March 31, 2009

The End Is Near........................

Yes the end is near........for The Body Shop at Home Consultants. April 31st the doors close. We have added many sales and this is a big one! On April First these items go on sale and they wont last long so I am posting them here for you........There are some items still available for the 50% off.............. It is hard to read/see the pic's, but if you click on them it will take you to a full screen so that you can see all the items at 25% and 50% off!!!!
Yes there are some items still left at 50% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to thank you all for sticking with me through to the end. Hopefully by the end of the week I will be bring you some new wonderful news! Now is the time to stock up!

Today is the last day...........

Today is the last day to take advantage of the Free Gift with Purchase with a $60 purchase!
Just an FYI for those of you that may be interested!(3/31/09)
(click on the picture for a larger view)

March 28, 2009

Do you know this person?..........

I would like to introduce to you the Newest Independent Consultant with Ranch House Candles!

Please Welcome Aimee Plesa to the team!!!!

I am very pleased that she decided to join my team! I have had the pleasure of getting to know Aimee through our Sassy Sisters in Sales yahoo group.

Sassy Sisters in Sales :

Aimee owns her own business as well as being an Ind. Consultant with several others.
These businesses are:

Shake Your Bon Bon's
Which she is the owner of. Here you will find the most wonderful Bon Bon's you will ever taste as well as several other wonderful creations.

She is an Ind. Consultant with:

Usborne Books

Painted Laydies Mineral Makeup

and Now an Ind. Consultant with Ranch House Candles

She lives and runs her businesses out of Mason, OH.(which is a Cincinnati Suburb)

When asked why she joined Ranch House Candles, this is what she had to say.....

" I joined RHC because I have worked with 2 other candle companies and wasn't completely satisfied with either. RHC doesn't have the arbitrary restrictions that the one company places on its consultants. And the owners seem to be more in tune with their consultants than those of the other company I worked with. RHC seems to have the balance of great products, great service and honest hard working owners at the helm."

~*~ Wishing You Love, Luck & Chocolates ~*~

So I ask you to give her a warm welcome to the Ranch House team. Check out her links above and see what she has to offer. With her variety of Businesses to choose from, you are sure to find something to "Satisfy Your Senses!"

March 26, 2009

HUGE Sales!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


As most of you all know, the Consultant division of The Body Shop is closing its doors. Today I am bringing you some extremely good deals!!! TBSaH is offering these items at 50% off
(the prices are already marked with the discounted prices)
I also need to note that these items are only while supplies last. These items are EXCLUSIVE to The At Home Consultants and I cant guarantee that they will be available in the stores... So, if you see something that you want, now is the time to stock up...................
I am including the item number so that it will be easier for you.

These items are 50% off:

56239 Shimmer Cube Shade 16 $11.00/was $22.00
56240 Hi Shine Lip Treatment 14 $6.50/was $13.00
57133 Hi Shine Lip Trio $20.00/was $40.00
57137 Luxury Spa Wisdom Gift $65.00/was $130.00
57962 Sumptuous Strawberry B&B Gift $22.50/was$45.00
57136 Ultimate Make Over Collection $65.00/was$130.00
(the items above will go very fast)
52339 Coconut Shimmer Body Butter $11.00/was$22.00
57957 Scented Garden Candle $12.00/was$24.00
56238 Spa Robe $44.50/was$89.00
56603 Spa Wisdom Blooming Bath Oil $11.00/was$22.00
56605 Spa Wisdom Tranquility Bath Milk $9.00 /was$18.00
56384 Vitamin E Facial Oil $11.00/was$22.00
52597 White Gardenia Body Cream $11.00/was$22.00
52587 White Gardenia Body Mist $7.00/was$14.00
52580 White Gardenia EDT $13.00/was$26.00

We are also offering these item for our March Sales:

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on all skin care products.

I am listing the skin care lines here for you:

Tea Tree Oil
Vitamin E
Wise Woman
Vitamin C


Although I am sad about the closing, I am excited about the sales they are offering.
I truly hope that you continue to come back for more sales, new items, tips and random thoughts
that appeal to me and those that truly want to "Satisfy Their Senses"!
You can get these deals and check out more at my website at this link:

Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to leave a comment here as well.

March 24, 2009

A Sad Ending.........

It saddens me to have to bring you this news, but The Body Shop at Home consultant division
here in the states is closing its doors.They will officially close the doors on April 30th.
The retail stores will remain open. We have a store at the Pinnacle Hills Promenade (Rogers area) For those that are in the Northwest Arkansas Area.
I have enjoyed the time in which I have been with them and again am said that it has ended.
You have all been wonderful as customers and in receiving email updates from me and I do apologize for the large amount you have received this past month(in emails,lol) I really jump in and go all out in any and all my ventures.
I am currently working on a better system in updating you on the specials and on goings of the
companies I represent in a "general" newsletter so to speak, if you have any ideas or
suggestions I would love to hear from you.
So, One of the things that The Body Shop is offering to you is free member ship for the Love Your Body Card, as a Thank You!
This card normally costs $10 a year, you will get it for FREE.
Th Body Shop will donate $1 to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence for every one who
signs up for the card.

This Card offers:

* 10% off all qualifying purchases from The Body Shop
* A Birthday gift when you come in during your birthday month (retail value up to $10)
* Special savings during "Customer Appreciation days"
* Rewards with fourth and eighth qualifying purchase
* You can earn your fourth point, and choose a free product valued at up to $15
* You can earn your eighth point, and choose a free product valued at up to $25 and a free membership

Go to this link: to complete the application and they will send it out to you for you to start using on May 1st 2009. The first day after the official closing date of the consultant division.
If you have any questions or if you would like to sign up by phone you can contact The Body Shop Customer Care Center at 1-800-426-3922 and they will be happy to help you.

You can still place orders through me up to April 30th while supplies last. I suggest that you
stock up on your favorite Body Shop products. On April 1st there will some really great sales and
I want for you to get those deals. There will be sales on some items of 25% off.
If you are interested in knowing what those items will be you can email me anytime. I will assist
you in any way that I can. For the remainder of this month they are still doing the Buy 2 Get 1 Free on the skin care items. (Does not include when buying a collection).
I truly hope you continue to use me or become a customer with me through one of my other companies that I am a consultant with.
Check back here for added specials and new adventures/developments that are to come. Thank you so much!

March 17, 2009

Introducing Jennifer Stoll

I’d like you to meet a good friend of mine. Jennifer Stoll (lovingly known to many as “Ferfer”)

Jennifer Stoll

She runs the following awesome businesses.

The Stand Up Coach -

Inspiranza Designs -

Bodega Chocolates - & (one is the consultant site, the other is an affiliate site - slight variance in product selection on each, but both from same company)

L’Bri Pure n Natural -

Jennifers favorite thing about each of her businesses:
The Stand Up Coach - I’m truly blessed to be able to assist others in achieving their goals & dreams. It is so fulfilling when a client’s eyes are opened to their possibilities and they discover their success from within! I love speaking, teaching, engaging, performing…. this is my dream. I get to be myself. I’m in my element with The Stand Up Coach.

Inspiranza Designs - There’s a lot of passion in fashion, whether you’re savvy or not. :) Inspiranza Designs’ line is all .925 sterling silver jewelry - the pieces are absolutely beautiful and are incredibly affordable! I’m amazed at the prices! I love offering affordable solutions for updating wardrobes; and there’s nothing quite like spoiling hostesses with the Hostess Benefits program! I have the privilege of being in the service industry by ‘rescuing’ wardrobes and helping people feel good! How great is THAT?!?

Bodega Chocolates - As a coach, I was searching for great gift ideas to use as incentive rewards and THIS one hit the spot! Bodega Chocolates offers personalized party favors, which I thought were a great idea for Direct Selling leaders to use for place-settings at their leadership retreats! Their chocolates are delicious, and an assortment gift box makes for a great Thank You gift, or Congratulatory gift for a newly promoted consultant! They also offer an impressive selection of wine - and can engrave the wine bottle with a special saying! What a great gift idea for recognition! Can’t you just picture receiving a beautiful bottle of wine engraved especially for you??

L’Bri Pure n Natural - My favorite thing about L’Bri is that it’s all aloe based. I don’t publicize this one much, as I maintain the business solely for my own discount and to take care of a few clients that requested to stay with me. It’s truly a phenomenal product - cleared my acne rosacea like nothing else. However, in my time with the company I’d discovered skincare parties was not my passion. I found it more beneficial to work this business on the side rather than making it my focus. It has worked out very well to maintain it this way.

How long as Jennifer been with her companies:
I have 10+ years Direct Sales experience…. The Stand Up Coach officially launched in May 2008, which was an incredible achievement as I didn’t foresee this dream unfolding for at least another 10 years. God is good! I started with both Inspiranza and Bodega just this year, and my previous experience in Direct Sales is paying off BIG time! (L’Bri = 5 years)

Jennifer’s favorite item from each business & why:
The Stand Up Coach - it’s a toss up between Live Events, personal coaching and teleseminars. I love all 3 equally because I get to engage, inspire, celebrate… it’s truly a unique experience!

Inspiranza Designs - So far my favorite piece is the Geometric Necklace. It’s a simple, timeless, versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Jennifer is wearing her favorite necklace in the above photos. Isn’t it beautiful!

Bodega Chocolates - oh my, I’m supposed to narrow it down? Tee hee! Truth be told I think my favorite is their English Toffee… it’s so smooth and buttery, and easy on the teeth - not hard at all. I have such a sweet tooth so research for this company was FUN!

L’Bri - Oh boy, the Rejuvenating Facial Peel is incredible! It’s a greaseless, light scented enzyme peel - apply the aloe-based gel and let it sit for a few seconds. When you gently rub in a circular motion, the dead skin cells literally peel from your face! Gross description I know, but way cool! My face is incredibly soft and since there are no harsh abrasives, my skin doesn’t get irritated. I’ve also used it on my hands, elbows, knees, feet… mmm heavenly!

The Stand Up Coach - (As always) I offer a FREE initial consultation to be sure coaching with me is a fit. Be sure to subscribe to my FREE Ezine “Info Buffet” to receive my report “3 Key Elements to a Show Presentation that Most Direct Sellers Miss” as a special gift.

Inspiranza Designs -
(And right now the company special is: with a $50+ order, customers can purchase the Button earrings or the Drop Hoop Earrings for half price! Order $100+ and purchase both for half price.) *Starter Kits are on sale now through 03/31/09! Only $99! Or become a ‘Consultant in Training’ and earn your kit for FREE using Hostess Benefits!! Visit for more details.

Author/ Source : Andrea Baker:

The products and services that she provides definately "Satisfy My Senses"!

Some Amazing Deals......................

Wow, this spring has brought to use some fabulous deals from The Body Shop at Home! I wanted to share this one with you.

In today's economy we can always use deals like these. I find that when i want to relax, but I don't have time to soak in the tube I can use one of our awesome shower gels and feel wonderful. This is the time to stock up while supplies last!

There are many wonderful products to choose from. It doesn't hurt to look and you may find something you like! Click here to see what we have to offer you: The Body Shop at Home

I want to say thank you to all my readers and follower. As we move further into Spring and on into Summer I hope to bring you more ideas and products that will Satisfy All Your Senses!

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

March 12, 2009


Introducing the BURITI BABY product line!

When it comes to our precious babies (no matter how old they are), we only want what is best for them. So many products out there say they are "the best", but when you look into them they aren't what they appear to be.
Our baby line contains oil from the fruit of the Buriti tree, also known as the "tree of life", that is found deep in the Amazon Rain Forest. Revered for being so gentle, yet protective and moisturizing.

The BURITI BABY skin care line is Tear Free, Pediatrician & Dermatologist Approved and contains NO alcohol or artificial coloring.

The Buriti Baby body products consist of Body Lotion, Body Butter, Shampoo, Massage Gel, and Body Wash. This line also has wonderful accessories!

  • Buriti Baby Drench Sponge - for foamy suds galore at bath time.
  • Buriti Baby Bamboo Hair Brush - ultra soft bristles for baby's first locks.
As well as,
  • Buriti Baby Snuggly Bath Towel
  • Buriti Baby Soft Wash Cloth
  • Buriti Baby Muslin cloth
All of which are made using unbleached organically grown cotton.

I highly RECOMMEND this product line! It isn't just for babies, it is also perfect for those that have sensitive skin and especially for our seniors!

March 11, 2009

Does Spring Scents Affect Your Senses?

Spring is in the air and with it comes many wonderful things. It can bring out the good and the bad, which all depends on how you run with it. I have allergies like most everyone else, but I still stop and smell the roses. I refuse to miss the wonderful things that come to life in the Spring by giving in to those pesky allergies!
So how do I deal with them , you may ask? Well, Let me tell you!
Sneezing, water eyes, drippy noses and those awful headaches can ruin a beautiful Spring day. That being said, I said that instead of giving up and missing out, I was going to have the best of both worlds.
If you can't go outside because of the allergies then bring the outside safely and enjoyably INSIDE!!!
I have found that with Ranch House Candles I can do just that, by having candles and scent products fill my home with my favorite Spring scents!
Ranch House Candles uses 100% Soy wax for all their wax products! Every order is hand poured to order. ( you wont receive a candle that has been sitting on a shelf) This keeps the overhead costs down and we are able to pass those savings on to our customers with lower prices for quality products!! When you purchase our soy products you are supporting your local soy farmers and helping our Environment! Soy is a replenishable resource.
RHC has OVER 75 scents to choose from and several different ways to enjoy them. Spring has brought many changes to RHC. Our website has had a total face lift! We have also changed up our product line a bit as well. There are a few things that were discontinued, but then we also added some great NEW items!
We have the New Cascade jars! The are beautiful and make a wonderful addition to any decor.
We also have the New Spa Candle! These candles are very elegant and unique from the other candles that we offer. They are DYE FREE. They come in white only.(some may be an offwhite due to the scent oil.)

If burning candles isnt an option for you , we have flameless items as well.
We offer Room Sprays, Wickless Candles, Reed Diffusers, Scent Oils and Crystal Potpourri!
RHC has added a NEW item here as well! Now you can get Refills for your Reed Diffusers, Potpourri's and Room Sprays!
Room Sprays are a wonderful way to freshen up quickly. Spray the filters on your air return vents and it is dispersed through out your home or office. If you want to have your favorite Spring Scent in your home or office but spraying, lighting or turning it on isn't something that you care to do then the Reed Diffuser is the way to go! They are very nice and work very well with any decor and very inviting! You can place it just about anywhere (out of reach of children, of course) And you dont have to remember to blow it out or turn it off!

We also offer Warmers for our flameless products, in several NEW Colors! I just love Spring!


It is a known fact that scents can affect our moods.
Just as LAVENDER can calm, SPARKLING CITRUS can invigorate us! Some scents remind us of good memories as well like HOT APPLE PIE reminds me of Grandma's kitchen and HAVANA reminds me of Grandpa's Pipe!
We have a NEW SCENT! IF you like Orange Sherbert then our DREAMSICLE is perfect for you. Another NEW SCENT for our coffee lovers, we have FRENCH ROAST!
These are just a few of the scents that we have to offer!

My favorite Spring scent (and well pretty much favorite of all) is WHITE NECTORINE & PINK CORAL. And my favorite Candle is the Wickless Candle, which i use on one of our Candle Warmers.


With over 75 Scents to choose from there is sure to be something to "Satisfy Your Senses"!


You can check out a Review, done by a fellow blogger, by clicking here: PRODUCT REVIEW

Have a wonderfully Scentful day!


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