October 30, 2009

Great Gift Ideas...............

As you are gearing up for your holiday shopping, I would like to suggest a few gift ideas and at affordable costs.

At SoyLicious.com we offer quality products at customer friendly prices. Here are a few items I am sure you will want to add to your gift & wish lists.

The first item is the Balsa Wood Candle.

This romantic 14oz. wooden wick candle crackles as it burns. With a burn time of 90 hrs. $15.95
(Balsa Wood Candles are exclusive to SoyLicious.com)

The next item I have for you is our Room Spray.

Our powerful Room Sprays come in emerald green 4oz bottles. These are great for freshening up the home, office, vehicle and more. $7.95

The third item I would like to show you is the Spa Candle.

This Elegant 11 oz. Spa Candle will go perfect with most any decor. It comes in only white. And it arrives in its own black gift box. The burn time for this candle is 70 hrs. $12.95

These products can be dressed up in a beautiful gift bag or basket and make perfect gifts for family, friends, co-workers and more.

Burn times are based on when candle is burned properly. Keeping wicks trimmed and not in major air flow areas, such as in front of air conditioners, fans, etc.

There are over 50 scents to choose from and many more items to see. You can check them out by visiting my candle store at www.satisfyyoursenses.com.

I am a Consultant with SoyLicious.com and I would love to talk to you more about these awesome products we carry. We are a Go-Green Company. You can email me at satisfyyoursenses@yahoo.com

Our premium soy candles are made with two types of American grown soybean wax, with natural botanical oils added to give them a creamy texture and vibrant color.

If you are interested in more information about joining our Candles of the Month program, please feel free to contact me by going to my site and click on the link at the bottom left corner of the page. Or email me at satisfyyoursenses@yahoo.com. I would love to share with you about why I think this company would be a great fit for you!

I wish you all a great weekend! Keep your eyes peeled for more great products and specials to come. Until then....

Be kind to yourself and the Environment, do something to Satisfy Your Senses today!

~ Mary

October 29, 2009

Product/Giveaway Review - Cara Retz ~ Discovery Toys

I entered a Labor Day Giveaway that Cara with Discovery Toys was having during the month of September. She holds frequent giveaways at her blog: Play Smart Blog.

This particular Giveaway, I really wanted. I have a 4yr old child and knew this was perfect for her. I was extremely excited that I had won, but my excitement didn't hold a candle to my daughters reaction when she opened the package.

She took a few moments to look the toy over and then with out being told how to do it she was able to figure out that she could take it apart with the screwdriver that was included. She did ask for a little help when putting it back together. But after the first time all we heard was "I can do it myself!" I'm not exaggerating when I tell you, that she took it apart and put it back together 7 times before playing with it as a train. She was very facinated with the idea she could "fix it" (in her words) all on her own. My husband commented "I can just see the gears turning in her head right now" as she was looking the toy over for the first time.

This is the toy that I won from Cara's Giveaway:

Motor Works Train
Take-apart-and-put-together workable 3-D construction set challenges fine motor skills while boosting brainpower. Finished train actually rolls on rotating wheels! Compatible with Motor Works electric screwdriver. Includes easy-to-follow graphic instructions and manual screwdriver. Not intended for children under age 3 due to small parts.
from 4y & up (K, V) e
Learning Pathways: Thinking Skills, Motor Skills, Exploration

Key Benefits:
Utilize small motor skills and thinking abilities to assemble, take apart, and reassemble a real working toy train
Identify colors, vehicle parts and relative positions
Follow graphic directions
Prompt understanding of parts-to-whole
Challenge small motor skills while boosting brainpower
Use simple tools
Engage in imaginary play!
When I purchase from others in direct sales, like myself, I like to get to know more about them and their business. I asked Cara several questions and she was very kind in answering them for me.

About Cara and Discovery Toys:

*How long have you been with DT? - I've been with DT for about 2 1/2 years, but didn't do much with my business until May of this year and I'm just loving it.

*What made you decide to join DT? - I loved the products! I grew up on DT. My mom had some when I was younger and loved playing with them. Then about 6 years ago, I had a party and really enjoyed it. Then another opportunity came up and I decided to join!

*What other companies do you have, if any? - None, but I do work for my Dad's company, Legacy Images (www.legacyimages-pc.com)

*Are you running any specials? - For the month of October, hostess and customers can earn free books and new consultants can earn a free canvas DT tote.

*City and State? - Kokomo, IN

*Hobbies, likes, dislikes? - I enjoy scrapbooking and cross stich, when I have time.

*What is a day in your life like? - depends on the day, usually busy, but fun.

*A memorable moment involving DT (party, customer, experience, etc) - Getting to be an official memeber of my Team Leader's team. I am so excited about this. It has helped me out so much and it's also helped out others in DT get connected to groups, which I'm so glad I could help.

*A bit of advice for other moms (involving DT)? - Give your kids a well rounded play diet. DT is great for this because we involve every area of a child's development. The toys are kid powered, not batterie powered, so your kids get to use their imagination and that is one of the best things. And always play with your children, it's the best investment you can make.

*A bit of advice for other Direct Sales people? - Love what you are doing, be heartfelt, and ask everyone.

*How should others contact you? - You can go to my website at www.playsmartstore.com, send me an email at playsmartstore@gmail.com or give me a call at (765) 461-7989.


You can also keep up to date on all the exciting things going on at Discovery Toys as well as enter giveaways and leave comments just by visiting her Blog : Play Smart Blog (When you stop by tell her I sent ya!)
Thank you Cara for sharing a bit about you an Discovery Toys with us. And Thank you for the Great Giveaway! I will definitely be passing on information about DT to my friends and family! I recommend Discovery Toys to anyone that is looking for Fun & Educational Toys, books, and more for their children. I will absolutely be purchasing DT Toys for my own daughter in the very near future! The holidays are upon us and DT Toys are very affordable!

Be kind to yourself & the environment and Satisfy Your Senses today!
~ Mary

October 27, 2009

What do Eco-friendly and Affordable have in common, you ask......

The answer is ......................


SoyLicious.com offers eco-friendly soy candles and scent products at an affordable price. Our candles have longer burn times and real to life scents, than most candles on the market today. They don't let off black soot that is harmful to us and the environment.

Our premium soy candles are made with two types of American grown soybean wax, with natural botanical oils added to give them a creamy texture and vibrant color.
Soy is also a renewable resource.

Did you know that 82% of all households in America burn scented candles? Candles are the number one gift giving item. Perfect for family, friends, teachers, co-workers and more.

Looking for something romantic? Try a Balsa Wood candle! This wooden wick candle crackles as it burns!(Exclusive to SoyLicious.com)

All of our candles are hand poured, wicked with 100% Cotton or Wood wicks and our glass candle containers are recyclable!

While candles bring warmth to the home or office, we also offer powerful room sprays, luxurious soy soaps, tart chunks and elegant tart melters too!

With over 50 scents and quality products you are sure to find something to Satisfy Your Senses!

To see more products and scent options stop by my candle store today. You will not be disappointed! The quality of our products and the prices are unbeatable!

For more information or to place an order, you can contact me at satisfyyoursenses@yahoo.com or you can go directly to my site www.satisfyyoursenses.com

~ Mary

October 26, 2009

Monday Mentions : Creative Cove Jewelry Designs

This weeks Monday Mentions is Creative Cove Jewelry Designs.

Cheryl Farmer is the creative energy behind Creative Cove Jewelry Designs. If you haven't had a chance to check out her lovely creations, I urge you to do so this week! Her creations are one of a kind and are absolutely gorgeous! She works with a variety of beads, including turquoise, amazonite, coral, and agate just to name a few.

Please take a few moments to check out Cheryl's Art Fire shop and peruse her amazingly gorgeous jewelry creations!

If you would like to hear more about Creative Cove Jewelry Designs click on : Sassy Sisters In Sales! This link will take you to the full article, where you can find more about this very creative Sassy Sister!
Watch for next weeks Monday Mentions, you never know what company will be spotlighted next!
Be kind to your self & the environment, Satisfy Your Senses today!
~ Mary

October 25, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Fall

This weeks Challenge is all about "Fall" and there is still color out there,lol. Here are various shots around my area! I hope you enjoy them!

Get in on the fun! If you would like to see more wonderful pics go to: Sunday Stills.
Get out and do something good for yourself and Satisfy Your Senses!
~ Mary

October 23, 2009

Beauty in the Weeds

Have you found yourself "weeding" lately?

This has different meanings for each of us. For some this is literally pulling weeds in the garden, others this means they are weeding through photos, products, even all the clutter on their desks. And on the other hand some would say that their social lives need a bit of weeding.

Through the years I have come in contact with many people. Some have remained friends or acquaintances for many of those years and others have come and gone for different reasons. I have found my self thinking about my connections, that of personal and professional. I ask myself are these friends that I have stayed in close contact with or have I drifted away from them.

I catch myself thinking back at the "good times" and remembering fun moments. Often asked why I had a smile on my face or what I was laughing about. Those are memories I cherish.

I have, on another occasion, been told that if I want to change my life or grow my business in a different direction, that I should surround myself with those that are of like mind. Well, let me tell you, I have been very blessed with the friends and acquaintances that I have in my life.
To all of you, I say thank you for allowing me to be part of Your life.

My thought for today is that as you are "weeding" through the gardens in your life, that you stop to appreciate the beauty in which that particular weed has to offer. You might find that, that "weed" is the most beautiful flower in your garden after all.

Be kind to yourself and do something good to Satisfy Your Senses!
~ Mary

October 19, 2009

Monday Mentions..................Kattia Gordon of Aleximanie Events!

Todays Monday Mentions is Kattia Gordon of Aleximanie Events!!!!!

I have personally purchased from Kattia and I am very impressed with her customer service. She is very knowledgable in her field of work and then some more,lol. She does a monthly giveaway on her blog as well!!!! Please check out her Sunday Spotlight!

Sunday Spotlight - Kattia Gordon of Aleximanie Events

Posted by Jenn Brockman on
This married mother of 3 is passionate about your event experience. Kattia Gordon has been a wedding and event planner for years and made official her business last year by starting her own company, AlexiMani Events. Soon after, she added http://aleximanievents.cceasy.com/ and Perfect Party by Cody to make for easy one stop shopping for her clients.

As an extension of her business, Kattia has found writing to be both a creative and an advertorial process. She writes at her blog, http://www.aleximanievents.blogspot.com/ , and she creates wedding articles that are distributed online.

Kattia's most recent creation ,An Event for the Cure, is a benefit site for breast cancer. It came together quickly for Kattia and seemed to be very inspired by her fellow Sassy Sisters.

If you or someone you know is looking for an even planner you will do great with Kattia!
~ Mary

October 18, 2009

Sunday Stills ~" C"~

Todays Sunday Stills Challenge is "C"


CUTEI hope you have enjoyed todays pic's! If you would like to join the fun go to Sunday Stills to see what others have posted and what the next challenge will be!
Do something good for your self today and Satisfy Your Senses!
~ Mary

October 17, 2009

Getting Connected ~ Social Networking Tutorial

I have this awesome friend who wrote up this tutorial to help us get connected! I find that I spend a lot of time trying to update ALL my social networks. My friend Andrea Baker wrote this up to help cut back on the amount of time and places we go to update. I love that she also includes how to update your blog to twitter. I have been trying to find other ways to get my blog out there and this was the perfect way to do just that! So if you have a blog that you would like to update automatically to twitter, then be sure to read through the tutorial for the instructions!! I found this extremely helpful and hope that you do as well. Thank you Andrea for doing this to help the rest of us!

Making Connections with Twitter & Facebook


Networking is important. People purchase from who they know and they want to know you. Let’s get some of your social networks connected so your sure to have several of them update with the same information.

For example, they way my social networks work is this: When I post a new blog, post a new photo to flickr, and even when I list a new item in my etsy shop a post is sent to my twitter. That twitter post in turn is sent to FaceBook.
This helps me cut down on time spent trying to be sure that when I blog, post to flickr, or update my etsy shop I don’t have to run around trying to get it posted to twitter and facebook.
How did I do this? I’m assuming you have twitter, facebook, a blog, and anything else with an RSS feed.

To hook up your twitter so that it updates your facebook follow these steps:

Install the twitter application on facebook. Visit the following link application for facebook http://apps.facebook.com/twitter/
go to application;
click allow;
login to twitter with twitter login,
then it will look like a FBized twitter page - at the top hit “allow twitter to update FB…” and should be done.

Test it out. Post a snazzy update on your twitter page and then check your facebook. YAY!!

Okay now on to setting it so that your blog, flickr, any place that has an RSS feed for you will update twitter.

http://twitterfeed.com/ Visit this link and sign up. Be sure to note your password and user name.

Now you might want to have several tabs open with your places you want to list here. Blog, Flickr, Etsy Shop, Artfire Shop, any place that has an RSS feed for you.

Now you want to create a new feed. Follow these steps
You want to authenticate at twitter. This will make sure you have connected correctly.

Give your Feed a name.

You want to go to your blog (or where ever you’re snagging your feed from) and snag your RSS link. Use your feedburner link if you can. Right click and save link target. You want to copy that link. Now you just past that link over at twitter feed.

I have noticed that some blogger templates remove the subscribe to posts link at the bottom of the posts section. If this happens then test out the following with your blogger link.

http://YOURBLOGGERLINK HERE.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Once this is done you can edit your settings. For mine I add a little prefix {blog} or {flickr} or {etsy} what ever you want to do. You set it how you want it.

When you’re done hit update.

Rinse and Repeat as needed.

Type a post, upload a photo, list something in your etsy shop and wait to check it out on twitter and then facebook.

See any errors in the info above? Contact me and let me know.

(you can contact her by clicking on the "Making connections......" title above, this will go directly to her blog and you can message her from there.)

~ Mary

October 5, 2009

Monday Mentions.........................

Welcome to Monday Mentions! I will be "Mentioning" the Sunday Spotlight for Sassy Sisters In Sales on Mondays!! We have lots of very talented ladies in SSIS and each Sunday a different one is spotlighted. You will see many different business mentioned here. From Handmade items such as jewelry, bags, tutu's , hair bows, bug bags etc., as well as those that are in Direct Sales such as SoyLicious.com, Inspiranza Designs, Tastefully Simple, Lets Do Tea, and more. To see past Sunday Spotlights visit the Sassy Sisters In Sales Blog!

This weeks Monday Mention is Amanda, the owner of Dawn Correspondence! Read below to see what she offers. I know you will be glad you did!!!

Sunday Spotlight

Posted by Kathy G on
Sassy Sister, Sassy blog contributor, captivating writer, artist, paper extraordinaire. Congratulations to you Amanda the spotlight is on you. Amanda is the owner of Dawn Correspondence, where she creates beautiful stationery with a large focus on weddings. As mentioned before she contributes to our group blog, and I love to read her posts; I really look forward them. Amanda started designing stationery and invitations 4 years ago, but didn't start doing it as intensely until about a year ago. Amanda enjoys running, cooking, cleaning. Other special interest include spending time with my boys, painting, and Starbucks coffee (expensive taste, literally).

You can also find Amanda on artfire. Check out her, www.dawncorrespondence.blogspot.com

Hopefully you have learned a little more about Amanda, I still have one question....who is Dawn?

These are a few of my favorite items

This a Gorgeous wedding invitation in a square petal that fits perfectly in a 5.75" square envelope. The 3.5" x 5" reply card fits inside the petal.

I love the color of this invitation. Your wedding invitation is the first element used to set the theme for your wedding. To be ushered into your wedding in paradise by this invitation is simply awesome.

Mums the word

I love the combination of purple and red on this invitation. I would love to use this color combination for a new spin of a fall or winter wedding. Nice warm colors.

Words of Wisdom
Often when I host or help plan showers I make a suggestion of a wisdom journal or wisdom notes for the happy couple. Well look what I came across on this wonderful Etsy shop.

Spring Fling

When I saw this invitation I thought of a Spring wedding, the cool colors were light and airy.

Indian Inspired

I thought that this invitation would be great for and Indian or Asian themed wedding. The sunburst actually reminded me of bracelets that dancers put on their feet during any of the ceremonial dances performed.

I hope you have enjoyed Monday Mentions. Look for them again Next Monday!! With so many wonderful things to choose from you are sure to find something to Satisfy Your Senses!

~ Mary


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