May 5, 2010

The Sassy Sampler (sassy sampler box) ~ Review

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I recently purchased a Sassy Sampler Box, and very excited that I did!

I visited The Sassy Sampler and selected the small sample box. The order process was pretty simple and smooth. I received my package about a week later.

I am, normally, giddy like a kid at Christmas and rarely make it out of the post office before I am opening packages to see what I got! This time, I knew there were several different items in the package and made my self wait until I got home, which took all of 5 minutes! That was pretty disheartening to my post lady, she enjoys package days as much as I do and enjoys seeing all the great things that come my way. I promised her I would bring the items down to let her see the next day. BTW, she took several of the business cards and coupons to pass out and a few just for herself ,lol. I was okay with that, because I had already gotten the information off of them!

So back to the box, I received 11 sample products and several special offer business cards & coupons. I must say I was pleasantly surprised to see that people were putting in samples that were enough to actually sample, to try and several full size items to boot! That is a huge plus to me!

As I mentioned, there were several items in the box. Each box may be different, each company submits the samples and offers of their choice. They may also choose to contribute several different months and different items, so it truly is a surprise, never know what your going to find inside!

Now here is the part you have been waiting for! This is what I received in MY box:

Thank You Cards ~ Ann Rinkenberger ~ Harvest Moon by Hand
Mineral Makeup Samples ~ Jenn Brockman ~ Painted Laydies Mineral Makeup

Along with actual samples I received Special Offer Coupons & Business Cards from:

Brown Bag Party ~ Christina Strickland (adult site)
Naughty and Nice Lingerie ~ Brenda Gonzalez-Kennedy
The Knead To Relax ~ Debbi Anderson
Mommy's Sunshine Designs ~ Christina Strickland
Discovery Toys ~ Cara Retz
Faery Charming ~ Jewelry and Vintage ~ Christina Strickland
B's Purses ~ Amanda Shepherd

I was very impressed with the items that I received. IF I hadn't purchased this box, I may not have known about these great companies and what they have to offer. Most definitely will be visiting these shops/sites!!

So when you check out these fabulous sites, let them know you heard about there from Satisfy Your Senses! ( I don't receive a kick back for it, just so they know where you found them,lol)

If you would like to learn more about how you can get your products into a Sassy Sampler, please {Click Here} and you will be taken to their page with all the information you need, btw...Its FREE, no fee to add to the box!

Now the only thing I can say that is less than Exemplary about the items in the box is the packaging of samples. (which The Sassy Sampler has no control over, it is the business owners/consultants that submit samples responsibility) Everything was packaged great, Im just a sucker for the "cute"! I too like a really nicely dressed package, shows me that the business cares about me as the customer.

I like to throw extra little things in to my customer orders before I deliver or ship out. If I come across great samplers/fillers that are cute or dressed up (and ones Im not hogging to myself, of course) I toss them in to the bags for my customers too. Who doesn't need the added exposure?!

So if you are looking for great products to dress up your samples/items, you can find some by {clicking here}!

So over all I believe you will be pleasantly surprised as well when you receive YOUR Sassy Sampler Box!

I know with this great selection of companies, you are sure to find Something to Satisfy Your Senses!

What type of products do you like to get samples of? What are some things that you dont care for when you get samples from companies? Whats the best thing you got in a sampler before? Cant wait to hear your responses!! Please leave your comments below!

~ Mary

At no time was I paid, or received any kind of kick back to do this review on the sassy sampler. I honestly like to share information on great companies as I come across them.

If you are interested in having me do a review on your products, I would be more than happy to give my honest opinion. My blog feeds to my Personal Face Book Page as well as my Business Page, & Twitter. And I comment about my blog on Plurk and various ning groups and social networks. Contact me at
I cant do candle wax product reviews, to be fair, it would be a conflict of interest. I am an affiliate with

Have a GREAT Day!!


  1. Great Post!! I am so glad you liked the keychain!! let me know when you are ready to buy some charms!!! I need to get me a box!!

  2. Absolutely Debbi! I already have a few in mind,lol.Yes the box is awesome! There were so many great samples!

  3. Nice review. Sample boxes are so much fun. Just a thought...some people who are just starting their business may not have a large budget so their samples in the beginning may not be as fancy as they would be after they start earning some money. I think sassy sampler went out of business though, the site is gone.



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