July 14, 2010

OOAK Handmade!

Just created this beautiful one of a kind necklace. I love sharing my newest creations with you!!!
This necklace features 3 types of glass beads, metal beads and toggle clasp. It is approx 24in. If you are interested in adding this ooak peice to your jewelry box, you can email me at soysuccess@gmail.com.
This particular piece is $25 with FREE shipping!

"Shades of Purple"

Every now and then I get the urge to create and its hard to part with them, but I get more pleasure in knowing that someone else is wearing one of my creations and I would be honored to have You wearing this!

Thank you for letting me share with you a peice of me!
Satisfy Your Senses Today!
~ Mary

1 comment:

  1. I am very excited!! This piece sold rather quickly! I want to thank you all for your interest and more creations are on their way!



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