July 6, 2010

My Diet Magic trial/review.............

I have done 3 previous posts on my day to day experience with an awesome new diet pill that is out on the market. I wanted to give my full trial review so that you get the whole just of my experience. Although I had planned to have this up sooner, I believe that now is better than never, right?!

Okay so last week I received a 6 day trial packet from Steven Gray, a distributor for the company that markets Diet Magic, as well as several other great products. I have known and worked with Steve for over a year now and I trust him 100%! He has always given me a strait up honest, no bull, answer on all that I ask of him. So when he started talking about this new product of course I was like okay, here we go again, another diet pill out there. The only difference is that I listened to him for one really major reason.....He will not put his name behind something that he doesnt support 100%.

That doesnt mean that I KNEW it would work for me, only that I trusted that of what he said about the product and the results that his clients were getting. So, like most, I started watching the results he was posting...some were what is expected to be normal and some were an awesome amount. I also read the results and experiences that other distributers were posting about their clients.

I started looking into this product more. Nothing is hidden, its all right there out in the open. Its an all natural product with no jitters and no crashing....yup, I thought yeah right,lol. Being from the group of doubters that I am. I have tried soooo many different programs, pills, contraptions and old fashion exercising, with no real results, so now they tell me that this can and will work for me. HUM......All the products I tried before sounded great and of course regular exerising would be great, IF I had the energy to do so. Hum......

After he posted the results, for I want to say it was 16 clients, I called him and said I wanted the trial packet. I had to have it, I want to try it....no I had to try it. I went through the gammet of questions with him like..What will this do for me....Why should I take it....When will I see results...Will I get jitters since I am an avid coffee drinker....Will I be able to sleep at night....Will I become dependent on it.....Are there any side effects....You name it, I asked him. Then I asked him if it was something affordable, yes I wanted to lose weight, but could I afford to. We discussed the costs and compaired them to the other diet products on the market, both online and in retail stores. They are very compairable in price. Hum.... so, IF this worked for me, then it wouldnt be really any more than what I have been paying for products that I have been using already.

Anyway, I bugged him for a few more minutes then gave him my mailing information and true to his word, he had it in the next days mail. I got mine 3 days later, on Saturday. I had decided that I wanted to do a review for those out there, one to inform them of my experience with a new product and two so that I could have that accountability to my readers. Its always a huge thing for me to be as honest as I can with everyone when I talk about or promote a product and well, I got brave and disclosed my weight, YIKES!!! But you know what, I WILL lose weight so whats there to be ashamed of...I wont be at that point for long right?!

So I started on Monday so that I could keep an accurate account of my daily experiences in my normal day to day life, so to speak, besides I had to get a scale lol, my previous one broke, so it worked out!

You can check out my previous postings on this by going to catagories and clicking on Weight Loss Journey, for the first 3 days in detail.

Steve recommended that I take one a day during the trial, see where I was at the end of it and if I chose to purchase a months supply I could up it to 2 pills a day, if I felt that I needed it. So that is what I did, he hasn't steered me in the wrong direction yet.

Monday after taking the first pill, I personally didnt experience a huge difference, I am a larger woman and figured okay like most it would take at least a day to get into my system before I would actually see any results. I went about my normal daily
activities and didnt think much of it. I got up the next morning and WOW i had lost 1.5lbs with out doing anything at all or feeling anything etc. Hum, I thought to myself, now I am really curious as to what will happen this week!

Tuesday (day 2) really kicked me in to high gear. I got up weighed in, recorded my weight and had about 3 cups of coffee (I believe,lol will have to check my post on that to be for sure, but that is my norm) And BAM, in about 30 mins of taking the pill I had ENERGY!!! I was running around the house getting everything done...we are talking about all house hold chores and then some!

I have a little girl and at the present time I am working from home as well. I havent experienced that kind of energy in ..... well....I can't remember how long,lol. I was estatic at how much I got done, that I had the energy to get it done and I wasnt exhausted. I continued on taking the pills, one each day...Each day was the same, yet better!

Each day I got things done around the house, I got my personal home business work done, I had more time and energy to play more with my daughter and my thoughts were clearer so I was able to focus more on what I needed to, which is a huge plus. One day I got all done and by 3pm I was sitting down reading a book, even took a nap and one day sat down and watched a movie with the little one and hubby...in the middle of the afternoon! I started doing my dishes by hand, because it had rained for 3 days solid and I couldnt get outside to put that energy to use...which me and outside are not usually used in the same sentence,lol.

So you may ask how did I fair each day on weight loss, well, here are my results:

Monday weighed in at 293.5
Tuesday ~ 292 ~ 1.5 lbs
Wednesday ~ 289 ~ 3 lbs
Thursday ~ 287 ~ 2 lbs
Friday ~ 285.5 ~ 1.5 lbs
Saturday ~ 283 ~ 2.5 lbs
Sunday ~ 281.5 ~ 1.5lbs

Grand Total of 12 lbs lost in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is in black and white. Weighing each day didnt seem like a lot, but by the end of the week it added up to more than I expected.

My over all thought on this product is that even if you dont need to lose weight, this is an AMAZING product for energy. I had soooo much energy! I got up in the morning and I went all day with out any jitters and I didnt crash at the end of the day exhausted. I got more done, and I was more focused on everything. I was able to get more work, business and home, done in a shorter amount of time. If you have a busy day to day life I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Now I must say real quick, I am not a distributor for this company. Although, I will not say that I wont ever be one....If this keeps up the way I see it doing as far as weight loss and energy, I may do it just to get the product at a discount for myself lol. Also, Steve never approached me to do a review or anything on the product. I asked for the product personally...I did not receive cash payment for doing this review. I wanted to do the review so that you could see what I experienced. I will always recommend that if you are on medication, pregnant or otherwise under a doctors care that you always talk to them before starting ANY "diet" type products. For your own safety, research all that you find out there and look for other bloggers that may be talking about it. See what they have to say...most other bloggers are moms going though the same day to day life experiences and trying the very products that you are looking in to.

I dont want to make this sound all HYPE, but it is rare that you find a good product out there that actually works. It is rare you find an ALL NATURAL product that works this great, much less products that dont have side affects.

Now you must be wondering how I am after I have been off the product? Well in those few days I did change how much I ate, although it takes a couple of weeks to really change your eating habits, your life style habits, if you will.

On Monday I didnt notice a huge difference, just slowing down slightly. BUT Tuesday...well I completely and utterly miss that energy. I had gotten use to it in that short period of time and now I WANT IT BACK! I actually started laughing... I didnt miss the weight loss part of it..I missed the energy. When you have the energy to go about doing things that normally exhaust you and you rarely "get finished" with all that you want to, and then you dont have it, you miss that and it is noticable, not just to you but those around you.

It is a known fact that if you get up and move and do more than you are use to then you will lose weight. If you have the energy to get things done and then realize that you busted through all of it faster than normal and you still have time AND energy to do more, you are more active and you lose more weight. And you are making life style changes at the same time, you move more, you do less sitting, you change the way you eat and what you eat...I found that I craved more fruit, for others you may crave something different, but it is a change all the same. This is what it did for me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me by posting in the comments (may be a question someone else has as well) or if you rather you can email me at dietmagiclady@gmail.com. I will be more than happy to answer your questions, based upon my experience with the product. And if it isnt something I can answer I will forward it to Steve personally and he will get back to you asap (this I know for sure!).

If you know that this is the product for you and you are ready to get the energy you need and lose some weight then please check out this website "Diet Magic" When you order please let Steve know I sent you! (Not that I receive anything for doing so, I just like to put it out there so he knows where everyone comes from,lol)

My final thought is this...I am getting more for myself! I really like this product and believe that you will too! The only "Con" I have is I should have gotten a months supply,lol.

I look forward to reading your comments. I wish you all the best of success in Your weight loss journey..and if you decide to try this product please let me know! I want to support you as well! If you have been on this product I would, as well as my readers, love to see your results. These days we are all looking for something to help us lose weight and have a better experience "living" not just going through the motions praying for the day to end only to start again the next day, so please come support others and tell us what you are experiencing as well.

Please feel free to share this info with anyone you know that may benefit from this product! Or send them here to this blog to see it for their selves! I would love to have you follow my blog or subscribe by email for further updates on my weight loss journey and other great things that I love to share!

Have an Awesome week!
~ Mary

**(This post has been edited to include my links now that I am a distributor for Diet Magic 9/7/10)**


  1. WOW Mary! I can't believe it that is crazy! I got a trial pack of this product too and I am loving the energy, I don't own a scale but let me tell you I can see a difference in the mirror and in how my clothes fit. I just ordered a full bottle and a scale and I can't wait to see my results and track them like you did! I am over 200 lbs as well and I have to get this weight off, I am so confident this will work because with the extra energy and the way my mood has improved, cravings have lessened then I have no excuse to not be more active and eat less!


  2. Alrighty Mother Mary! I am gonna try this now! I trust you!! So......

  3. I am so there with you on this Audrey, It really is awesome!
    Windy, (((HUGS)))! You will so understand what we have all been saying....its awesome! Cant wait to hear how you do during yours!

  4. I have a question. I am starting DM today, I need to know if on the cheat day, do I take or don't take a DM pill?

    Thanks, Cyndi~



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