February 22, 2009

Are YOU On The List?

How many of you make an effort on a regular basis to pamper yourselves?

In our everyday lives most of us make a daily "To Do List". Some of us even go so far as to make a "Want To Do List". By the end of the day the majority of us barely make it through the "To Do List" and the "Want To Do List" has become a "Wish List". We always list house cleaning, grocery shopping, and the many errands that have to be done. And our want lists usually consist of catching up on our correspondences, working in our flower gardens and working on our "Crafts". Among many other things. On that list we almost never include pampering ourselves! And for those that do, well....It's almost always last and most usually the one thing we never get "Marked Off" as done. There are a multitude of excuses of why we don't pamper ourselves and the #1 reason is never having the time! In General when we think of pampering ourselves we think of having our hair and nails done, and long luxurious bath soaks. We almost always never make time to pamper our feet!

Who can think of a time in their life when they wished they could have pampered their feet?

Since our feet support all our weight and body movement, they are often tired and achy. No part of our body deserves to be pampered like our feet, but they are the least cared for areas of the body! Did you know the average person takes around 10,000 steps a day? Which adds up to about 115,000 miles over a lifetime ~ enough to go around the world 4 times!

The Body Shop at Home has the perfect product for those tired tootsies!

Just as peppermint candies put a burst of coolness in your mouth, the PEPPERMINT FOOT CARE products are the Ultimate foot coolers!
The formula for this range began with a very old remedy using the oil pressed from peppermint leaves and an herbal infusion from a mountain flower plant.

Peppermint soothes, softens, and inhibits foot odor!

For the Ultimate Foot Spa experience, I suggest using these products:

  • PEPPERMINT REVIVING FOOT SOAK ~ Relaxes tired feet.
  • PEPPERMINT SMOOTHING PUMICE FOOT SCRUB ~ Smooths your feet back to softness.
  • PEPPERMINT COOLING FOOT LOTION ~ Cools, refreshes, and moisturizes feet.
*****For the really dry soles, I would suggest the PEPPERMINT INTENSIVE FOOT RESCUE ~in place of the PEPPERMINT COOLING FOOT LOTION.

And for those times when we really don't have TIME for the whole routine, we offer
  • PEPPERMINT COOLING FOOT SPRAY ~( for the less-than-fresh feet!) ~ Ideal for carrying in your handbag to use anywhere, anytime.

We also offer PEPPERMINT REVIVING LEG GEL ~ Cooling, non-greasy ~ great for tired, over-worked legs and ankles.

~~~~~~~~~~The PEPPERMINT FOOT CARE products are by far my favorite products from The Body Shop at Home.

~~You can make time to soak your feet while working at the computer, watching your favorite t.v. show, or even while on one of those long phone conversations with your favorite person! ~ What would be your ideal time?

Peppermint may not be your cup of tea and for that we do offer other bath soak products that may better "Satisfy Your FEET Senses"!

All product mentioned can be purchased through me at: maryreid121@yahoo.com or by going to my site at http://www.thebodyshopathome.com/web/maryreid1

Don't forget to add "FOOT SPA" to the top of your "To Do List" Today!

Please feel free to leave a comment on your experience with The Body Shop at Home products!

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  1. This is a great idea. Pampering ones self is usually over looked on our daily to do lists.

    Thank you Mary!



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