June 30, 2010

Day 2...WOW!

Hello to everyone! And thank you for continueing to follow my progress on my weight loss journey!
Okay so in my last post I have told you what I am doing and where I am coming from. If you are just now starting to read these posts you can read previous posts on this subject by clicking on "weight loss journey" in the catagories section in the middle column.

My day consisted of a normal "hate to get up out of a comfy bed" mode, upon waking. On Monday when I took the first pill, I didn't reallly expect to get a "huge" boost of energy, with it just getting into my system. On Tuesday morning I figured I would have a slight bit more....um....NOT!!

I got up went to the bathroom stepped on the scale (and pleasantly surprised for the fact that on monday I did nothing even remotely different from my normal day's activities) Wrote my weight down, jumped in the shower and when I got out I took my pill. I made coffee and started making breakfast.

Within about 30 min or so, of taking the pill, I got a REAL good boost going on,lol. I didnt realize it right at first until I looked around and I had actually made breakfast...we are talking pancakes, eggs, and bacon. Hubby and daughter just looked at me and Jake asked if I woke up hungry! lol, Nope, I wasnt hungry, I just felt like making breakfast! I had about 3 cups of coffee and I did endulge and have pancakes....I hardly never eat breakfast.
Between breakfast and lunch, I started laundry. I decided to go ahead and get a jump on the weekly linens since this weekend is a holiday. I got the dishwasher loaded, swept the carpets (my vaccum is still in storage) my house is all carpet except for one bathroom, kitchen and dining room. I cleaned off ALL counter tops. Pulled all trash cans, dusted everything (except ceiling fans). Made the beds. Lunch I fixed egg salad sandwiches for me and the kiddo. Hubby came home for lunch looked around and was noticing the difference right away. After lunch Kaitie watched a movie and then took a nap. At that point, I finished up the laundry (4 loads total) all folded, put away etc. put away all the dishes in the dishwasher. I then started cleaning up my office and sorting through all the things I am putting in a yardsale and bleached out the tubs and shower and toilets.
Mind you, up to this point even with all the coffee, I hadnt gotten the jitters or anything. I just felt good and didnt want to "sit down and take a break". I had the constant thought of trying to find more things to do. I would have gone outside and started walking or working on the yard, but a huge storm had come in and well as we say back home...it was a "gully washer" of a storm. By 3pm I had all my house work done decided to sit down and watch a movie with the family since we were all confined to the house. We snacked on a bag of popcorn (Kaitie's favorite snack, thanks to Grandpa Todhunter). After the movie I was up and at it again... Up to this point I have drank 2 glasses of tea. I must tell you, I would love to be drinking water, BUT..I have well water that just happens to be a sulfer spring. Although we have a salt purification system etc, there is still that taste that well... if you have ever had sulfer water, you know what I mean. I got one of those britanica (what ever they are called,lol) water filter jugs that you can put in the fridge, but it still has that taste to a point, so I use that water to make tea and crystal light. We dont like to make Koolaid because we dont like to use much sugar and well it's just nasty to drink unsweetened koolaid.
Anyway, during the time between the movie and getting ready for supper, I played with Kaitie, which use to be something I couldnt do for long periods of time, I would get too tired. At supper I made Triyaki Beef Rice, cooked carrots and green beans. I made myself a plate but not as much as I normally would put on my plate, I wasnt very hungry and I have this thing engrained in me to eat all on my plate and do not waste. So I figured after I ate that, if I wanted more I could get it....I didnt, I allowed myself a few minutes after eating and then decided I was full. This is very much not in my character...as a child I was lovingly know to my siblings as the "garbage disposal" I couldn't get enough to eat and would keep eating until I made myself sick.
After supper I still had energy..I decided to wash all dishes by hand rather than putting in the dishwasher, I felt like I needed to keep moving, I didnt want to waste the energy I had, I felt it a blessing that I was able to do as much as I had and didnt want to stop. (yeah not like me at all) Since the weather was playing havac with my internet connection, I didnt get as much online work done, but still felt that I had made huge progress.
I am very impressed with the amount of "new" energy I had. I have not had this kind of energy in a very long time. I know that this is a life style change that I must go through to reach my goals and with the help of the energy this pill is giving with me and watching the pounds melt off, I will reach my goal. I am up moving and doing more. AND this is only day 2!!! This will only help me that much more!
Below I posted the weight loss I had just from starting he pill monday into tuesday, this was from doing nothing different in my daily activities, before getting that "boost"...Besure to watch for my next update post to see what I lost just from tuesdays activities!
Even if you dont "need" to lose that much weight, so far this product has given me something just as valuable..the energy to enjoy my day to day life and get more out of it. That may be something you want or need as well....
the one thing that I really appreciate about this product is that it is all natural, no jitters, no crashing.
I know that with more energy, the more active I am, the better results in weight loss I will see. I will give you a hint this diet pill is like Magic!!!! In my next weight loss post I will tell you what I am taking and where to get it!
Again Thank you so much for following me during this process.

Updated Results:
Monday's Weigh in 293.5 (starting weight)
Tuesday's weigh in 292.0 (lost 1.5lbs! and did nothing to achieve this on my own)
Wait til you see Wednesdays results!

I do want to say that I am not a distributer of this product (although if I acheive the weight loss I am wanting I might join to get a discount on the product). I am giving you honest results of what I am experiencing. As with all diet products, results are and will be different from one person to another and if you have any health conditions please consult your doctor before starting any diet medication.

Have a truly awesome day!!!!
~ Mary


  1. Mary, this is great! I am so happy that you have found something that is working for you! I can't wait to find out what you are taking, I used to sell something and I wonder if it is the same as what you are taking! Can't wait for tomorrows post!

  2. Thank you Christina!!!!! I cant wait to share with you what this product is I am have to keep myself from publishing tomorrows post lol...But its worth it. I want people to "see" it really working and not thinking I am making up Hype about it. Its also hard to post my actual weight, I do not like where I am right now but I see the progress I am making so I am going to keep going!!!

  3. Good luck sis. I know you can do it! I can't wait to see your awesome. You are an amazing woman.



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