September 24, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday.....

I have been thinking a bit here lately on ways to "de-stress". There is so much stress floating around these days due to our jobs, home life, health, bills etc.
When I stress out, I find later that most of the time it was for no good reason, because it all worked out in the end and I had wasted time stressing that I could have been relaxing, working on another project, having family time, or what ever I wanted.
Stress and worry go hand in hand. And as I was growing up at home, my dad would tell me that worrying doesnt fix anything! Can you fix it? If so then fix it, if not then give it to God and move on. For so long I would look at my dad and say yeah right whatever, it doesn't work out that way, then he would pull out the bible and tell just how it was.
Later in years I found he was right. IF you can fix a problem then fix it, don't fixate on something you have no control over. Things do have a way of working out even if they are not what we expect. But we make the best of what does come our way.
There are several things that help me put things in perspective. One way is working out. I have been told, by several people, that when you work out, it helps clear your mind and lets you focus on what is at hand. I made a vow that I was going to work out more. Not just for my sanity, but my health as well, (killing 2 birds with one stone there).
I found this blog post to be of great help. It lists several ways to relax.
These posts have been very helpful and informative. If you get a chance check out all the "Take Time Out Thursday" posts, its well worth the time!

More on Exercise... Sometimes we get to the point where we really dont want to hear about another "work out" program, or see another perfect body picture posted. But what I have found that if the program is actually about someone that is doing the exercising and sharing their progress, ups & downs, and tips, that I am more motivated to do so myself! Here is a blog about a lady who is using her blog as a way to tell her story as it unfolds. She tells us about her excersie routines, she shares tips, ideas and even hardships that she worked through anyway. In do this for the public to read it is a way to have accountability to others to maintain that motivation. I commend her for doing this. She has kept me wanting to be in motion to actually get off my butt and do something. Check out her blog
She also has another blog where she is doing a fantastic Giveaway! It is centered around Marriage. You can enter it here

I have found those who swear by yoga! Though I have yet to try it, I have heard great things! While I was "surfing the net" I came across this great site all about yoga. The benefits, poses, instructions, health, and more. This is a great resource that I will be checking more into and passing on!

Now for those out there that are looking for a less physical way to relax, you might try reading. Reading has helped in the past as well. I find that I delve into a book and leave worries and stress behind. When i am finished reading, I feel that I am ready to tackle the issues. Writing has been another favorite tool for me as well. I take out the note pad and just start writing out everything that I am stressing over or worrying about, Not looking for perfect grammar just writing all that come to mind. I come to a stop and put it down, walk away from it. When I come back to it and as I am reading what I wrote, I am amazed at all the stuff I am stressing about. It helps put them in perspective and then I narrow down what I really need to work on and what can wait etc.

Situations are not the same for everyone. We all have different ways of getting through the day. Just remember there are different ways to deal with those situations, if what you are currently doing, isn't working then try something else. Things have a way of working out, why beat yourself up (mind & body) over something you cant control!

Now that I have exhausted my ramblings, I am going to go relax! Do something good for yourself today and Satisfy Your Senses!
~ Mary

September 21, 2009

Check out whats new for this Fall/Holiday Season..

Fall is my favorite season of all. I love how the leaves change their colors and the air takes on a slight chill. I get up early to enjoy the crisp mornings. The new Fall Harvest Melter from is a perfect reminder of what I love about fall! And I get to melt tart chunks in my favorite scents year round! This melter is so beautifully designed that it can be used year round and would fit most any decor!! also offers a holiday melter. The Holiday Melter is festive and fun! Perfect for getting ready for the holidays and when your having guests over you can have your home smell great by melting your favorite tart chunk scent and the melter adds a bit of holiday cheer!

You can check all of our Melters, including these Seasonal Melters, and more at The Seasonal items are subject to availability so get your now while supplies last!

September 14, 2009

What are others saying?.......................

Are you looking to start you own home business, but not sure what you want to do or if the companies that you have looked at are "for real" or just sending you Hype?

I am excited to bring to you, a review, that was done by Sonam Lama, someone that is not associated to our company or any of our affiliates. One of our Consultants, Jolena Miller, was "surfing the web" and came across this review.

So instead of another post from me, telling you how great is, I will let you read what someone else has to say about us!

(This review is in its entirety, nothing has been changed or added. The authors information is below the review)

Soylicious Review - You Don't Want To Miss This Soylicious Review!

Author: Sonam Lama

Soylicious is a very young company that recently launched their company. They are a direct marketing company that pays percentage of sales and bonuses as commissions. In this Soylicious review I will explain whether it is a total scam or a legitimate profitable business opportunity.

Soylicious describes itself as an Eco friendly company that manufactures and sells soybean wax candles made from renewable resources and recyclable glass container holders.

They even boast that their premium soy bean wax candles and tart chunks are made from two types of American grown soybeans, with natural botanical oils added to give them vibrant colors and a creamy texture. In addition to their soybeans they emphasize their soy soap, room sprays, and electric tart melters that are they claim will satisfy your senses.

Some of their candles are:

  • Balsa Wood Candle
  • Cascade
  • Flower Pot Votive
  • Spa Candle

The purpose of the creation of Soylicious was developed to provide stay at home moms and dads a way to build a business for a small investment. They have assembled a team of experts to help you build your business, but want to ensure affiliates that it is not a get rich quick scheme.

As an affiliate you are provided with your very own website from where you may recruit affiliates and conduct online orders, recieving a 40% commission each time. In fact, you earn double points commission on the monthly auto-ship of the recruits on your team. In addition to your own website you will have access to the affiliate back office where you will be able to track your team growth and sales.

Unlike many other MLM companies, they have established an online community that they host where you can interact, connect, and share ideas and concerns with your other fellow affiliates. This community or "affiliate board" will serve as the meeting place for conferences, training, and any other posts.

Their affiliate program, unlike network marketing, will provide you with a unique link in the form of a URL banner. Of course with this banner you are free to post on any website, as it will track all orders that come through your Banner.


The cost is $29.95 per month plus shipping, and there are no monthly minimums or quota's to meet. All you have to do is pay your monthly membership and you'll receive $45.00 worth of candles each month. But if you want to Auto ship your candles you could select to receive the Auto Ship of Candles for your first month membership, or if you also have the choice to select the "Fast Track" for your first months shipment. From then on future shipment will be $29.95 + s&h Candles of the Month of Auto Ship.

So what is the Compensation Plan?

Interestingly enough, Soylicious has a profitable compensation plan for their affiliates. There are five different income streams for which affiliates can make money from. Here they are:

  1. Home-Events: You receive a 40% discount on all purchases and Hostess receives free products and discounts.
  2. Retail Sales: Direct sales to friends, family, and coworkers.
  3. Web site sales: You will have your own web site from which your customers may place orders and you will receive a 40% commission on all sales.
  4. Fundraisers: Party, dinners, and much more.
  5. Residual Income: You will earn a residual income, as you recruit affiliates and build your team, on their monthly membership fees and on any website sales or home events they conduct.

So is this a Scam or Not?

Since this company has just started it is unfair for me to make an assumption. But, so far from what I have discovered from their success and heard from other customers of Soylicious I can say that they have a solidified business plan and a world of potential. They have a unique product in their vibrant colored and creamy textured candles. Also, they have experienced and successful leaders in Steve Gray, Nadine Johnson, and Mary Reid. Quite frankly, without the right LEADERS, who possess the expertise and knowledge to influence and inspire you to understand how to optimize the power of your chosen product then you would fail so quickly you would not know what hit you. Therefore, I can honestly claim that Soylcious is NOT a scam.

Most Importantly, however, no matter what product your selling, the MAIN key to YOUR Success will not be promoting Soylicious, it will be your level of effectiveness and passion in MARKETING your business or product. Soylicious is only your MEANS which will allow you to access your Financial Freedom. But it will ONLY be Your Means...Your true Power and Force that will accelerate you into your TRUE Financial Freedom rests in your Knowledge and skill sets in Marketing. Become a Master at Marketing and your success with Soylicious or any other company will literally be at your finger tips.

About the Author:

Sonam Lama is a Professional Internet Marketer Who Provides Network Marketers With Extensive Training On How To Optimize the Latest and Most Effective Cutting Edge Technology to Make Unlimited Profit at: The 7 Figure Networker

Article Source: - Soylicious Review - You Don't Want To Miss This Soylicious Review!


Now that you have read what Sonam had to say about, Are you ready to join my awesome Team?!? For more information, send me your mailing address to I will send you more information and scent sample. When you are ready to join you can go directly to my site and sign up at

I would love to have you on my Team of absolutely wonderful people. With you are sure to find something that will Satisfy Your Senses!

~ Mary

September 13, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Mechanical Transportation

This weeks challenge is Mechanical Transportation

We were asked to get photos of "Mechanical Transportation". It has to run on fuel an take 2 or more passengers.
This is what I came up with:

This is my brothers Harley, always proud of that bike,lol!

Here, Kaitie, is showing Grandpa how it is done!

This pic is of the Train that all the kids, in the "Hippy" program, got to take a ride on. They had to do it in two trips, there were over 200 riders that day, I believe.
Thank you for stopping by to check out my Sunday Still photos! Can't wait until next Sunday!! See ya then!
~ Mary

September 12, 2009

Have you seen this site?

Have you checked out Hillside Soaps yet? Do you like handmade soaps that smell so delicious and lather up well? Then you want to stop by Hillside Soaps and browse through what is offered!

There are several types of soaps ranging from original, chunky, to specialty bars. (Novelty soaps coming soon)

With several scents to choose from!

Hillside Soaps also offers Soap Samplers. If you cant decide which scent you want, then check these out!

Along with soap items there are also handmade drawstring bags available in different sizes!
Stop by and check out the fundraiser events and specials pages! There are several great deals going on right now!

Don't forget to sign the guest book and let me know what you think!!

With so many things to choose from, you are sure to find something to Satisfy Your Senses!

~ Mary

September 10, 2009

Tired of Over Priced, Over Promised Candle Business Hype?

Tired of Over Priced, Over Promised Candle Business Hype?

We offer the Solution

40% Commission.

Less Cost = More Profit

No minimum orders! No Monthly sales quota!

Theres a new Eco-Friendly Candle Company in town! 100% Soy Candles, with over 50 amazing scents to choose from and unbelievable Scent Throw!

Candles of The Month, Consultant Program

~ Monthly Autoship

1 - 20oz Cascade Candle

1 - 11oz Cascade Candle

1 - Room Spray

1 - Tart Chunk

(a retail value of over $45)

You also receive your Affiliate website & Affiliate Back office.

Double Commission on Downline Autoships

Company paid hostess Benefits

We have an Active Board, to communicate with other Consultants company wide.

Home Event parties are not required!

No restrictions on where or how you sale! You can do home parties, internet sales, flea markest, store fronts, the list keeps going...!!!!!

Our premium soy candles are made with two types of American grown soybean wax, with natural botanical oils added to give them a creamy texture and vibrant color.

You can find this and so much more by clicking here to:

"Visit my Candle Shop"

Or Contact me by email and I will send you an information packet!

Hurry and Take Advantage of this ground floor opportunity! We are growing fast and I want YOU on my team!! With a very supportive team, lots of information to pull from, and wonderful product, you cant go wrong! I cant wait to send you an information packet. Contact me today and let me tell you why our company is GREAT for YOU!

Have a Blessed Day

~ Mary

September 9, 2009

A Family Kept apart..............

Hello everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.
As these past few months have come and gone, I have had a few things weigh heavily on my heart. One of these things is RAK! Random Acts of Kindness. I am asking you to continue reading this post for it can help change a families life! When we open up our hearts and do RAK's we become better people. I have been making a commitment to do more RAK's, knowing that somehow I will be helping someone else's life/day better, even if it just for a small moment. That alone is worth all the effort.

I want to tell you about someone that just recently joined one of my yahoo groups. As I have gotten to know her, I have found out that she is in a bad way. Her name is Donna.

Donna, like many people, lost her job when it closed. Things went from bad to worse and her children are now living with their grandmother, which she feels, they are not in good hands. To add to this weight on her shoulders, she is also pregnant at this time. She really wants her family back together and has tried getting a job numerous times to no avail.

Donna is a very talented person. She has opened an Etsy shop and has put many handmade items up for sale. Shes not asking for donations, she is asking for sales. Sales from her items will help her bring her family back together again.

Here are a few of the handmade items that she has to offer:

Handmade Potholders

Handmade Crochet Blankets

Handmade Facial Scrubbies
Please find it in your heart to help this family out and have their family back together for the Holidays.

Visit her shop : to see more items that she has to offer. You can also contact her with orders as well at:

I pray that you all have a Blessed Day!

~ Mary

September 8, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Coming to NWA!!!!

Wow this is an awesome opportunity! I found this information and thought it was well worth passing on!!! lol. Now wouldn't it be neat to submit someone you think should experience this awesome Blessing? Please feel free to Pass this on and have a wonderfully Blessed day!!


Do you know a family whose home deserves an Extreme Makeover? If so, the producers of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition want to hear from you! Ty Pennington and his crew have been all across the map and now they want to drive that famous bus to Northwest Arkansas!

What does it take to be picked for an Extreme Makeover? “We’re looking for those special people who have amazing strength of character and never give up. Whether it’s keeping their chin up in really tough circumstances or going out of their way to help others, we want to help people whose stories have really affected their community or made a big difference in other people's lives.” Fahey added: “There are a lot of people who are heroes to those around them because of the way they inspire others and quietly serve their communities on a daily basis.”

The producers are looking for families whose homes desperately need to be rebuilt. “We really want to help families whose homes present major problems for the family, those big issures that affect the families quality of life on a daily basis. We want to find deserving people who just don’t have the resources, ability, or time to fix those serious issues without our help.”

To be eligible, a family must own their own single family home and be able to show producers how a makeover will make a huge difference in their lives. Nominations may be submitted by the family or by a member of their community. Each nomination must include the names and ages of every member of the household along with a description of the major challenges within the home. Anyone submitting a nominations should be sure to explain why the nominated family is deserving, heroic, and/or a great role model for their community. If possible, include a recent photo of the family. All nominations must include a contact phone number.

Interested families should e-mail a short description of their family story to: The deadline for nominations is September 18, 2009.

Get out there and do a good thing and nominate a family! Dont let them miss out on this just because you didnt find the time to nominate them!

Have a wonderful day!
~ Mary
(I found this information on one of my groups that you must be a member to view)

September 7, 2009

"Seeing is believing....."

Check out this Candle! This is a candle for As you can see, our candles burn cleaner and more evenly than most any other candle on the market! And Eco-Friendly too!

Our premium soy bean wax candles and tart chunks are made from two types of American grown soybeans, with natural botanical oils added to give them vibrant colors and a creamy texture. Along with our soy soap, room sprays, and electric tart melters you are sure to find something to
Satisfy your Senses!

If you are interesting in learning more about joining my SoyLicious Team Please contact me by sending an email to, leave me your mailing address and I will send you an Information Packet! I cant wait to tell you all about this wonderful company!

~ Mary

(photo taken by Jolena, also a SoyLicious consultant)

September 6, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Rule of Thirds

This Sunday we were challenged to do "Rule of Thirds". This was a bit hard for me, because I am one that tends to always "center" the photo.

This year my daughters birthday landed on Easter so we did the "Easter Egg Hunt" lol. She was very proud of all her treasures.

"Easter Treasures"

This photo pretty much explains itself!

"Beauty after the Storm"

I Hope you enjoyed these photos and this weeks theme. Check out SUNDAY STILLS to learn more or even join us in our weekly challenges!
~ Mary

September 4, 2009

Product Review............Dawn Correspondence (Amanday Day)

Wow! its been a bit since i did my last Product Review!

Well, today I am doing a review on a great product that I can use for personal and business. I attended an online vendor event at the Sassy Affair ~Sassy Sisters In Sales Events website. This is a free event that is done twice a month. If you have a business that you would like to represent (at no cost) this is the place to do it! Anyway, I was there one night and Amanda Day (owner of Dawn Correspondence) was telling us about her company. Now I have had my eye on a particular item that she sales in her shop! So when she offered up a game, I joined in and I WON!!! She gave me a Gift Certificate to her shop, and boy was I one happy camper!
I used the GC for the very items that I have had my eye on for a while. But then i thought, hum..., Im gonna need more. I placed my order for additional Mini Thank You Cards to go with those that i had won. I couldn't decide on which style I wanted, so, I told her to surprise me. And she did!

Look at these awesome Mini Thank You Cards! They are the perfect size for what I was needing!

She sent me a variety of cards including the two pictured above. She provides great customer service. I was very happy with how she made sure that I was getting exactly what I wanted. The delivery time was awesome as well!

I was getting ready to deliver a party order when these cards came in. I got calls back from the customers saying they were very surprised to get a thank you card and that "those cards are just wonderful", lol! (a quote from a customer)

If you are in direct sales, these make the perfect Thank You cards! They go great with any size order and your customers will appreciate the effort that you went to, to tell them thank you! These are also great for after the Birthday party, wedding shower, Baby shower, etc.

Amanda has several different Stationary items in her shop that she personally makes. They are of great quality and very professional looking. I do recommend that you drop into her shop to see all that she has to offer. She does custom orders as well as Invitation cards, Stationary Paper etc.
You are sure to find something to satisfy your stationary needs!! These make great holiday gifts as well.
The only negative part of this review is that, I should have ordered more! I cant wait to place my next order.

~ Mary

(This is not a paid review. I purchased these items for business use.)

Looking for a Great Gift, or to Spruce up your Decor?

If you are looking for the perfect Gift or Something to add to your Decor, then look no further!

This is one of our Fabulous Melters from!

The one pictured is "Market Days"! On this melter, there are Veggies all the way around with corn, peppers, carrots, and tomatoes. 5 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches wide.

Our Electric Tart Chunk Melters are two piece so you can remove the bowl for easy cleaning and these melters will double as a wickless candle melter.

All of our melters are of the highest quality and are UL listed.

Stop by my shop and see all the melters we have to offer! You are sure to find one (or two!) that will Satisfy Your Senses!!!
~ Mary

September 3, 2009

Fall is here.. Does your house need refreshening?.....

Fall is here and its time to air out the house! We have the perfect product to help refresh your home and over 50 scents to choose from!

This Emerald green spray bottle contains the strongest room spray available. One or two sprays will fill a room. Better yet give a couple of sprays into your central A/C return to fill your entire house.

Our Room Sprays are also great for your vehicle! Our scents are much better than those you can get at a car wash or from an air freshener hanging from the review mirror! The bottles are the perfect size to store in your glove box, too!!

To see all the wonderful products we have to offer, click here: to visit my online shop! Check it out today! You are sure to find something to Satisfy Your Senses!
~ Mary

September 2, 2009

My First Blog Give Away Winner is...........................

I am running a couple of days behind on picking the winner of my first ever Blog Giveaway, so sorry for that.

I took the number of entries and put them through and they are listed basically first comment is 1 and last comment is 28.

I am so excited about giving these wonderful scents away! I know that the winner will absolutely LOVE them!

Thank you all so much for entering my Giveaway. Will be doing another one soon! You never know what its going to be, but i guarantee it will be Fabulous!!!!

So here is what you have been waiting to find out .................................. The winner of 30 Tart Chunk Samples for (from me, as the consultant doing the giveaway) is..............

Comment #4

To find out who that person is click on the link below! And the person to leave a comment first on who the winner is will receive a prize as well!!!!! So make sure you leave an email addy so that I can contact you!

There is a Twist to the Surprise winner...... comments are on moderation, so I am going to publish them ..... Tomorrow morning! Make sure you get your comments in asap, you never know you may be the luck Surprise winner. (no fear they are all time stamped so if you are the first to comment it will be the first to show, lets have some fun!) To Be the first you must come back to this Blog post to leave your answer in the comments to be eligible for the prize. Sorry but the winner of the Blog Giveaway is not eligible for the Surprise Giveaway!


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