September 30, 2010

Hear Amanda's Story.................

There are so many diet products out there on the market, and people are making so many claims on what does or doesn't work. I personally wanted to actually SEE the product work. And many people like myself want to see the REAL pictures, not the ones that look "touched up", fake or well you know what I mean. So Below you will see Amanda's pictures and her story. Please take a moment to look at the pictures and hear what she has to say.



Amanda’s Story: I started Diet Magic on Valentine's Day, and was very apprehensive.

I had taken other diet Pills that made my heart race, made me feel plain funny

and was sure Diet Magic would be the same. My friend Judy proved me wrong

and told me that Diet Magic did what nothing else could do. I tried my first pill,

and the next day, I sorted my never ending hamper of mismatched socks that

had sat for AT LEAST six months! I found myself having a nice burst of energy,

eating much less and feeling great. I also noticed that my late night eating had ended,

and I was not having those craving for sweets. Within one week I could tell a difference

in the waist of my pants. I learned that the key to success was to not get on the scale

every day. I check once a month, and I lost about 10 pounds each month.

Sometimes it seemed like inches came off more than pounds, but I will say

everywhere I go people tell me how amazing I look and I love that!

I have lost more than 40 pounds! I have dropped from a size 12, a TIGHT size 12

(anything that said stretch on the tag had a good chance of fitting when I laid on the bed to get it on)

to a size 6/8. I would always grab a size large or extra-large shirt, and now I wear

all size SMALLS! I feel really good, I am very confident and I love that I no longer have

a tire wrapped around my mid-section! I have truly never felt better! I am very thankful

for Diet Magic and think everyone should try it!
WOW! Is all I can say after looking at her pictures and hearing her story. There are many people that are experiencing the same kind of results.

If you can relate to Amanda's story or would like to get the same kind of results. Then now is your chance to do just that! You can visit my site or contact me directly for a 6 Day Trial packet! I want you to have the same success as Amanda has and that I have had, as well as many others.

To find out more information on Diet Magic visit today! I wish you the best of success!

~ Mary

September 7, 2010

Diet Magic ~~ Do you want to know more?

Would you like to know more about Diet Magic and the opportunity? I would love to have you join us on this call tonight!
If you would like a product info packet or an opportunity info packet, let me know! Just email me your mailing address with which you would prefer and I will have it out to you in next days mail! ~

This product has worked for me personally and I cant wait to share it with you!
~ Mary Reid
Senior Manager

September 6, 2010

A New Bundle of Joy.................

YAY! Woohoo! Scared! Lost! YES!!! Awesome!!! Excited!...........There are many words I could use to describe how I am feeling right now,lol.

I just recently found out that I am pregnant! This is a HUGE thing for my husband and I because we didn't expect for this to happen, yet have been praying it would for a long time now.

To give a bit of insight here......

My husband and I got married in 2002, that year we like most new parents we were very excited and then devastated when we had a miscarriage. Again in 2003 we went through it again. Each one ending at 19weeks. In 2005 we gave birth to a healthy but premature little girl......She is now 5yrs old 4 ft tall and 60lbs....Very healthy. In 2007 we had another miscarriage this time at 20weeks. Now (3yrs later) we find we are pregnant again!

During the last 8 years, we were told not to have kids, I cant carry them, I have cervical incompetence......This was decided after the birth of my daughter, thanks to an excellent doctor in North Kansas City. If it wasnt for her and her team, I wouldn't have my daughter today. Up to this point the other doctors couldn't tell me why I was losing them.

My daughter was born by c-section, 2 months early. I am thankful each day for the blessing that has been given to us.

We weren't "determined" to have another child, but have been hoping that we would be given the opportunity to have another one. The scary part is we arent anywhere near the doctor that delivered Kaitie (in North Kansas City)....And looking for a good doctor in Central Texas!

So the fears are high, but the excitement is higher. The doc's have set the due date of our new bundle of joy to arrive on March 27th! I am so excited to share this with you, my friends and followers. I will keep you updated on things as we go...Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

~ Mary


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