November 17, 2010

To think that it took a year to figure this out.... &

So what have I been up to here lately? Well, with holidays all around us there is much to do, throw in some school activities, home life, yard work and a gallon of coffee and I'd say we are off to a good start!

Here lately I have been "re-organizing" everything. After a year of "seeing where things go". I have been going back over all that has happened, where my business has gone in this amount of time, and looking at the different things I need to improve on. I want to make sure that my family life isnt pushed to the way side. I want to make sure that I am giving my business the time and dedication it deserves as well. So re-organizing is the solution to the problem at this stage of the game.

I have recently dropped some opportunities that I thought would be great ideas....the pros just dont out weight the cons. I figured that I would look at what was most important and would be more beneficial in the long run. So, all the "side job" opps have/had to go.

I decided that for my family, I needed to concentrate on what I know works, benefits the family, doesnt take away from the family, and something I enjoy.

So here you have it. I am only working on and with these two companies. and Symmetry ~ Diet Magic.

Both of these companies, offer great benefits, they are all natural, I can stand behind them 100% with no doubts, they dont "take over" my time for my family and well, I love them!!!

I am spending more time being a mom too. Little bit is growing up so fast and I dont want to miss it. I mean what the heck is the point in working for yourself so that you can have the schedule you want if you dont utilize it??? Right?

I am going to do something for the first time this year.......Im sending out Christmas cards....aaaccckkkk....I know, but hey at least Im finally getting round to where are those cards I got a few years ago! They must be in one of these boxes, yike!

Thanksgiving and Christmas will be hard this year, not having family around, but we will mutter through it just fine Im sure. (yes I meant Mutter,lol, we are good at that,lol) We have made some great friends, more of an extended family, to enjoy the holidays with. Praises be, for that.

I have plans for the new year, getting ready to put them into action. A few things in the works is creating my weight loss journey blog, yes I can post them here, but I need a central place so that the support I have been getting doesnt get lost in the shuffle and when things get rough, well you get the point, not that I wont post about it here though. I am working on a better more organized way of leading my team in my business efforts. I am planning on more one on one time with little bit & hubby. I am also sneaking in a bit more ME time as well.

I have one passion I had set aside, due to time constraints and technology...yup Im picking up the pen and paper again. I remember what it was like to get a handwritten letter in the mail, it always made me feel better and well, its what I like to do, so for the various people out there, watch the mail box tehehehe.

I am finding that other than to post to my blog occasionally, or pal around on FB I am rarely using my social networks like I use to. Maybe this is for the better at this time, who knows, but doesnt mean I dont miss everyone, I do, but just needed more real life time so to speak. Ill be back, just needing to (heres that word again) "re-organize".

I'll never get to where I need to go, If I cant figure out which road to travel. The only way to do that is learn to read the road signs. And at times I will need to ask for directions, so for that...thank you for being there!

Just so its not mistaken....this isn't an early New Year's resolution.....its a life change. yup, that sounded hillbillyish, but that is me. I want a better life, I want my child and husband to have a better life. I want to enjoy the years...not pass them by trying to catch up with the rest of the world.

Okay thats enough lets see where it goes from here!

As the saying goes...Take life by the horns, and enjoy the ride,
~ Mary

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