June 7, 2009

Some One You Should Know....................

Have you reached the point in your career where you need help?


I have been doing Direct Sales for almost 2 years now. I do home and catalog parties etc., But have, until recently, never done a vendor event, expo, craft fair, etc.
I was invited to be part of one in my local community. I was so excited and extremely nervous at the same time!
I had it all planned out. I was going to set up my table just right and hand out catalogs and just knew that everyone would love my companies/products! Yeah, its that simple, right?!?
I talked about the event in my online groups and locally. Boy did I have a "wake up" call. There was so much more to it. When asking others about their experience I got " Be yourself, your products will sell themselves", "I never sale anything, but i may get bookings", and " I get bookings, but never any sales". Okay i can see that, right? Then I got " I don't do them they are a waste of my time and money". Wow, Yes, I was scared now!
I am not the type to give up. I made a commitment and I was going to stick to it.
I knew I was doing the event, I knew my products, I had what I needed to do the event, But What Next?!?
Yes I had been to events before, but didn't know what really went it to doing one.
I decide at that point I needed help. Not just help, but HELP!
I wanted to learn more ways to help my business and that is EXACTLY what I got!
I enlisted the help of, None other than,

Here at The Stand Up Coach, our desire is to share principle based resources for Direct Sales and Party Plan reps at any level in their Home Party business, without being company specific.

I met Jennifer in my favorite online group Sassy Sisters In Sales! A truly wonderful group of ladies, where she is loving known as "Ferfer".

Jennifer called me and the transformation began. We worked specifically on the Vendor Event, which I was at a total loss on and needed the most help, or so I thought. But it didn't end there. She helped me in many areas of my business. She worked with me from beginning to end and there after,lol.

I Keep asking myself, Why didn't I go to her before!?!

I left that vendor event with no less than what i had set my goals for (being realistic of course). I also have a new found confidence in myself and my business. I learned new things to apply to my biz, that I may not have thought would work before or felt that I couldn't do. She quickly proved to m that I can be done!

I have a "Ferf Special" just for you! Sign up for your Coaching Session with Jennifer and I will send you a free gift from me! I am confident that you will benefit as much as I have by using The Stand Up Coach.

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As featured in great places such as The Barefoot Executive Bootcamp for Direct Sellers '08, Direct Sales SUPER Summit and Home Party Solution's Party Pro MasterMind, Entrepreneur Jennifer Stoll is an author, speaker, success coach and solutions provider assisting beginners & leaders alike with creating positive cash flow using Direct Sales as their vehicle.

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  1. I've had several coaching sessions with Ferf and loved and gained much insight from each session.

  2. Ferf is awesome!!! I just love her style! I too have had a coaching session w/ her and she really gave me the confidence to work my biz!!!! Congrats on a great event!



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