December 30, 2009

After The Holiday Sales!

As promised here is my 50% off sale on all On Hand items. Prices below reflect the sale. Tell me what you want I will invoice you and they will ship in 2-3 days after receiving payment. (takes approx 2-3 days to process payment) IF you are local I can deliver! (Northwest Arkansas)

Half price sale!!!!

HILLSIDE SOAPS: $2.00 each
2- Sparkling Citrus
3 - cucumber melon
2 - white nectarine & pink coral
1 - coconut lime
1 - Juniper Breeze
3 - sand & sun
1 - wine & roses
3 - gulf coast

aromatherapy massage oil - lavender sweet orange - 7.25
body & bath bubble bath - flower - 8oz glass jar - 6.25
Sweet almond oil foot creme - fig leaves- 8oz glass w/ pump - 11.00
blackberry fig foot scrub - 11.25
shea butter hand creme 5oz - 12.50
aromatherapy body wash - grapefruit bergamont - 6oz - 8.00
Large Blue face mask - 6.25
Botanical facial wash - combination skin - 6oz - 9.75
Facial scrub w/ grape seed extract - tamarind 6oz - 9.25
Sun Glitzed - 10.00

reed diffuser - English Ivy - 10.00
12oz wickless candle - Leather - 6.00
16oz Victorian candle - Cafe latte - 8.00
8oz jelly jar mason candle - sea breeze - 4.00
16 oz mason jar candle - moon petals - 8.00
tart chunk - leather- 2.00
tart chunk - juniper breeze - 2.00
tart chunk - cowboy blues - 2.00

Large make up palette - 15.00
Spa wisdom on high hydrating puree - 10.00
camomile eye make up remover - 7.25
Head to toe gift set - 12.50
Dual mirror - 2.50 (have 4 of these)
Head bands - 1.50 (have 4 of these)

Let me know what you want and I will let you know what the shipping will be. I will do my best to keep shipping low. Thank you all so much. Just to let you know I can not accept pay pal. I use Pro pay I will send you a secure invoice via email you fill it out and submit it. your items will ship in 2-3 days of you submitting the invoice.

I cant wait to hear from you! Contact me at

With so much to choose from you are sure to find something to satisfyyoursenses!

~ Mary

December 15, 2009

Win a Gift Basket ...............................

Win a Gift Basket from ETC!!

So we mentioned the Variety Boxes are up from Etsy Team Columbus, right?!
How would you like to win a small collection from this art savvy group?
In the season of giving we would like to offer a raffle prize! Oh yah, that's right!
All you have to do is........(click here for details)

December 7, 2009

I Need Your Help............

This year is hard for most everyone I know. Finances are just not there to provide the Christmas presents that we have in the past. So, this year I am teaching my 4yr old daughter a hard lesson in the most kindest way I can.

I want to teach her that Christmas isn't all about getting gifts. I want her to know that it is the thought that counts. That knowing someone is thinking of her is more precious than receiving "toys". Shes a very smart little girl and most all "little things" seem to delight her to no end.
I need your help to make her Christmas THOUGHTFUL. Please help me in doing this by sending her a Christmas Card Snail mail style. She has received two cards already from family members and she really cherishes them.
If you are interested in helping me please send your cards to:

Kaitie Reid
PO Box 127
Morrow, Ark 72749

Random acts of Kindness dont have to be gifts of high dollar value. The best are the simple ones. Paying for someones meal when you stop in to have breakfast or lunch. Buying a stranger a cup of coffee, sending a letter or card just to say im thinking of you, calling your neighbor and offering to pick something up for them while you are at the grocery store, stacking a bit of wood for those that use wood heat, offering to watch someones kids so they can have a few hours to themselves, donating your unwanted items to a shelter for those in need, so many ways to show kindness without expecting anything in return. These are truly the best gifts and are cherished more than you would think.

I really look forward to taking her to the post office each day to see what Thoughts are sent her way! Thank you all so much for helping me make this the best!

~ Mary

December 6, 2009

Sundays Stills ~ Pets

This weeks Sunday Stills Challenge is Pets!

Here you see Kaitie with HER puppy "BO"

Here Bo is chewing on a stick while enjoying the warm sun, Not to mention the full belly he has going on there! LOL.

These photos were taken during Thanksgiving week. We went camping with my Brother and his family in Texas that week. It was a great time!! More photos to come of that vacation, soon.

To see more favorite pet photos from others that are participating in the Sunday Stills Challenges, Check out the Comment section of this Sunday Stills Post!

I hope you have enjoyed these and look forward to sharing more with you in the future!

~ Mary


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