March 7, 2010

Spring Has Sprung.............

The last few days have really brought on the Spring feeling here at home!
Today has been a GLORIOUS day! The sun is shining, a nice gentle breeze flowing, and I hear the birds chirping!

I got up this morning, and as I was drinking my coffee, I contemplated what I was going to do with my day. On days like this, there are so many things I want to do, as I am sure this is true with many others. I decided that I was going to use the wonderful gift of "energy" the day had brought, to really get some things done around the house, that I just kept putting off. The first thing I did was open all the windows, this house needed some major airing out after being shut up for so long.

By noon I had gotten so much more done than I would ever normally do. For a scant moment I thought of sitting down to take a break and just relax. STOP!!! NO! I caught myself right on the brink of that! I wasn't about to waste even a drop of the energy I was getting from this beautiful early spring day! So, I plugged in a bit more elbow grease and got to work.

There is a sense of pride in accomplishing even the small things. I felt a bit more rejuvenated after completing the handful of things I had on todays "To Do" list. I have a bit more motivation to keep the "energy" flowing and do the extra things not on that list. Its a wonderful feeling that Spring brings to us. Its like we come out of hibernation and Spring has pushed the dull winter leftovers out of the way and brought in the fresh, clean, and wonderful things, for our enjoyment, that only mother nature can provide!

I give my thanks for allowing me to share with you, how my day had put a "spring" in my step and an overall positive feeling in my heart, of what is just ahead! I challenge you to find your "spring" moment and use that energy to fuel your motivation to accomplish things that you didn't think you could do! I would love to hear your stories, please feel free to leave a comment below, I would love to experience your "spring" moment as well!

Reward yourself today and experience something that Satisfies Your Senses!

~ Mary

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