June 30, 2010

Day 2...WOW!

Hello to everyone! And thank you for continueing to follow my progress on my weight loss journey!
Okay so in my last post I have told you what I am doing and where I am coming from. If you are just now starting to read these posts you can read previous posts on this subject by clicking on "weight loss journey" in the catagories section in the middle column.

My day consisted of a normal "hate to get up out of a comfy bed" mode, upon waking. On Monday when I took the first pill, I didn't reallly expect to get a "huge" boost of energy, with it just getting into my system. On Tuesday morning I figured I would have a slight bit more....um....NOT!!

I got up went to the bathroom stepped on the scale (and pleasantly surprised for the fact that on monday I did nothing even remotely different from my normal day's activities) Wrote my weight down, jumped in the shower and when I got out I took my pill. I made coffee and started making breakfast.

Within about 30 min or so, of taking the pill, I got a REAL good boost going on,lol. I didnt realize it right at first until I looked around and I had actually made breakfast...we are talking pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Hubby and daughter just looked at me and Jake asked if I woke up hungry! lol, Nope, I wasnt hungry, I just felt like making breakfast! I had about 3 cups of coffee and I did endulge and have pancakes....I hardly never eat breakfast.
Between breakfast and lunch, I started laundry. I decided to go ahead and get a jump on the weekly linens since this weekend is a holiday. I got the dishwasher loaded, swept the carpets (my vaccum is still in storage) my house is all carpet except for one bathroom, kitchen and dining room. I cleaned off ALL counter tops. Pulled all trash cans, dusted everything (except ceiling fans). Made the beds. Lunch I fixed egg salad sandwiches for me and the kiddo. Hubby came home for lunch looked around and was noticing the difference right away. After lunch Kaitie watched a movie and then took a nap. At that point, I finished up the laundry (4 loads total) all folded, put away etc. put away all the dishes in the dishwasher. I then started cleaning up my office and sorting through all the things I am putting in a yardsale and bleached out the tubs and shower and toilets.
Mind you, up to this point even with all the coffee, I hadnt gotten the jitters or anything. I just felt good and didnt want to "sit down and take a break". I had the constant thought of trying to find more things to do. I would have gone outside and started walking or working on the yard, but a huge storm had come in and well as we say back home...it was a "gully washer" of a storm. By 3pm I had all my house work done decided to sit down and watch a movie with the family since we were all confined to the house. We snacked on a bag of popcorn (Kaitie's favorite snack, thanks to Grandpa Todhunter). After the movie I was up and at it again... Up to this point I have drank 2 glasses of tea. I must tell you, I would love to be drinking water, BUT..I have well water that just happens to be a sulfer spring. Although we have a salt purification system etc, there is still that taste that well... if you have ever had sulfer water, you know what I mean. I got one of those britanica (what ever they are called,lol) water filter jugs that you can put in the fridge, but it still has that taste to a point, so I use that water to make tea and crystal light. We dont like to make Koolaid because we dont like to use much sugar and well it's just nasty to drink unsweetened koolaid.
Anyway, during the time between the movie and getting ready for supper, I played with Kaitie, which use to be something I couldnt do for long periods of time, I would get too tired. At supper I made Triyaki Beef Rice, cooked carrots and green beans. I made myself a plate but not as much as I normally would put on my plate, I wasnt very hungry and I have this thing engrained in me to eat all on my plate and do not waste. So I figured after I ate that, if I wanted more I could get it....I didnt, I allowed myself a few minutes after eating and then decided I was full. This is very much not in my character...as a child I was lovingly know to my siblings as the "garbage disposal" I couldn't get enough to eat and would keep eating until I made myself sick.
After supper I still had energy..I decided to wash all dishes by hand rather than putting in the dishwasher, I felt like I needed to keep moving, I didnt want to waste the energy I had, I felt it a blessing that I was able to do as much as I had and didnt want to stop. (yeah not like me at all) Since the weather was playing havac with my internet connection, I didnt get as much online work done, but still felt that I had made huge progress.
I am very impressed with the amount of "new" energy I had. I have not had this kind of energy in a very long time. I know that this is a life style change that I must go through to reach my goals and with the help of the energy this pill is giving with me and watching the pounds melt off, I will reach my goal. I am up moving and doing more. AND this is only day 2!!! This will only help me that much more!
Below I posted the weight loss I had just from starting he pill monday into tuesday, this was from doing nothing different in my daily activities, before getting that "boost"...Besure to watch for my next update post to see what I lost just from tuesdays activities!
Even if you dont "need" to lose that much weight, so far this product has given me something just as valuable..the energy to enjoy my day to day life and get more out of it. That may be something you want or need as well....
the one thing that I really appreciate about this product is that it is all natural, no jitters, no crashing.
I know that with more energy, the more active I am, the better results in weight loss I will see. I will give you a hint this diet pill is like Magic!!!! In my next weight loss post I will tell you what I am taking and where to get it!
Again Thank you so much for following me during this process.

Updated Results:
Monday's Weigh in 293.5 (starting weight)
Tuesday's weigh in 292.0 (lost 1.5lbs! and did nothing to achieve this on my own)
Wait til you see Wednesdays results!

I do want to say that I am not a distributer of this product (although if I acheive the weight loss I am wanting I might join to get a discount on the product). I am giving you honest results of what I am experiencing. As with all diet products, results are and will be different from one person to another and if you have any health conditions please consult your doctor before starting any diet medication.

Have a truly awesome day!!!!
~ Mary

June 29, 2010

I started something new...

YAY!! I am very excited and reserved at the same time! As crazy as that may sound,lol.
Okay as those of my readers that know me personally, know that I have been struggling with my weight. To give a bit of back ground to those who dont:

I have stuggled to maintain my weight, pretty much all my life. Every time I thought I was making headway, well.....I went backwards very quickly. Right after high school I really stated going on an upward climb at a pretty steady pace. I started doing diet pills of all kinds, I did them like I was suppose to....yes, I did the exercise and gave them a month to "show me" they worked, well they didnt, and I continued to climb. During my early 20's I did the bar hopping thing. I found that doing line dancing really helped me keep weight off and I was seeing results like crazy...was very proud of myself. The down fall was I was going about 3-4 times a week. When I started putting more hours in at work and less hours in night time entertainment, I started gaining it back very quickly.

Almost 8 yrs ago I got married and 5yrs ago I had my little girl. I weighed in at her birth at a whopping 286lbs. Mind you, I had been working 12hr shifts 6 days a week up to a week prior to her birth (had her c-section). It wasnt by choice and she was 2 months earlier (born healthy at 6lb and 1.2oz) Although due to being early she did have some issues, but anyway she is fine now and very healthy (just turned 5, 4ft tall and 56lbs wearing a size 7-8! YIKES)lol

In April, I weighed in at a HUGE 315lbs and that is depressing, nothing I was doing was helping. I was getting depressed and well it just sucked! I started stressing out about all that life has had to offer from home to financial etc. and lost 30lbs in 2 weeks. Not a good or healthy way to do it. All this time I had NO energy, still felt depressed and all the blah that comes with it. I decided to join my husband in Texas. Moved here about a month and a half ago. Guess what......Yup.... I started gaining again (gained about 13lbs back).

During all this time I have been running my own business, helping my husband with his business, doing home health care, and taking care of my home and child. I could barely drag myself out of bed, could barely make it through the day and if I sat down I would fall asleep right there.

I was talking to a friend and told them that I needed help. I had seens some of their posts and what not about something that has been working for those that they know. Now this friend is a distributer for this diet company. I hadnt heard of them before this point and have been leary as to should I try another one....But I needed to try. I know some of the people that the results are from and I totally see it working...they are honest real people, so I figured heck, why not try it, couldnt hurt considering nothing else is working. I asked my friend for some samples of the product and let them know that I would give it an honest try and let them know how I do on it.

Now I havent mentioned the name of the product for a reason. I want to give you my day today experience with it first. I want you to see what it is doing for me. Now although I had told my friend that I would keep them updated I thought, you know, I want to share this so that others like me will see it through me as well. I want them to see that I am a normal person like they are and maybe if this helps them too then I have done something good for them as well as myself. Because blogging about it also holds me accountable. Later I will tell you what the product is.....for now please help support me on my journey by leaving comments and reading my posts. Pass this blog on to a friend that you know that may benefit from it as well. So here goes:

Hi, my name is Mary. I am a 34yr old mother of a 5yr old and a wife. I have my own business and work at a regular job outside the home as well as help my husband with his business. I am very over weight and want to have a better, healthier life, but dealing with reality as it is. I want to share with you my weight loss journey while blogging about my experience with a new product on the market. I pray that it works for me and I hope that this helps someone else. I am blogging a day behind so Todays post will be about Monday.

Monday: I weighed in at 293.5lbs
I am taking 1 pill in the am as soon as I get up.
I did not eat breakfast ( I usually try but most days it just doesnt happen). I have had about 3 cups of coffee.
At lunch I had 1 tuna salad sandwich with a handful of chips. At supper I had another tuna salad sandwich and chips.(power kept going on and off due to a storm going through so didnt cook). Drank about 2 glasses of crystal light and 1 glass of tea. 1 bag of popcorn later that night.
I didnt expect much from the first day, since the product was just getting in my system. I went about my daily tasks. I rotated laundry through, got about 3 loads washed dryed and put away as well as a load of dishes, cleaned house, helped clean up the yard, helped unload my husbands trailer (30ft inclosed) and put tools away in the shop for about 2 hrs. I danced in the rain,lol, until it started lightening. I made my daily calls, storm played havik with my internet connection so didnt get much done online. After bathing the child and putting her to bed, sat down watched a movie with hubby and had that bag of popcorn, promptly passed out from being so tired.

Have you been so tired that you found you had drooled? That is a sign of exhastion, or so I am told. I do not feel like I had done enough to be that tired, but guess so.

I hope that you continue to follow me and I look forward to tomorrows post, stop by to see how much I have lost and what I am experiencing with this product! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I love comments, it helps to know that I am not alone lol.
Visit tomorrow for the next update!
~ Mary

June 14, 2010

We have a Winner is it YOU?

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Have a great week!

~ Mary

June 8, 2010

New Products in Stock!

Announcing new products to both the Plug In Melters and the Elecltric Melters

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime at soysuccess@gmail.com!
~ Mary

June 2, 2010

In Transition..........Why...

Towards the middle of May, my husband and I made the decision to move to central Texas. It has been an interesting experience to say the least.
After weighing all the options and deciding that moving is the right thing to do, you could say that we are now Texas Transplants. Although, I would beg to differ. I would say we are still in transition.
The move didn't come about as an easy choice. There were many things that were thrown into the mix and it was a very hard choice.
Where we come from in Arkansas, there is a very high unemployment rate. I don't know the exact percentage, but I do remember the faces of those that I met at the unemployment office. People were losing jobs left and right. I talked to one young man that said he and his grandfather were waiting at the unemployment office for 5 hours, just to get help in getting a new job. The waiting area's were full, lines all around the room and out the door. I had thought it a bit exaggerated until I went down there myself, and sure enough the place was packed. I met people that had been laid off that were just trying to get set up with their unemployment checks and others that were seeking training for new jobs. you couldn't get in the doors and the people that worked there were doing their best to help as much as possible, I knew that I would be their for hours if I stayed. I wanted to sign up for job training in another field. I left that day thinking that I would come back another day.
I went home to think about what I encountered there and to search online for job listings. My friends were finding job listings and emailing them to me as well. For every job I applied for there were at least 10 others applying too. The food banks were going empty. The organizations and churches were having to turn people away that they normally could help with utilities, food, and clothing. I know of one lady that had to go to 3 different food banks and such just to get enough food to feed her family for one week. This is in no way a bashing of these places. They are always trying to help out in any way possible, but when the funds and supplies are not there, there is no way it can be helped, but to give what they can and pray for the families in need.
Now I know there are people out there that are saying, that their own fault they need to get a job and quit relying on hand outs um......5hr wait at the unemployment office and 1 in 20 might get a job!
the cost of food and fuel going up even during this down fall and that's not the only place that costs were high. Most families have to rely on child care so that they can continue to work. I remember the time when you could pay $10 a day for a baby sitter or $2 hr on average, which ever was greater. I was myself looking for a babysitter and when I found one she wanted $20 a day. I looked into a daycare and it was $10 cheaper for the week at $90 a week and they offered a structured day and the socializing that my daughter needed. The only problem with the day care is you pay even if they aren't there including holidays and you may only need them for a few days a week, a No win situation. Not everyone has the option of friends or family watching their kids for them. That is what I ran into. My family and friends that would gladly do so to help me out, were further away in distance than I could do. So I my self chose the daycare. By the end of the month I was paying out $700 just to go to work. $400 in daycare costs and $300 in fuel, supplies etc. Keep in mind that in some places this is a drop in the hat, but in our area that is really high. Our cost of living is lower than most, but the wages match it as well. I wasn't making enough to cover all the cost just to go. We actually had more money by me staying home. So when you see someone staying home with their kids, keep in mind, they are not lazy or refuse to do anything to help themselves. They are probably doing the best thing they can for their family. When you see someone that drives a "gas hog", remember they don't want to have to pay the high cost of fuel either, but probably cant afford another payment on another vehicle with better fuel mileage. I personally drive a "gas hog", not because I like to put that much into fuel, but because I own it, I don't want to have another payment to add to the already stretched budget. Which means planning as much into one day and praying you get through to the next week with out pawning something to just have fuel to get to work or get groceries.
We knew that we were very close to having to move ourselves. It was getting harder and harder to make ends meet. Things had been really rough for the past 2 yrs and it didn't look like it would be getting better any time soon. We were barely getting by just on one income and my home business. Soon our daughter would be starting school and we would incur more expenses that we just didnt have. We are like most, we had to ask for assistance and have done with out just like the next, but there were options available to us and we would be at fault if we went under with out checking into the options available to us.
My husband went to Texas (600 miles away) to help out a family member and while there he started getting work. More work than he was getting the past year in Arkansas. This was happening with out advertising or anything. (Back home we watched many people as well as friends lose their businesses and go under) I went online to check out the job listings for that area and well I was very surprised. There are so many jobs available.
Not everyone has the option to pick up and move. Many things had to be factored in. We didn't have anything that permanently tied us down to where we were. We had a chance to change things for us and we had to decide how we were going to do it.
Most people (those that didn't really know us) thought we were sitting pretty. What they didnt know was that we would pay all of our basic bills such as utilities, rent etc and then put back enough for fuel to get to work until the next check came in. With what ever was left, we would get groceries, most times there wasnt much left. We have had to rely on community food banks a couple of times and places to help off set the cost of utilities a couple of times as well. We didnt qualify for food stamps, because for a family of 3 we made to much (we had more than one vehicle in which we owned). Because we didnt ask family and friends for help financially it was thought we were better off. But the way we looked at it was do the best we could for ourselves, and dont even think about asking for help from others that were struggling to help themselves. We had the basic necessities and that is what mattered.
Now as I said earlier, hubby was in Texas working and had been for 4 months. He had found a place for us to live, but before agreeing to it we sat down and looked at the amount we would have to pay out to live there in comparison to what we were already paying out. It came to about a $75 difference. This was very do-able for us. The next challenge was going to be the actual move itself. How were we going to get us moved from one house to the next, with all the moving expenses. With what hubby had made and what my home business brought in we were able to do just that. I sold off furniture and packed the rest into storage (with the help of family and friends) and loaded down my gas hog and drove 600 miles with my daughter to start over in Texas with my husband. This all happened inside of a week. Due to financial reasons we didnt have a choice, but it worked and we are now here.
Hubby is working his business (construction) and I am working my home business right now. I am currently looking for work out side of the home as well. So far, it has been a total "shock" having to adjust to not having friends and family around as well as the heat, but we are adjusting. We are meeting new people every day and the opportunities are great here.
I don't have the fear of not knowing if there will be enough food to feed my family or if the lights are going to be shut off. I don't have the fear of getting the eviction notice. And I dont have the fear of our house falling in around us (which our previous home was in bad shape) and my daughter isn't getting sick as often as before,which for those that know her and her "issues" know this is a HUGE plus. For these blessings I am most thankful. Our family is together and we are carving out our future one day at a time.
We can only do with what we have, so we either continue on "existing" or get out there and find what we need to move ahead. I have great neighbors, my daughter will be going to a "top" school here, work for both of us is within a reasonable distance, food is on the table and a roof over our head.
I still have to adjust to the rules of a big city...like where not to be when the sun goes down,lol. And that there really are drivers that are crazier than those back home. That home is where we make it. I very much miss all my family and friends and it hurts to not be in close contact as we once were, but I know they only wish the best for us.
Im not completely with out family here. I do have a brother that lives near here. I have my internet connection that will allow me to communicate with the family as well as a phone. This just means that holiday get togethers will be that much more special.
There is still more "transition" to go through, but we shall do just fine. Thank you for going through this journey with us and I cant wait to bring to you more of the exciting new things I discover as we go along! Have a GREAT day. Be happy for what you do have and go for that of what you want, live a happy life not just an existence.
~ Mary


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