying lol (he understands but not at the same time, some of you will understand this). And then seeing this and the amount I am losing and what it entails just really bothers him. K is use to barging in on me while I am in the bathroom, because something MOST important has happened and she can't possibly wait.....the arm came off her barbie or her crown wont stay on her head or the tool belt wont buckle right around her waist.....very important things, which was and is a challenge, but one that must be met.

You cant time when things will happen, you have to work around them the best you can. For me I have been lucky, most of the "bad" stuff happens while they are at work and school. And when they are home J is great about catching K before she barges in.

J has been most wonderful...he didn't/doesnt bombard me with all the bad news or work venting, so to speak...said he didnt want me having any added stress, that it wasnt necessary. Constantly telling me to just take it easy, dont push myself, getting back on my feet will take time.....all the while I am aware of how the finances are and the strain it is putting on him as well as all the extra work he is taking on.....all the while I AM stressing, no matter how hard I try not to. I am a mom and a wife and I am use to the hard work, I am use to smoothing things over as they get out of hand, use to dealing with the temper tantrums etc...yet not allowed or able to and that is stressful in its self. BUT I am and was sooo very thankful for the extra naps, the extra help, knowing things were being taken care of.......

I am now experiencing a new pain....not new to the world, just new to me. I have went through the "passing" now dealing with the abnormally "Heavy" period and the most horrible, excruciating pain of intestinal gas. Yes thats what I said...GAS.

There is a reason, they want you to have a bowel movement before you go home after a abdominal surgery of any sort....the blockage of being able to pass gas is more painful than the surgery itself. And in some instances can cause damage depending on the type of surgery you have. Even though I didn't have a surgery per say, I am going through something that has already weakened my abdominal area, that has made it so much more sensitive than ever. The "gas relief" meds out there are mostly for stomach gas, its hard to relieve it when it is intestinal. its like blowing up a balloon and pushing it so far to the point of bursting. For me it is worse than any dental pain....and I know some of you know what that pain is like, if you have ever had an abscessed tooth with an exposed nerve. This pain rendered me helpless....I couldnt walk, breathe, stand upright....All I could do was scream and cry and be within seconds of passing out....finally find a comfortable position and rest praying it would ease and knowing it would only come back.....And it did. So, if you know of any natural ways or products that work to ease intestinal gas and get a girl back on her feet, I would so appreciate your suggestions!!!!! My family would love you for it too!

Aside from the bodily functions being an issue, there are other things I must do now.

I have to get myself healthy again, not just for me but for my family as well. I need to be back on my feet and contribute to the families well-being.

To do this I have decided that the infection or infection risk must be higher than the ER doctor stated....he put me on 1600mg of antibiotic a day! So I am taking the meds that he gave me and I am not drinking anything but that I may flush my system. My normal choice of beverage's are Tea and Coffee. I am watching what I eat and working on moving about a bit more each hold chores can only be put off for so long before it is way unmanageable.
Once I am off the meds I am going to start taking my Diet Magic again. Prior to being pregnant I took this all natural product and wow did it work....I was 315 and dropped down to 280....during the pregnancy I only gained 9lbs. So I get to sort of pick up where I left off. I have to get the weight off and get my body healthy again. I am going to actively look for an arobic type class such as Zumba...many have had success with why not. My friend B has even offered to go with me and to do walks in our neighborhood.
I am most importantly going to get back on my feet with my business's. I must get it going again to help financially. This down time has taken a huge huge toll on our finances and I can't expect J to do it all alone, its hard enough what he has been doing to keep things going on just his income.
I am going to spend more time with my daughter...enjoying the BIGGEST blessing we have ever been given. So thankful we are to have her, I dont want to EVER take that for granted.

I know that losing our baby had nothing to do with me or J, that it was an act of nature, that it has and will happen. All we can do is prepare and hope for the best.

No matter how bad you want something, dont over look what you already have. Its more precious than you know.

Many people have asked how they can help us. Your thoughts and your prayers, knowing that we are loved is a gift beyond measure. If you feel inclined to help us further there are ways, we are like most people, we are proud (yes asking for help is hard for us)....

For those that asked me paypal email is: Please do NOT send what you can't afford ( I understand and still love you)!

Helping me get back on my feet with my business will help immensely as well. Christmas is just around the corner and many are still trying to get the good deals. I am giving 15% discount on all orders for through the end of October, just email me at you can check out my website at

For my Diet Magic business I am offering all 6 Day Trial Packets for $9.95 ($3 off) email me at:

To get these specials you have to contact me through email or call.

Now you know what we have been going through and where I plan to go from here. I hope you will help me with accountability and support.

Thank you all, thats all I can say, for your support, prayers, thoughts and love are worth so much more.
~ Mary

October 9, 2010

Update: Sad Baby News.......

...This is the hardest thing to do. I have decided today that I need to let all of you know what is going on.

Not long ago we were jumping for joy, yet a bit reserved when we found out that we were pregnant. We have always had a hard time carrying a child to term. The story doesnt change this time around either. It saddens me to tell you that we have once again had a miscarriage. We, nor the Doctors, can say why this keeps happening or what caused it this time, but it is what it is. We are currently letting nature take its course naturally, should it not do so completely, then we will have to schedule an appointment for a D&C.

Two weeks ago I went to the hospital on the Monday and Wednesday....They were unsure at the time what was going to happen, but started to prepare us for the worst. I was determined to stay positive, yet just this past Monday we were back in the ER and were there all day. Thank you to B & L for taking care of Kaitie until we were able to get to her.

I have slacked off on a lot of my social networks, I had to have time to process what had happened and tell my family.

I am currently on 800mg of antibiotics twice a day along with pain killers (which I cant bring myself to take...). I came down with a head cold/allergies this past week too, yuck. Anyway, I am doing what is needed to heal and move on, Hubby is too. We havent told our little one yet, waiting until I am not sick, so that she doesnt associate sickness with losing babies and so that Im not "crabby" and am better to help her deal with and understand what has happened.

We thank you all for all your support, prayers and thoughts. Maybe we will try again one last time....although it will be a ways from now.

Please dont be sad for us, we are okay...we will get through it ...We are rejoicing in the fact that we do have a beautifully spirited daughter out of all the loss.

I wish you all the best, take care,
~ Mary

September 30, 2010

Hear Amanda's Story.................

There are so many diet products out there on the market, and people are making so many claims on what does or doesn't work. I personally wanted to actually SEE the product work. And many people like myself want to see the REAL pictures, not the ones that look "touched up", fake or well you know what I mean. So Below you will see Amanda's pictures and her story. Please take a moment to look at the pictures and hear what she has to say.



Amanda’s Story: I started Diet Magic on Valentine's Day, and was very apprehensive.

I had taken other diet Pills that made my heart race, made me feel plain funny

and was sure Diet Magic would be the same. My friend Judy proved me wrong

and told me that Diet Magic did what nothing else could do. I tried my first pill,

and the next day, I sorted my never ending hamper of mismatched socks that

had sat for AT LEAST six months! I found myself having a nice burst of energy,

eating much less and feeling great. I also noticed that my late night eating had ended,

and I was not having those craving for sweets. Within one week I could tell a difference

in the waist of my pants. I learned that the key to success was to not get on the scale

every day. I check once a month, and I lost about 10 pounds each month.

Sometimes it seemed like inches came off more than pounds, but I will say

everywhere I go people tell me how amazing I look and I love that!

I have lost more than 40 pounds! I have dropped from a size 12, a TIGHT size 12

(anything that said stretch on the tag had a good chance of fitting when I laid on the bed to get it on)

to a size 6/8. I would always grab a size large or extra-large shirt, and now I wear

all size SMALLS! I feel really good, I am very confident and I love that I no longer have

a tire wrapped around my mid-section! I have truly never felt better! I am very thankful

for Diet Magic and think everyone should try it!
WOW! Is all I can say after looking at her pictures and hearing her story. There are many people that are experiencing the same kind of results.

If you can relate to Amanda's story or would like to get the same kind of results. Then now is your chance to do just that! You can visit my site or contact me directly for a 6 Day Trial packet! I want you to have the same success as Amanda has and that I have had, as well as many others.

To find out more information on Diet Magic visit today! I wish you the best of success!

~ Mary

September 7, 2010

Diet Magic ~~ Do you want to know more?

Would you like to know more about Diet Magic and the opportunity? I would love to have you join us on this call tonight!
If you would like a product info packet or an opportunity info packet, let me know! Just email me your mailing address with which you would prefer and I will have it out to you in next days mail! ~

This product has worked for me personally and I cant wait to share it with you!
~ Mary Reid
Senior Manager

September 6, 2010

A New Bundle of Joy.................

YAY! Woohoo! Scared! Lost! YES!!! Awesome!!! Excited!...........There are many words I could use to describe how I am feeling right now,lol.

I just recently found out that I am pregnant! This is a HUGE thing for my husband and I because we didn't expect for this to happen, yet have been praying it would for a long time now.

To give a bit of insight here......

My husband and I got married in 2002, that year we like most new parents we were very excited and then devastated when we had a miscarriage. Again in 2003 we went through it again. Each one ending at 19weeks. In 2005 we gave birth to a healthy but premature little girl......She is now 5yrs old 4 ft tall and 60lbs....Very healthy. In 2007 we had another miscarriage this time at 20weeks. Now (3yrs later) we find we are pregnant again!

During the last 8 years, we were told not to have kids, I cant carry them, I have cervical incompetence......This was decided after the birth of my daughter, thanks to an excellent doctor in North Kansas City. If it wasnt for her and her team, I wouldn't have my daughter today. Up to this point the other doctors couldn't tell me why I was losing them.

My daughter was born by c-section, 2 months early. I am thankful each day for the blessing that has been given to us.

We weren't "determined" to have another child, but have been hoping that we would be given the opportunity to have another one. The scary part is we arent anywhere near the doctor that delivered Kaitie (in North Kansas City)....And looking for a good doctor in Central Texas!

So the fears are high, but the excitement is higher. The doc's have set the due date of our new bundle of joy to arrive on March 27th! I am so excited to share this with you, my friends and followers. I will keep you updated on things as we go...Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

~ Mary

August 11, 2010

My SoyLicious Specials

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I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Please feel free to share these specials with your friends and family!
~ Mary Reid ~
Founding Consultant &
Team Leader

July 14, 2010

OOAK Handmade!

Just created this beautiful one of a kind necklace. I love sharing my newest creations with you!!!
This necklace features 3 types of glass beads, metal beads and toggle clasp. It is approx 24in. If you are interested in adding this ooak peice to your jewelry box, you can email me at
This particular piece is $25 with FREE shipping!

"Shades of Purple"

Every now and then I get the urge to create and its hard to part with them, but I get more pleasure in knowing that someone else is wearing one of my creations and I would be honored to have You wearing this!

Thank you for letting me share with you a peice of me!
Satisfy Your Senses Today!
~ Mary

July 6, 2010

My Diet Magic trial/review.............

I have done 3 previous posts on my day to day experience with an awesome new diet pill that is out on the market. I wanted to give my full trial review so that you get the whole just of my experience. Although I had planned to have this up sooner, I believe that now is better than never, right?!

Okay so last week I received a 6 day trial packet from Steven Gray, a distributor for the company that markets Diet Magic, as well as several other great products. I have known and worked with Steve for over a year now and I trust him 100%! He has always given me a strait up honest, no bull, answer on all that I ask of him. So when he started talking about this new product of course I was like okay, here we go again, another diet pill out there. The only difference is that I listened to him for one really major reason.....He will not put his name behind something that he doesnt support 100%.

That doesnt mean that I KNEW it would work for me, only that I trusted that of what he said about the product and the results that his clients were getting. So, like most, I started watching the results he was posting...some were what is expected to be normal and some were an awesome amount. I also read the results and experiences that other distributers were posting about their clients.

I started looking into this product more. Nothing is hidden, its all right there out in the open. Its an all natural product with no jitters and no crashing....yup, I thought yeah right,lol. Being from the group of doubters that I am. I have tried soooo many different programs, pills, contraptions and old fashion exercising, with no real results, so now they tell me that this can and will work for me. HUM......All the products I tried before sounded great and of course regular exerising would be great, IF I had the energy to do so. Hum......

After he posted the results, for I want to say it was 16 clients, I called him and said I wanted the trial packet. I had to have it, I want to try I had to try it. I went through the gammet of questions with him like..What will this do for me....Why should I take it....When will I see results...Will I get jitters since I am an avid coffee drinker....Will I be able to sleep at night....Will I become dependent on it.....Are there any side effects....You name it, I asked him. Then I asked him if it was something affordable, yes I wanted to lose weight, but could I afford to. We discussed the costs and compaired them to the other diet products on the market, both online and in retail stores. They are very compairable in price. Hum.... so, IF this worked for me, then it wouldnt be really any more than what I have been paying for products that I have been using already.

Anyway, I bugged him for a few more minutes then gave him my mailing information and true to his word, he had it in the next days mail. I got mine 3 days later, on Saturday. I had decided that I wanted to do a review for those out there, one to inform them of my experience with a new product and two so that I could have that accountability to my readers. Its always a huge thing for me to be as honest as I can with everyone when I talk about or promote a product and well, I got brave and disclosed my weight, YIKES!!! But you know what, I WILL lose weight so whats there to be ashamed of...I wont be at that point for long right?!

So I started on Monday so that I could keep an accurate account of my daily experiences in my normal day to day life, so to speak, besides I had to get a scale lol, my previous one broke, so it worked out!

You can check out my previous postings on this by going to catagories and clicking on Weight Loss Journey, for the first 3 days in detail.

Steve recommended that I take one a day during the trial, see where I was at the end of it and if I chose to purchase a months supply I could up it to 2 pills a day, if I felt that I needed it. So that is what I did, he hasn't steered me in the wrong direction yet.

Monday after taking the first pill, I personally didnt experience a huge difference, I am a larger woman and figured okay like most it would take at least a day to get into my system before I would actually see any results. I went about my normal daily
activities and didnt think much of it. I got up the next morning and WOW i had lost 1.5lbs with out doing anything at all or feeling anything etc. Hum, I thought to myself, now I am really curious as to what will happen this week!

Tuesday (day 2) really kicked me in to high gear. I got up weighed in, recorded my weight and had about 3 cups of coffee (I believe,lol will have to check my post on that to be for sure, but that is my norm) And BAM, in about 30 mins of taking the pill I had ENERGY!!! I was running around the house getting everything done...we are talking about all house hold chores and then some!

I have a little girl and at the present time I am working from home as well. I havent experienced that kind of energy in ..... well....I can't remember how long,lol. I was estatic at how much I got done, that I had the energy to get it done and I wasnt exhausted. I continued on taking the pills, one each day...Each day was the same, yet better!

Each day I got things done around the house, I got my personal home business work done, I had more time and energy to play more with my daughter and my thoughts were clearer so I was able to focus more on what I needed to, which is a huge plus. One day I got all done and by 3pm I was sitting down reading a book, even took a nap and one day sat down and watched a movie with the little one and the middle of the afternoon! I started doing my dishes by hand, because it had rained for 3 days solid and I couldnt get outside to put that energy to use...which me and outside are not usually used in the same sentence,lol.

So you may ask how did I fair each day on weight loss, well, here are my results:

Monday weighed in at 293.5
Tuesday ~ 292 ~ 1.5 lbs
Wednesday ~ 289 ~ 3 lbs
Thursday ~ 287 ~ 2 lbs
Friday ~ 285.5 ~ 1.5 lbs
Saturday ~ 283 ~ 2.5 lbs
Sunday ~ 281.5 ~ 1.5lbs

Grand Total of 12 lbs lost in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is in black and white. Weighing each day didnt seem like a lot, but by the end of the week it added up to more than I expected.

My over all thought on this product is that even if you dont need to lose weight, this is an AMAZING product for energy. I had soooo much energy! I got up in the morning and I went all day with out any jitters and I didnt crash at the end of the day exhausted. I got more done, and I was more focused on everything. I was able to get more work, business and home, done in a shorter amount of time. If you have a busy day to day life I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Now I must say real quick, I am not a distributor for this company. Although, I will not say that I wont ever be one....If this keeps up the way I see it doing as far as weight loss and energy, I may do it just to get the product at a discount for myself lol. Also, Steve never approached me to do a review or anything on the product. I asked for the product personally...I did not receive cash payment for doing this review. I wanted to do the review so that you could see what I experienced. I will always recommend that if you are on medication, pregnant or otherwise under a doctors care that you always talk to them before starting ANY "diet" type products. For your own safety, research all that you find out there and look for other bloggers that may be talking about it. See what they have to say...most other bloggers are moms going though the same day to day life experiences and trying the very products that you are looking in to.

I dont want to make this sound all HYPE, but it is rare that you find a good product out there that actually works. It is rare you find an ALL NATURAL product that works this great, much less products that dont have side affects.

Now you must be wondering how I am after I have been off the product? Well in those few days I did change how much I ate, although it takes a couple of weeks to really change your eating habits, your life style habits, if you will.

On Monday I didnt notice a huge difference, just slowing down slightly. BUT Tuesday...well I completely and utterly miss that energy. I had gotten use to it in that short period of time and now I WANT IT BACK! I actually started laughing... I didnt miss the weight loss part of it..I missed the energy. When you have the energy to go about doing things that normally exhaust you and you rarely "get finished" with all that you want to, and then you dont have it, you miss that and it is noticable, not just to you but those around you.

It is a known fact that if you get up and move and do more than you are use to then you will lose weight. If you have the energy to get things done and then realize that you busted through all of it faster than normal and you still have time AND energy to do more, you are more active and you lose more weight. And you are making life style changes at the same time, you move more, you do less sitting, you change the way you eat and what you eat...I found that I craved more fruit, for others you may crave something different, but it is a change all the same. This is what it did for me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me by posting in the comments (may be a question someone else has as well) or if you rather you can email me at I will be more than happy to answer your questions, based upon my experience with the product. And if it isnt something I can answer I will forward it to Steve personally and he will get back to you asap (this I know for sure!).

If you know that this is the product for you and you are ready to get the energy you need and lose some weight then please check out this website "Diet Magic" When you order please let Steve know I sent you! (Not that I receive anything for doing so, I just like to put it out there so he knows where everyone comes from,lol)

My final thought is this...I am getting more for myself! I really like this product and believe that you will too! The only "Con" I have is I should have gotten a months supply,lol.

I look forward to reading your comments. I wish you all the best of success in Your weight loss journey..and if you decide to try this product please let me know! I want to support you as well! If you have been on this product I would, as well as my readers, love to see your results. These days we are all looking for something to help us lose weight and have a better experience "living" not just going through the motions praying for the day to end only to start again the next day, so please come support others and tell us what you are experiencing as well.

Please feel free to share this info with anyone you know that may benefit from this product! Or send them here to this blog to see it for their selves! I would love to have you follow my blog or subscribe by email for further updates on my weight loss journey and other great things that I love to share!

Have an Awesome week!
~ Mary

**(This post has been edited to include my links now that I am a distributor for Diet Magic 9/7/10)**

July 1, 2010

Day 3.....awesome!

Okay so now we are on "Day 3" of my diet......
This has allowed me to really see a couple of full day effects of the pill. and let me tell you ...... WOW!
Wednesday was pretty much as active as Tuesday. As soon as I got up I weighed in and wrote down my weight, made some coffee and started running. My day seemed to go by so fast and I was able to accomplish so much more than I expected even after knowing I was in for more of the same "energy" as I had on Tuesday!

Again it outside fun for me,lol, but that didnt mean that I didnt have enough to keep my busy inside. It was a frustrating day to tell the truth. I feel blessed to have those days when things go great and there's no real "drama" with the 5yr old. I was so looking forward to another that didnt happen!

Since I didnt get much work done online the day before I had to catch up on that, little bit wasn't too keen on that, she enjoyed all the "fun" time we had had and wanted more....The joys of working from home right?! The fact that it rained again and she didnt have outside time, yikes, talk about moody.... I would say that all in all it did help fuel me to do even more to keep her and myself busy.

I didnt eat breakfast though, just more coffee lol. (Not really all that different from others I expect). I did have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunch with more tea. At supper I made cornish hens, mashed tators, mac & cheese, creamed corn. Oh yeah and we had peaches. Here is where the biggest change occured!...... I put a normal sized amount of food on my plate and COULDN'T finish it. Now this is where I felt it....I was on the verge of crying, no joke, please dont think me weak. Just thinking of that makes me want to cry now,lol. Jake (hubby) looked at me and asked whats wrong, all i could say was...Im not hungry. He looked at me and realized how important this was for me. He said well good, Im done too. Picked up both of our plates (both still had food on them) and put them away. He put away what remained of supper. Told me that he was proud of me and was there to walk with me the whole way, through this, and to get me to laugh he said least until you are ready to run. I honestly didnt think I could actually not be hungry this quickly only on day 3, but it happened and I knew.... I KNEW! this is working for me!!! People, I love my food, I love to eat, and I am NEVER full, I can and most usually, will always eat until I am hurting! I WAS FULL!
So, I would say that my Day 3 was a good one. I had plenty of energy to make it through the day, deal with an angry 5yr old, have a near spotless house, and couldn't over eat. Now I know that I have a lot more to go. I know that the first week Im not going to break any records in weight loss, but get this.....Guess how much I lost..........
Im down another 3 lbs... to date I have lost 4 1/2 lbs. Started taking the pill Monday and by Wednesday I am down 4.5lbs. that is huge for me. But then the biggest reward is being able to keep up with all the normal day to day house hold chores, do my job, help with hubbys job, and take care of a little one. IF I CAN DO IT.....SO CAN YOU!
I promised that I would tell you what I am taking and I will. I think I could have lost even more had the weather cooperated and I was able to get out side. But Im not a shoulda, coulda, woulda girl, I know I will be out there as soon as it lets up.

I wanted to tell you about a few other things I have experienced since taking this product.... I have found it easier to focus on things, that my thoughts were clearer. I had the energy to get more done and actually focus on things that needed my attention, instead of being all over the place. Im not falling asleep when I sit on the couch. Im not looking for something to munch on. I am drinking coffee because I enjoy it, not because I need it. I am not cooking to feed an army, but rather what we actually can eat as a family. I am playing more with my child. I am getting more work done. I dont have laundry all piled up. IM NOT DEPRESSED! I am actually giggling more. My husband can actually tell Im serious and can see the results himself, and he's supporting me. I feel good again. Yikes, I know sounds like hype, heck only day 3 no way that anything can do that, WRONG! It can and it has. I am a believer.

So that being said, I want to let you know that I will not be posting another update on my weight loss until Sunday afternoon, when I officially complete my trial of the product. This way I can spend more time of course on using my new found energy (yes I love that word, we never know how important it is until we dont have any!). I am going to be out and about enjoying the holiday weekend and less time at the computer. Thank you for coming this far with me and be looking for my final "trial" update....I think I need to go ahead and order a bottle now so it will be here when I finish this set!!!!

Okay so you are wanting to know what it is, right? The name of this product is "Diet Magic". This is an all natural product. I do not feel jittery and I do not crash. (Im even sleeping better at night, instead of waking up exhausted)

If you are interested in purchasing this product to try your self, I highly recommend it, even if you dont feel like you need to lose the weight, the energy alone is soooo worth it.

Here is where you can find out more about it: "Diet Magic"

If you purchase it please let me know! Tell Steve that I sent you!

Now you know my secret. Come back Sunday, to find out how the rest of my week went, how much I lost on a 6 day trial.(although that doesnt mean I will stop posting about my weight loss journey, just the trial part. I will continue to post. Your support means more to me than you know!

You can subscribe to my blog and get the posts sent directly to your email box so you dont miss them!

I wish all of you the best of success! Have an Awesome Holiday weekend!

~ Mary

Again these results may not be typical for everyone. Please take care in products you use, especially if you are on other medications.

**(The links in this post have be updated to reflect my links now that I am a Distributor 9/7/10)**

June 30, 2010

Day 2...WOW!

Hello to everyone! And thank you for continueing to follow my progress on my weight loss journey!
Okay so in my last post I have told you what I am doing and where I am coming from. If you are just now starting to read these posts you can read previous posts on this subject by clicking on "weight loss journey" in the catagories section in the middle column.

My day consisted of a normal "hate to get up out of a comfy bed" mode, upon waking. On Monday when I took the first pill, I didn't reallly expect to get a "huge" boost of energy, with it just getting into my system. On Tuesday morning I figured I would have a slight bit!!

I got up went to the bathroom stepped on the scale (and pleasantly surprised for the fact that on monday I did nothing even remotely different from my normal day's activities) Wrote my weight down, jumped in the shower and when I got out I took my pill. I made coffee and started making breakfast.

Within about 30 min or so, of taking the pill, I got a REAL good boost going on,lol. I didnt realize it right at first until I looked around and I had actually made breakfast...we are talking pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Hubby and daughter just looked at me and Jake asked if I woke up hungry! lol, Nope, I wasnt hungry, I just felt like making breakfast! I had about 3 cups of coffee and I did endulge and have pancakes....I hardly never eat breakfast.
Between breakfast and lunch, I started laundry. I decided to go ahead and get a jump on the weekly linens since this weekend is a holiday. I got the dishwasher loaded, swept the carpets (my vaccum is still in storage) my house is all carpet except for one bathroom, kitchen and dining room. I cleaned off ALL counter tops. Pulled all trash cans, dusted everything (except ceiling fans). Made the beds. Lunch I fixed egg salad sandwiches for me and the kiddo. Hubby came home for lunch looked around and was noticing the difference right away. After lunch Kaitie watched a movie and then took a nap. At that point, I finished up the laundry (4 loads total) all folded, put away etc. put away all the dishes in the dishwasher. I then started cleaning up my office and sorting through all the things I am putting in a yardsale and bleached out the tubs and shower and toilets.
Mind you, up to this point even with all the coffee, I hadnt gotten the jitters or anything. I just felt good and didnt want to "sit down and take a break". I had the constant thought of trying to find more things to do. I would have gone outside and started walking or working on the yard, but a huge storm had come in and well as we say back was a "gully washer" of a storm. By 3pm I had all my house work done decided to sit down and watch a movie with the family since we were all confined to the house. We snacked on a bag of popcorn (Kaitie's favorite snack, thanks to Grandpa Todhunter). After the movie I was up and at it again... Up to this point I have drank 2 glasses of tea. I must tell you, I would love to be drinking water, BUT..I have well water that just happens to be a sulfer spring. Although we have a salt purification system etc, there is still that taste that well... if you have ever had sulfer water, you know what I mean. I got one of those britanica (what ever they are called,lol) water filter jugs that you can put in the fridge, but it still has that taste to a point, so I use that water to make tea and crystal light. We dont like to make Koolaid because we dont like to use much sugar and well it's just nasty to drink unsweetened koolaid.
Anyway, during the time between the movie and getting ready for supper, I played with Kaitie, which use to be something I couldnt do for long periods of time, I would get too tired. At supper I made Triyaki Beef Rice, cooked carrots and green beans. I made myself a plate but not as much as I normally would put on my plate, I wasnt very hungry and I have this thing engrained in me to eat all on my plate and do not waste. So I figured after I ate that, if I wanted more I could get it....I didnt, I allowed myself a few minutes after eating and then decided I was full. This is very much not in my a child I was lovingly know to my siblings as the "garbage disposal" I couldn't get enough to eat and would keep eating until I made myself sick.
After supper I still had energy..I decided to wash all dishes by hand rather than putting in the dishwasher, I felt like I needed to keep moving, I didnt want to waste the energy I had, I felt it a blessing that I was able to do as much as I had and didnt want to stop. (yeah not like me at all) Since the weather was playing havac with my internet connection, I didnt get as much online work done, but still felt that I had made huge progress.
I am very impressed with the amount of "new" energy I had. I have not had this kind of energy in a very long time. I know that this is a life style change that I must go through to reach my goals and with the help of the energy this pill is giving with me and watching the pounds melt off, I will reach my goal. I am up moving and doing more. AND this is only day 2!!! This will only help me that much more!
Below I posted the weight loss I had just from starting he pill monday into tuesday, this was from doing nothing different in my daily activities, before getting that "boost"...Besure to watch for my next update post to see what I lost just from tuesdays activities!
Even if you dont "need" to lose that much weight, so far this product has given me something just as valuable..the energy to enjoy my day to day life and get more out of it. That may be something you want or need as well....
the one thing that I really appreciate about this product is that it is all natural, no jitters, no crashing.
I know that with more energy, the more active I am, the better results in weight loss I will see. I will give you a hint this diet pill is like Magic!!!! In my next weight loss post I will tell you what I am taking and where to get it!
Again Thank you so much for following me during this process.

Updated Results:
Monday's Weigh in 293.5 (starting weight)
Tuesday's weigh in 292.0 (lost 1.5lbs! and did nothing to achieve this on my own)
Wait til you see Wednesdays results!

I do want to say that I am not a distributer of this product (although if I acheive the weight loss I am wanting I might join to get a discount on the product). I am giving you honest results of what I am experiencing. As with all diet products, results are and will be different from one person to another and if you have any health conditions please consult your doctor before starting any diet medication.

Have a truly awesome day!!!!
~ Mary

June 29, 2010

I started something new...

YAY!! I am very excited and reserved at the same time! As crazy as that may sound,lol.
Okay as those of my readers that know me personally, know that I have been struggling with my weight. To give a bit of back ground to those who dont:

I have stuggled to maintain my weight, pretty much all my life. Every time I thought I was making headway, well.....I went backwards very quickly. Right after high school I really stated going on an upward climb at a pretty steady pace. I started doing diet pills of all kinds, I did them like I was suppose to....yes, I did the exercise and gave them a month to "show me" they worked, well they didnt, and I continued to climb. During my early 20's I did the bar hopping thing. I found that doing line dancing really helped me keep weight off and I was seeing results like crazy...was very proud of myself. The down fall was I was going about 3-4 times a week. When I started putting more hours in at work and less hours in night time entertainment, I started gaining it back very quickly.

Almost 8 yrs ago I got married and 5yrs ago I had my little girl. I weighed in at her birth at a whopping 286lbs. Mind you, I had been working 12hr shifts 6 days a week up to a week prior to her birth (had her c-section). It wasnt by choice and she was 2 months earlier (born healthy at 6lb and 1.2oz) Although due to being early she did have some issues, but anyway she is fine now and very healthy (just turned 5, 4ft tall and 56lbs wearing a size 7-8! YIKES)lol

In April, I weighed in at a HUGE 315lbs and that is depressing, nothing I was doing was helping. I was getting depressed and well it just sucked! I started stressing out about all that life has had to offer from home to financial etc. and lost 30lbs in 2 weeks. Not a good or healthy way to do it. All this time I had NO energy, still felt depressed and all the blah that comes with it. I decided to join my husband in Texas. Moved here about a month and a half ago. Guess what......Yup.... I started gaining again (gained about 13lbs back).

During all this time I have been running my own business, helping my husband with his business, doing home health care, and taking care of my home and child. I could barely drag myself out of bed, could barely make it through the day and if I sat down I would fall asleep right there.

I was talking to a friend and told them that I needed help. I had seens some of their posts and what not about something that has been working for those that they know. Now this friend is a distributer for this diet company. I hadnt heard of them before this point and have been leary as to should I try another one....But I needed to try. I know some of the people that the results are from and I totally see it working...they are honest real people, so I figured heck, why not try it, couldnt hurt considering nothing else is working. I asked my friend for some samples of the product and let them know that I would give it an honest try and let them know how I do on it.

Now I havent mentioned the name of the product for a reason. I want to give you my day today experience with it first. I want you to see what it is doing for me. Now although I had told my friend that I would keep them updated I thought, you know, I want to share this so that others like me will see it through me as well. I want them to see that I am a normal person like they are and maybe if this helps them too then I have done something good for them as well as myself. Because blogging about it also holds me accountable. Later I will tell you what the product is.....for now please help support me on my journey by leaving comments and reading my posts. Pass this blog on to a friend that you know that may benefit from it as well. So here goes:

Hi, my name is Mary. I am a 34yr old mother of a 5yr old and a wife. I have my own business and work at a regular job outside the home as well as help my husband with his business. I am very over weight and want to have a better, healthier life, but dealing with reality as it is. I want to share with you my weight loss journey while blogging about my experience with a new product on the market. I pray that it works for me and I hope that this helps someone else. I am blogging a day behind so Todays post will be about Monday.

Monday: I weighed in at 293.5lbs
I am taking 1 pill in the am as soon as I get up.
I did not eat breakfast ( I usually try but most days it just doesnt happen). I have had about 3 cups of coffee.
At lunch I had 1 tuna salad sandwich with a handful of chips. At supper I had another tuna salad sandwich and chips.(power kept going on and off due to a storm going through so didnt cook). Drank about 2 glasses of crystal light and 1 glass of tea. 1 bag of popcorn later that night.
I didnt expect much from the first day, since the product was just getting in my system. I went about my daily tasks. I rotated laundry through, got about 3 loads washed dryed and put away as well as a load of dishes, cleaned house, helped clean up the yard, helped unload my husbands trailer (30ft inclosed) and put tools away in the shop for about 2 hrs. I danced in the rain,lol, until it started lightening. I made my daily calls, storm played havik with my internet connection so didnt get much done online. After bathing the child and putting her to bed, sat down watched a movie with hubby and had that bag of popcorn, promptly passed out from being so tired.

Have you been so tired that you found you had drooled? That is a sign of exhastion, or so I am told. I do not feel like I had done enough to be that tired, but guess so.

I hope that you continue to follow me and I look forward to tomorrows post, stop by to see how much I have lost and what I am experiencing with this product! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I love comments, it helps to know that I am not alone lol.
Visit tomorrow for the next update!
~ Mary

June 14, 2010

We have a Winner is it YOU?

Congratulations to Trisha! She is the winner of my giveaway that was hosted on Simply Stacie

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I want to say thank you to all that participated in the Simply Stacie ~ Review & Giveaway!

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Have a great week!

~ Mary

June 8, 2010

New Products in Stock!

Announcing new products to both the Plug In Melters and the Elecltric Melters

I love this new "Rope" Plug In Melter. Very classy, in my opinion! There are several new styles and colors available now and you can check them out by visiting this link:

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~ Mary


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