January 30, 2011

I am very excited to introduce to you......Me To You Treasures!
This last week I have worked on updating my shop and we are now in business! Please take a moment to check it out! I have a sale going on right now, so hurry before the sale ends!

Handmade Glass Tile Pendents with FREE Chains!
My pendents are made with glass tiles, paper (pics), non-toxic adhesive/sealant, and bails.
As we go I will be adding more pendents, if you have an idea or suggestion on new graphic's to use, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

I take custom creations as well. Got something in mind? Contact me to see what we can work out! metoyoutreasures (at) gmail (dot) com
Thank you for taking the time to check out my treasure box!
~ Mary
***Also I now have a new feature on my blog! Stop by and check out whats featured on the Rapid Cart!***

January 26, 2011


If you are a Texas blogger or a Texas based company and your interested in attending or sponsoring the Blogging Texas Event to be held in Galveston this year, please feel free to contact Blogging Texas Events!


Monday, January 24, 2011
CONTACT: Lisa Johnston, Event Manager


Galveston, TX, January 24, 2011 – Blogging Texas Events has partnered with the
Galveston Convention Visitors Bureau to launch Blogging Texas Events – Galveston on
Thursday, March 31 through Sunday, April 3. This event will bring more than 20
influential bloggers to the Galveston area to tour the city. It will report the city’s
progress since Hurricane Ike, using the social media tools of blogging, Facebook, Twitter
and many other online platforms.
The first event of its kind, Blogging Texas Events was founded by Texas bloggers
Brandy Arivett – Not So Average Mama, Jessica Benton – That Tech Chick, Lisa
Johnston – 50in8 and Kimberly Sloane – Southern Girl Reviews, to partner with
community leaders and businesses to share the wonderful sights and treasures in Texas
using their influence.

According to a report released by Pew Internet, 57 million Internet users read blogs.
Blogs allow everyday people to interact and bond with bloggers who live normal lives
thus establishing trustworthy relationships. Bloggers often give their honest opinions
about brands and products such as books, dining, family, and travel that lead to increased
exposure and revenue for companies. Not taking their influence lightly, the founders
decided to use their status as a tool to showcase the state of Texas in front of their
40,000/monthly visitors, encourage travel to Texas, influence purchasing power of Texas
brands and to boost Texas’ economy.

For more information on Blogging Texas Events and sponsorship opportunities visit the
website at www.bloggingtexasevents.com, call Event Manager Lisa Johnston at
832.390.1605 or send email inquiries to contact.bloggingtexas@gmail.com.

January 25, 2011

A family in dire need.......Mease Family Fire........Please Read!!

This breaks my heart....Please take a moment to read down through the post. This post is done by a friend of mine here  locally (killeen,tx) and this family really needs help. Thank you for taking a moment to read this.
Please help spread the word and share this link or repost to your blog so that we may help!
 Here is the link to the original blog that has the donation button on it for those that choose to send donations:
If I cannot do great things on this Earth, I will try to do small things with great love.  My heart is splintered for my family and I will say, in advance, sorry this is so long!!!
Some of you may have already heard the news that my Father-n-law, Phillip Austin Mease (age 55)  lost his home and all of its contents to a tragic fire Sunday afternoon.  Phil is raising Trip’s (Trip is my husband) sister, Lacie Mease, (who is only 15 yrs. old) by himself and everything they had was in their home.  God was on their side as they both were able to escape the burning house safely.  Now, they are left with only the clothes on their backs and the shoes on their feet.
As recent as 3 weeks ago, Phil suffered a heart attack and still has several seizures everyday.  He underwent surgery for his heart, but the doctors have not been able to diagnose why he continues to have these seizures.  Needless to say, he can no longer drive or work, so he, unfortunately, has to be fairly dependent on his daughter for help.  Due to these tragic circumstances, their funds are very limited, but now, with losing everything to the fire, their climb back up to some normalcy will be a difficult one.
Trip and I have been relocated to Fort Hood , Texas.  Trip’s Dad and sister are located near Fort Bragg , NC (Trip’s hometown). Trip feels helpless and my heart breaks.  He was given military orders and left yesterday morning for California for special training.  He will be undergoing some additional extensive training for the next several months and then faces his fourth deployment to Iraq in late Spring or early Summer, therefore, being under military orders, he cannot be in North Carolina with his Dad and little Sister during their time of need.
I am so blessed with some truly amazing friends who have come forward to do everything they can to help Phil and Lacie.  They are gathering donated items such as food, clothing, shoes, socks, toiletries, and money and will soon send a shipment to Phil and Lacie.
In an effort to help my family, if you decide to clean out your closets soon and want to get rid of some items, these two could use anything. Whatever you can spare to help get them back on their feet will be so appreciated and I know they would be eternally grateful.  If you cannot donate items, but feel compelled to help out with a monetary donation, a pay pal account has also been set up to assist Phil and Lacie.
If you are not able to assist in the ways mentioned above, I certainly understand.  I ask that you remember my family in your prayers and ask the Lord to lessen their burden and give them courage and patience to get through this.  Considering they have lost everything they own, their journey may be a hard one, but we know that life is a succession of moments, second and minutes and to live each one is to succeed as I know they will, with God’s help.
“Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.”-David Thomas
Below is a list of items they need:

Lacie (15 years old)

Pants/Jeans: 13-14 long lowrise
Shirts: XL
Shoes: size 10
Jacket: XL
Sweatshirts: XL
Underwear -size 7
Bra (38-)
work out clothes & tennis shoes
All shower items (she LOVES the Herbal Essence in the pink bottle)
Make UP! -Walmart Makeup is fine, she needs foundation, black eyeliner, and mascara.
Laundry Items
School Supplies
–graphing calculator
–paper… etc…
Phil (age 55)
Pants 32/34
Shirts: Large
Shoes: Size 10
Jackets Large
Sweatsiirts Large
Boxers (32/34)
Shower Items
Laundry Items
He also lost everything in his bedroom. His bed, pillow, bedding, dresser…
And then the household items
alarm clock
paper towels
Kitchen Items
plates, silverware, cups, etc…
kitchen table
Please keep in mind that Lacie is 15… I remember back when I was 15, life was hard. High School kids can be cruel. I don’t want her to be made fun of or to suffer in any way because of what has happened. She lost everything in her bedroom so she will  be needing a BED ASAP, with bedding, and a pillow. Phil is the same way, he will need a BED ASAP, bedding, and a pillow.
The Luxury items that were lost are: TV, DVD’s, DVD PLAYER, Gaming system, Stereo, Alarm Clocks, Lamps, Couches, Chair, Kitchen Table, Blankets, Pillows, Decor, etc…
literally anything that would go in a house. NOTHING fancy, they are not picky AT ALL and are very appreciative of what everyone is doing.
I set up a PayPal account for them under my e-mail address but linked to their bank account. The e mail address for the paypal is ” Brittany.Mease@yahoo.com ” You will go to www.paypal.com, click on send money, and from there follow the steps entering my e mail address when asked.  My goal is to raise $1500 to pay all of their back payments on the house so the insurance will start fixing the “shell” of the house. It’ll be up the them, and us to refurnish the house  but I have all faith in the world that we can do this! I appreciate everyones help and prayers during this hard time. You are all such a blessing and I know  I’m truly blessed.
Thank you again,
Items can be shipped to my Aunt and Uncles house
Phillip and Lacie Mease
c/o Bobbie Sue and Donny Price
470 Duke Road
Dunn, NC 28334
Or to this address if you are only sending items FOR LACIE.
Lacie Mease
c/o Lisa Brown
253 A McLamb Road
Dunn, NC 28334
***If you put a package together that is for the both of them, please send it to my aunt and uncles house. if the package you are sending is ONLY for Lacie, please send it to the 2nd address. Either way, they will get all the items sent. Thanks again!
Also, they do not have a mall. I know some of you were asking where they shopped. The only place they have to shop that is near them is Wal-Mart, but they can make the drive and shop at the Carolina Premium Outlets. Here is the link to see what stores are there. Thank you all.

You said you wanted proof.........

I know that many things can be chalked up to "HYPE" to get sales. I for one have always been skeptic...Today I am swallowing my pride so that people can take me seriously and see for themselves that I speak the truth....
When I started my weight loss journey I didnt know how far I would get or how well it would work for me. Well here is a side by side pic so that you can actually see the difference that 2 months can make.
The hardest part is seeing it for my self. I am BIG on not letting people see a pic of me. To the point that I would man the camera.

Now the sad thing about it is, that YOU see me , but I didnt want to see me. Pictures hold a lot of power over the self conscious person. We dont want to see it because we would have to deal with the reality of it.

Here is the before and after shot of me. Just 2 months of taking Diet Magic and I had to SEE the pictures to believe how big of a difference it had made rather than just feeling the difference.

These pics are not photo shopped.....I dont even have that program lol. One thing I must say is  LOOK!!!!! The butt and belly are well....LOOK! lol.
For the past 6 years I have been taking meds for hypothyroidism....Not Anymore!....My last blood test had shown that I didnt need them any more. For those that dont know what that is, it is a thyroid condition, that had me plateaued at 315lbs for the last few years...Couldnt lose weight to save my life....literally!
I am so ecstatic at the weight loss and inches lost, that I want to shout it to the world, but well this is the closest I shall get for a while lol.
The After pic was taken a couple of weeks ago. I know there are some that have been following my weight loss journey (thank you btw, thats great motivation!) And I last posted my weight at this. I had to take some time off due to a pregnancy that had resulted in a miscarriage (due to cervical incompetence not the pills, I was off of them during that time)...Anyway, I wanted to make sure my body had heeled before I jumped back in. And HERE I AM!
So  now there is picture proof that this is working for me. I would love to help you get started on your journey. If you have questions please feel free to contact me at dietmagiclady (at) gmail (dot) com. <---sorry to spell it out, but had to many spam emails.
You can visit the "About ~ Diet Magic" page here on the blog or visit my affiliate site www.thedietmagiclady.com to learn more about this product and other great products as well.

So we are now back on track. I have put myself up there in front of you, for the world to see. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Please feel free to leave a comment. Also subscribe to the blog on the top right, to make sure you dont miss the updates!

Take care of yourself, there is only one of you!
~ Mary

January 24, 2011

Mega Blog Winners....Are you one of them?

This has been an exciting giveaway!
I want to thank each of the vendors that participated and donated a gift! 
And I want to thank each of you that entered the giveaways!

Each winner was chosen by random.org. for each vendor. If you are a winner, you have 48hrs to contact or respond to the vendor, before another winner is chosen. An email has been sent to notify you with the vendors contact information.

If you didnt win one of the prizes, Im sorry. I will be planning another giveaway before long! So dont forget to subscribe by email to this blog so you dont miss out on the next one!

(Vendor #1) ~ The winner of Jennifer Stoll's Gift is:

(Vendor #2) ~ The winner of Michele Bodenheimer's Gift is:
Christina Strickland

(Vendor #3) ~ The winner of Christina Strickland's Gift is:
Darlene Cox

(Vendor #4) ~ The winner of Gingermichele Kapp's Gift is:

(Vendor #5) ~ The winner of Mary Reid's Gift is:

(Vendor #6) ~ The winner of the Blog Bonus Gift is:
LLL with Leslie

Congratulations everyone!
Because I believe everyone is a winner, I am giving each of the participants 10% off their order to any of these business: 

(All you have to do to redeem the discount is contact me by email at soysuccess@gmail.com, 
this is a special through me only. )

Again thank you! If you want to see more of what the vendors have to offer just click on their name above! I wish you all the best! Make today great and Satisfy Your Senses!
~ Mary

January 22, 2011

Whats up with this!?

 You know I am usually a very calm, understanding person, that it a lot to rile me up. This last week has just put more in my "frustration zone". Yep, I too have one of those! 

I try to look at things objectively and think about how I would handle things if it were a customer coming to me with a frustration. Nah, it doesnt work that well, because I KNOW I would treat them better.

So, the story is this......A little over a week ago (1/11/2001) I place supply orders with a couple of different vendors. The first one was one that I had ordered from before. That transaction went well, just a small delay, but then who didnt have delays from all the snow storms here recently. The second vendor I ordered supplies from is a totally different story! I ordered on the same day, within minutes of each other. I paid for the order and waited. Took 4 days to get notification (1/15/2011) and that was from pay pal saying that the order had been shipped......now it really hadn't been shipped, what actually happened was that the owner of this shop had did the shipping from home to be picked up by USPS.......here it is 6 days later(at the time of writing this), from when I received the notice, the notification/tracking still says it has received the electronic shipping info. The package still hasnt been scheduled for pick up or processed and shipped.......I have emailed the owner on several occasions, just trying to get some sort of communication, ANYTHING! But NO she wont respond.....she has internet connection, because it shows that she has visited her site..(the one I purchased from)....I emailed her twice personally, asking very politely if there was a problem with the shipping of my package....I have sent a message via her contact form twice on the store site.....NOTHING.....even sent an email yesterday telling her that unless I received some notification from her that I would have to send a complain to Artfire  (the site in which her store is on that I ordered from) and that was a bust so far....will elaborate more on that in a moment..... I also said that I would do a dispute with pay pal, in which  I had paid her through........STILL nothing.......

Okay breathing....so I waited......Then I contacted Artfire...well that was a JOKE! If you call they ask if you are a buyer or seller....if you say buyer they tell you to CONTACT THE SELLER! UM>>>>>> Thats the problem I am having!!! I went to Artfire because I didnt want to go through all the stuff with Etsy with having to have an account just to purchase from someone. Im a customer do they want my money? There are several that I would love to contact off the site, but no email addy in their bio info to do so.....I know a lot of great people that use that platform and that is great.....but that was the reason I didnt go their first and should have. Anywho, I then went to paypal to do a dispute, now I have to wait, and wait, and wait I am sure.....So it will be a month or so before I get my funds back....The sad thing is this person has had lots of sales from their store....I am refraining from mentioning the persons name and store name....I am hoping that she contacts me...I am hoping that it was a huge mistake.....I dont know how with 5 emails later and a dispute......

I found another vendor on Artfire that I would like to use, this time I will contact them prior to and make sure they do contact me back......before I purchase....sometime I would so much rather just purchase from those big companies, but I believe in buying from small business owners and handmade when possible.

The worst of this is during all of this I have let my own customers down and its totally MY fault for not being stocked up more on my supplies, I didn't anticipate a lot of sales and thought that with ordering supplies early enough that I wouldn't have this issue and not have them come in in time.....Snow storms is one thing, but this is unacceptable. Now I have to contact these customers and tell them hey because I didnt get my shipment, it will be that much longer before you get the order you placed so would you like a refund!.....yeah thats the frustration poking its ugly head out....I wouldnt word it like that, but I must contact them, because I personally understand what it feels like to be on that end of the deal.

I have more supplies on order that should be here any day......but in the mean time I got my self a special kit (see below)

All Joking aside, this has been a very frustrating week. You may ask why I would get worked up over just that, well......its not just that.....

See like most I have been trying to sell products to make money to pay bills that I cant do if I dont have supplies....And then there is the life of being a mom and a wife and having those responsibility piling up, as well as my other business's needing to be worked......

Now that I got it out of my system.....for the most part, we shall see how this week goes. I will for sure do an update should anything come of doing the dispute....But figured hey what the heck, Im going to share this with my readers.....I believe in customer service, I know that there are many out there that sell what I do...there are others that have a higher quality of product than I make and some have better prices, but if you give great customer service, they are more willing to work with you!

As a good friend has told me....everyone is entitled to have a day when they are off their mark....I think I took several of them and complied a not so great vacation of them....Now that I am out of self pitty days, I shall jump back on the wagon and get my self back in gear.......
Another friend, in the past, has told me that sometimes you just have to reach around there and yank that back bone back in place....So here I go....may have to work out a few kinks but will be back in the game in no time.....

Do I even think about looking for another vendor for another aspect of my biz?....Nah, I think Ill take a nap and think on it first lol!

Thank you for letting me vent it out....and as always I do appreciate your comments, please do so, 
it may help my disposition! 
Have an awesome day in spite of me, lol I would love to hear stories from your "Frustration Zone"

Until next time,
~ Mary

January 10, 2011

A New Year's MEGA Giveaway..............

(This giveaway is now Closed, but please feel free to look at what the vendors have to offer, never know, you may come across a great deal!)

To show our appreciation for all the great customers we had last year and all those to come this year, These  4 Amazing vendors and myself have gotten together to do a Mega Giveaway!!!

Each vendor is as unique and individual as the awesome gift they want to give to YOU!

Whats better than having a giveaway, you may ask?  

How about Multiple giveaways!!!

Each vendor has a prize that is free including shipping, all you have to do is complete their required entry, thats it! You will also have extra entries to help you win the prize you want!

When leaving a comment with your entry please include the vendor's number, to insure that your entry is counted. Also in at least one of your comments please leave an email addy that we can reach you at should you win a prize. If you dont feel comfortable in leaving you addy due to spamming, that is okay, just subscribe to this blog by email (option on the right side bar) so that you dont miss the posting of the winners.

As you are going through and entering the contest dont forget to bookmark these great sites!
This Amazing Giveaway ends on January 23rd at 11:30pm CST. 
Winners will be posted January 24th
All winners are chosen by Random.org & you have the opportunity to win more than one prize!!!
I wish you all the best of luck!!!

~ Mary

~** Facebook is in no way a sponsor or administrator of, or in any way associated with, these giveaways.
#1 ~ Jennifer "Ferfer" Stoll
Be A Success In Progress
Jennifer is giving away a  20-minute Coaching Session (for Direct Sellers/Small Business Owners)
  No out-dated tactics, no "shoulds", all YOU.  Achieve success on YOUR terms.

** The required entry for this giveaway is Subscribe to Jennifer's FREE Ezine entitled "Java Jive" and receive her report: "80(ish) Answers Your Recruit Prospects Need Before Joining". www.beasuccessinprogress.com
come back and leave a comment that you subscribed.

*Extra Entry ~ Share Jennifer's website with fellow Direct Sellers/Small Business Owners and have at least 2 of them subscribe to "Java Jive" (make sure they let you know they subscribed). Then come back and leave a comment with the two friends that signed up.

This giveaway is open to Both USA and Canada

Remember to leave Vendor # or name in your comment entries.

#2 ~ Michele Bodenheimer (aka MikiHope) 
Do You Bake?

 (Pictured are the Apple Pie Seasoning & Pumpkin Roll Mix)

Michele is giving away 2 mixes and 1 spice of your choice up to $30.00!!

 ** The required entry for this giveaway is go to www.doyoubake.com/micheleb and leave a comment here telling her what one item you really would like to try from her site.
*Extra Entry ~ visit www.betterthenthebest.com and leave a comment here telling her which site you like best.
*Extra Entry ~ Follow on Twitter ~ MikiHope come back and leave a comment that you did.
*Extra Entry ~ Follow her Blog Miki's Hope then come back and leave a comment that you did.

This Giveaway open to the USA

Remember to leave vendor number or name in your entry comments


#3 ~ Christina Strickland
Mommy's Sunshine Designs

Christina is giving away handmade brimmed crochet hat in gray.
** The required entry for this giveaway is to "Favorite" Christina's Etsy Shop. (if you do not have an etsy account you can sign up for one free with out having a shop.) Come back and leave a comment that you did.
* Extra Entry ~ Follow Christina's Blog ~ Busy Blogging Mommy 
Then come back and leave a comment.

This giveaway is open to both USA and Canada.

Dont forget to leave the vendor #'s or names in your comments.


#4 ~ Gingermichele Kapp

Gingermichele is giving away a ADVANCE TECHNIQUES Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Treatment a $12 value.

** The required entry for this prize is to "Like" Gingermichele's Face Book Fan Page. come back and leave a comment that you did.
* Extra Entry ~ Register to receive email specials on her site www.youravon.com/gkapp  Come back and leave a comment that you did this.

*She is doing a special giveaway once she reaches 100 FB Fans* 

This giveaway is open to the USA.

Be sure to add the vendors # or Name in your comments.

#5 ~ Mary Reid (blog owner)
Symmetry ~ Diet Magic
  I am giving away a 6 Day Trial Packet of Diet Magic 
** Required entry for this prize is to "Like" my Symmetry ~ Diet Magic FB Fan Page. Then come back and leave a comment that you did.
* Extra Entry ~ Subscribe by email to this Blog (above in right side) Then come back and leave a comment that you did (you must verify your subscription).

This giveaway is open to the USA.

Dont forget to add the vendor # or name to your comment. 


#6 ~  Bonus Blog Gift
Satisfy Your Senses 

I am giving away this bonus gift. A Handmade Glass Tile Pendent. 
**Required entry for this prize is to Subscribe by email to this blog. (above on the right) then come back and leave a comment that you did. (must verify your subscription). You get to choose the pendent! Check them out at 
Me To You Treasures
* Extra entry ~ "Like" my Satisfy Your Senses FB Fan Page.
 This giveaway is open to the USA.
Dont forget to put the vendor # or name in your comment.

 Thank you so much for participating in our giveaways! We hope that you enjoy these awesome gifts!! Once you receive your gifts please feel free to come back and let us know what you think!
I wish you all the best of luck in your entries and want to say thank you to each of the vendors that donated there products and services! You cant go wrong with these ladies! 
Now go win those prizes!!!!!!


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