March 11, 2009

Does Spring Scents Affect Your Senses?

Spring is in the air and with it comes many wonderful things. It can bring out the good and the bad, which all depends on how you run with it. I have allergies like most everyone else, but I still stop and smell the roses. I refuse to miss the wonderful things that come to life in the Spring by giving in to those pesky allergies!
So how do I deal with them , you may ask? Well, Let me tell you!
Sneezing, water eyes, drippy noses and those awful headaches can ruin a beautiful Spring day. That being said, I said that instead of giving up and missing out, I was going to have the best of both worlds.
If you can't go outside because of the allergies then bring the outside safely and enjoyably INSIDE!!!
I have found that with Ranch House Candles I can do just that, by having candles and scent products fill my home with my favorite Spring scents!
Ranch House Candles uses 100% Soy wax for all their wax products! Every order is hand poured to order. ( you wont receive a candle that has been sitting on a shelf) This keeps the overhead costs down and we are able to pass those savings on to our customers with lower prices for quality products!! When you purchase our soy products you are supporting your local soy farmers and helping our Environment! Soy is a replenishable resource.
RHC has OVER 75 scents to choose from and several different ways to enjoy them. Spring has brought many changes to RHC. Our website has had a total face lift! We have also changed up our product line a bit as well. There are a few things that were discontinued, but then we also added some great NEW items!
We have the New Cascade jars! The are beautiful and make a wonderful addition to any decor.
We also have the New Spa Candle! These candles are very elegant and unique from the other candles that we offer. They are DYE FREE. They come in white only.(some may be an offwhite due to the scent oil.)

If burning candles isnt an option for you , we have flameless items as well.
We offer Room Sprays, Wickless Candles, Reed Diffusers, Scent Oils and Crystal Potpourri!
RHC has added a NEW item here as well! Now you can get Refills for your Reed Diffusers, Potpourri's and Room Sprays!
Room Sprays are a wonderful way to freshen up quickly. Spray the filters on your air return vents and it is dispersed through out your home or office. If you want to have your favorite Spring Scent in your home or office but spraying, lighting or turning it on isn't something that you care to do then the Reed Diffuser is the way to go! They are very nice and work very well with any decor and very inviting! You can place it just about anywhere (out of reach of children, of course) And you dont have to remember to blow it out or turn it off!

We also offer Warmers for our flameless products, in several NEW Colors! I just love Spring!


It is a known fact that scents can affect our moods.
Just as LAVENDER can calm, SPARKLING CITRUS can invigorate us! Some scents remind us of good memories as well like HOT APPLE PIE reminds me of Grandma's kitchen and HAVANA reminds me of Grandpa's Pipe!
We have a NEW SCENT! IF you like Orange Sherbert then our DREAMSICLE is perfect for you. Another NEW SCENT for our coffee lovers, we have FRENCH ROAST!
These are just a few of the scents that we have to offer!

My favorite Spring scent (and well pretty much favorite of all) is WHITE NECTORINE & PINK CORAL. And my favorite Candle is the Wickless Candle, which i use on one of our Candle Warmers.


With over 75 Scents to choose from there is sure to be something to "Satisfy Your Senses"!


You can check out a Review, done by a fellow blogger, by clicking here: PRODUCT REVIEW

Have a wonderfully Scentful day!

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  1. This is a great post! And what a great way to still enjoy the spring time scents with out the allergy reactions.



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