May 22, 2009

My Too Good To Be True Special...........

The end of the month is approaching us fast! And with the end of the month comes the dead line for reaching my goal. I am so close to achieving it that it would be crazy not to hit it!!!
So My Pink Papaya Special is this...... I am offering you a HUGE discount! I am giving everyone a 15% discount! But thats not the HUGE part. The first 3 people to order $20 or more will receive an additional 20% off!! YES thats right the first 3 people to order $20 or more will receive 35% off their order! Take advantage of this Memorial Day Special and help me reach my goal! This special wont last long so hurry to get your discount now, special ends on May 30th. To get this special you must email me with your order to This is my special, this is not a company offered special. You can go directly to my site to check out the online catalog at or you can check out a full catalog at the bottom of my blog. I would love to help you with any questions you may have!

Here are a two of my favorite products from Pink Papaya:

Black Berry Fig Foot Scrub ~ Organic brown sugar and blackberry seeds remove rough skin from your feet. Sesame seed oil and vitamin E soothe and heal feet while adding moisture.
Himalayan Salt Soak ~ Packed with 84 minerals essential to human life, our soak restores energy levels and removes toxins from the body. Use after a strenuous workout or any time you feel out of balance.

There are so many wonderful products to try out and I cant wait to tell you all about them!
so Hurry and be one of the first 3 to purchase $20 or more and receive the 35% off! For your spa pleasures at home think Pink! Think Pink Papaya!
Dont forget to send your orders to Mary at to redeem your discount! Have a great day and dont forget to do something special for yourself and Satisfy Your Senses!


  1. I absolutely love the Orange Cranberry Hand scrub too! it is amazing! and leaves your hands SO SO smooth! Oh and the Jade roller is awesome too! Amazing Deal Mary!! I hope you have some fabulous ladies take advantage of it!!

  2. I just wanted to let you all know that I did meet my goal!!! Thank you so much everyone for helping out! I cant wait to bring you more new goodies!



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