April 10, 2010

Product Review..Honey Pie Accessories ~ Wipe Cases

I am really excited to tell you all about my most recent purchase! Not long ago I purchased this Wipe Case from Honey Pie Accessories. The bright colored strips caught my attention right away. Now those that may know of my daughter, know that wipes are a necessity around my house and on the go. Although most would associate having wipes around generally if you have an infant or toddler, I will not be the first to say that having them for school aged kids is a must as well, so why not do it in style!

I decided that I would put this to use in my truck, since this seems to be when we have the most need for wipes, always on the go and always a mess to follow,lol.

It has fun bright colors and always easy to locate in our rushed time of need. I havent lost it or had to search very long to find it. Lolly pops and quick snacks on the go has made having wipes handy as well as the quick clean up after a happy meal. What mom doesnt know of this???

Now as for the wipe case, I have had compliments on it as well as when people see it they are always asking me "what is that?" Its fun and for moms that carry a purse/diaper bag, it is easy to locate and not dull looking like the plain cases can be.

When I ask my daughter to get me the wipes she doesnt take forever getting it, she sees it right away and as an added bonus, she says its so pretty and made for big girls, the ones she with out covers she says are for babies, lol.
So in my opinion it is great to have one that makes her feel like a big girl!!

These Wipe Case's would make great gifts for new moms! But......

Wipe Case's aren't just for moms. They are great for when you go out to eat and not every place offers those neat little packaged wipes. And for our husbands that work in the field, as one of my friends have mentioned, as well as my husband who is in construction, these are great to wipe their hands with BEFORE they touch the steering wheel lol. And we all know that fast food doesnt always mean quick, easy and clean. I find I spend more time cleaning up after a meal on the go than I would have if I had time to actually stop and eat. And we coffee drinkers all KNOW that they arent spill proof and what is sticker than spilt coffee?

Okay so enough of me "rambling" here. I just want to say that I think this is a great idea to have around and fun to boot! I recommend this product to others.

The only thing I can think of that would make this product perfect, is if a travel pack of wipes was included.

I look forward to seeing more that Honey Pie Accessories has to offer.
Maybe my next wipe case will be covered in denim? Hum, now that would be a fun one as well!

HPA has many hand made items such as bows, tutus, burpies and more. Check them out by clicking on this link: Honey Pie Accessories!

Check them out today and tell them I sent ya! ~ Mary
I have in no way been paid to do this review. These are my thoughts and opinions on the item that I purchased.
I apologize for the appearance of this blog post. Blogger isnt cooperating very well at the time of doing this post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, Thanks!

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