June 10, 2009

ALL MUST GO! SALE!!!!..................

***** THIS SALE HAS ENDED*******(6-30-09)
(You can see an updated version in the july 1st post, I will continue to update that one until its all gone, Thank you so much!)

Satisfy Your Senses
brings you a HUGE SALE where everything is between $2.50 to $15.00!!!
Thats right! I have a lot of on hand inventory that i must move out and you are getting that inventory for CHEAP!
Everything is marked way down and a LOT of items are less than half price!!!!

The items that must go are from:
Ranch House Candles (RHC): Home of the 100% Soy Candles and Scent products.
The Body Shop at Home (TBSaH) : Spa Quality Products.
Hillside Soaps (HSS): Handmade Glycerin Soap

All items are ready to ship out. This sale is not to be combined with any other offer or sale. I need to make room for new items coming in and would love for you to take these items off my hands!
You can only get these items at these prices by sending me an email requesting the items you want.
Please email me at satisfyyoursenses@yahoo.com . These wont last long..............
Shipping is figured on the size of the order, I always try to go with the lowest amount that i can on shipping.

SALE ~ $2.50
(RHC) Tart Chunks (reg. $4.00)
- Cinnamon Buns
- Leather
- Cowboy Blues
- Choc. Chip Cookie Dough

(RHC) 2pk Votives (reg. $4.00)
- Sugar Cookies

SALE ~ $3.00

(HSS) Handmade Glycerin Soap Bars (reg. $4.00)
4 - Cucumber Melon
4 - Saguaro Cactus
3 - Sand & Sun
4 - White Nectarine & Pink Coral
3 - Wine & Roses
3 - Sparkling Citrus
4 - Baby Powder
4 - Gulf Coast
4 - Coconut Lime
2 - Juniper Breeze
1 - Lavender
2 - Fruity Passion, chunk
1 - Mulberry, chunk
1 - Vanilla Velour, shea butter

6 - Dual Mirrors
5 - Headbands

SALE $3.50
(RHC) Scent Oil - for warmers (reg. $5.00)
- Wine & Roses

SALE $5.00
Chamomile Gentle Eye Make Up Remover (reg $14.50)
Bath Glove (reg $5.00)

SALE $ 6.00
(RHC) Room Sprays (reg. $8.00)
- Gulf Coast
- Leather
- Vanilla Velour

(TBSaH)- Lip and cheek stain - Rose Pink (reg. $14.00)

SALE $8.00
(RHC) 10oz Mason Candles (reg $10.00)
- Sangria
- Caribbean Coconut
- French Roast
- Cowboy Blues
- Cinnamon Buns
- Peach Slices
- Tuscan Current

(TBSaH) Facial Gift Sets, (cleanser, toner, moisturizer)
- Tea Tree Oil - oily or blemished skin
- Sea Weed - combination to oily skin
- Vitamen E - all skin types

SALE $10.00
(RHC) 16oz Victorian Candle - Cafe Latte (reg $16.00)
- Spa Wisdom On High Hydrating Puree (reg. $20.00)
- Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Salt Scrub (reg. $28.00)
- Spa Wisdom Africa Spa Hand & Foot Butter (reg. $22.00)
- Spa Wisdom Soothing Retreat Candle Gift Set
- Happy Feet (peppermint) Gift set (reg. $18.00)
- Head to Toe Gift Set (reg. $25.00)

SALE $ 15.00
(TBSaH) Large Color Palette (reg. $30.00)
(TBSaH) Spa Wisdom Plunge & Purify Bath Soak (reg. $28.00)

All items are new. I cant wait to ship these items out to you today! If You are looking for something other than what is on the list you are more than welcome to check out my site
www.satisfyyoursenses.com and see all the wonderful things that Satisfy Your Senses has to offer!
Dont forget to email me at satisfyyoursenses@yahoo.com to request the items that you want!


  1. wow I might have to get some stuff lol some of those TBS prices are pretty damn cheap lol

  2. wonderful sale Everyone better not dilly dally on this one.



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