June 29, 2010

I started something new...

YAY!! I am very excited and reserved at the same time! As crazy as that may sound,lol.
Okay as those of my readers that know me personally, know that I have been struggling with my weight. To give a bit of back ground to those who dont:

I have stuggled to maintain my weight, pretty much all my life. Every time I thought I was making headway, well.....I went backwards very quickly. Right after high school I really stated going on an upward climb at a pretty steady pace. I started doing diet pills of all kinds, I did them like I was suppose to....yes, I did the exercise and gave them a month to "show me" they worked, well they didnt, and I continued to climb. During my early 20's I did the bar hopping thing. I found that doing line dancing really helped me keep weight off and I was seeing results like crazy...was very proud of myself. The down fall was I was going about 3-4 times a week. When I started putting more hours in at work and less hours in night time entertainment, I started gaining it back very quickly.

Almost 8 yrs ago I got married and 5yrs ago I had my little girl. I weighed in at her birth at a whopping 286lbs. Mind you, I had been working 12hr shifts 6 days a week up to a week prior to her birth (had her c-section). It wasnt by choice and she was 2 months earlier (born healthy at 6lb and 1.2oz) Although due to being early she did have some issues, but anyway she is fine now and very healthy (just turned 5, 4ft tall and 56lbs wearing a size 7-8! YIKES)lol

In April, I weighed in at a HUGE 315lbs and that is depressing, nothing I was doing was helping. I was getting depressed and well it just sucked! I started stressing out about all that life has had to offer from home to financial etc. and lost 30lbs in 2 weeks. Not a good or healthy way to do it. All this time I had NO energy, still felt depressed and all the blah that comes with it. I decided to join my husband in Texas. Moved here about a month and a half ago. Guess what......Yup.... I started gaining again (gained about 13lbs back).

During all this time I have been running my own business, helping my husband with his business, doing home health care, and taking care of my home and child. I could barely drag myself out of bed, could barely make it through the day and if I sat down I would fall asleep right there.

I was talking to a friend and told them that I needed help. I had seens some of their posts and what not about something that has been working for those that they know. Now this friend is a distributer for this diet company. I hadnt heard of them before this point and have been leary as to should I try another one....But I needed to try. I know some of the people that the results are from and I totally see it working...they are honest real people, so I figured heck, why not try it, couldnt hurt considering nothing else is working. I asked my friend for some samples of the product and let them know that I would give it an honest try and let them know how I do on it.

Now I havent mentioned the name of the product for a reason. I want to give you my day today experience with it first. I want you to see what it is doing for me. Now although I had told my friend that I would keep them updated I thought, you know, I want to share this so that others like me will see it through me as well. I want them to see that I am a normal person like they are and maybe if this helps them too then I have done something good for them as well as myself. Because blogging about it also holds me accountable. Later I will tell you what the product is.....for now please help support me on my journey by leaving comments and reading my posts. Pass this blog on to a friend that you know that may benefit from it as well. So here goes:

Hi, my name is Mary. I am a 34yr old mother of a 5yr old and a wife. I have my own business and work at a regular job outside the home as well as help my husband with his business. I am very over weight and want to have a better, healthier life, but dealing with reality as it is. I want to share with you my weight loss journey while blogging about my experience with a new product on the market. I pray that it works for me and I hope that this helps someone else. I am blogging a day behind so Todays post will be about Monday.

Monday: I weighed in at 293.5lbs
I am taking 1 pill in the am as soon as I get up.
I did not eat breakfast ( I usually try but most days it just doesnt happen). I have had about 3 cups of coffee.
At lunch I had 1 tuna salad sandwich with a handful of chips. At supper I had another tuna salad sandwich and chips.(power kept going on and off due to a storm going through so didnt cook). Drank about 2 glasses of crystal light and 1 glass of tea. 1 bag of popcorn later that night.
I didnt expect much from the first day, since the product was just getting in my system. I went about my daily tasks. I rotated laundry through, got about 3 loads washed dryed and put away as well as a load of dishes, cleaned house, helped clean up the yard, helped unload my husbands trailer (30ft inclosed) and put tools away in the shop for about 2 hrs. I danced in the rain,lol, until it started lightening. I made my daily calls, storm played havik with my internet connection so didnt get much done online. After bathing the child and putting her to bed, sat down watched a movie with hubby and had that bag of popcorn, promptly passed out from being so tired.

Have you been so tired that you found you had drooled? That is a sign of exhastion, or so I am told. I do not feel like I had done enough to be that tired, but guess so.

I hope that you continue to follow me and I look forward to tomorrows post, stop by to see how much I have lost and what I am experiencing with this product! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I love comments, it helps to know that I am not alone lol.
Visit tomorrow for the next update!
~ Mary


  1. All the best to you as you start this journey. I am right there with you.

  2. Mary, sounds like you have been going through a lot! I can't wait to see how you are doing tomorrow! The suspense is killing me, lol! Good luck!

  3. I'm so proud of you Mary! I'm so excited to ee the outcome as I too need to shed few pounds. ;)


  4. Mary,

    Congrats on not giving up or giving in. We are a nation that continues to struggle with our weight, our anxieties and finances.

    I love the way you are sharing your journey of weight loss with us. I will follow you to the goal, as I am on my journey right along with you.

    I can only imagine the product you are using...but, I am imagining that I am using the same product and it rocks.

    Suspense is good to build anticipation, gathering your results before sharing...but, don't hold out too long for your audience, they deserve to know the "secret", too.

    Much success to you and thank you friend daily for sharing.


  5. Thank you all so much for your comments, your support means a lot to me!!!! I am very excited about this and very lucky to have wonderful people to share it with!!!!

  6. Keep up the good work , look forward to following your progress

  7. Go girl!!! You can do it! Just take one meal at a time! Sometimes a whole day is tough so I think one meal at a time is easier!! ;-)



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