April 23, 2010

Then & Now...WOW!

We talk about how time flies. We know our kids are growing, but until we look at old pictures or go through their closets to weed out the clothes (and shoes) that they grow out of way too quickly, we just don't SEE it.

That is what happened to me, although it wasn't my child that grew......

I was looking back at old posts and found a pic of my daughter and her puppy Bo (short for Bocephus, yup just like Hank Williams Jr.) Anyway, this pic was taken on our Thanksgiving "holiday" while we were visiting my brother in Texas. We had just received him, he was only 8 weeks old at the time and Kaitie was 4yrs old.

November of 2009

Bo is a very loving, playful pup. Like any other dog, he likes to run, play, sleep, and eat. Recently, I started noticing how much more he ate, how much louder his bark was. I was sitting here the other night and giggled when i heard him howl for Kaitie, which he does quite often if he hears her in the house and he thinks he can get her attention. To which he would generally receive a doggy bone/cookie for his efforts.

Now, This is a pic of Kaitie and Bo only a few months (3 months) later.........!

February of 2010

After putting these two photos together, I just couldn't believe how much he had grown in that short of time. And thus, lends to me wanting to share this with you.

Kaitie and Bo are pretty much inseparable. I know that in the very near future I will need a horse lead to even take him to the park,lol! Cant even imagine what he will be like when he turns a year old this September!

Thank you for letting me share a bit of my family life! I hope you enjoyed this "peek" into the lives of my "children", I will be sure to update as they both grow! Have a great day and remember, don't take the small things for granted, they are quick to bring new meaning to "making a mountain out of a mole hill"! Or in this case a "Horse out of a puppy".

Grab hold of life and Satisfy Your Senses!

~ Mary


  1. Wow it must be wonderful to watch, how wonderful to see both Bo and Kaitie grow together. Love to see the pic when she is going off to college and he is saying goodbye

  2. LOL I am afraid that he will be going with her where ever she goes,lol. It is neat to watch them grow, in attitude and personality alike. She is the only one that can walk and talk him into the fenced yard, everyone else must have a hold on him. Hum..... must make not to carry plenty of doggy bones in pocket lol. Thank you Kathy! I will most definitely be posting updated photos of them as they grow!

  3. what a great story and pics! Its amazing to look at old photos and think OMG they were how small? lol

  4. They do grow so quickly! I compare pictures of Da Boys when we first brought them home (plain white onesies were too big for them!!!) and now, they are beautiful, healthy, fabulous little four year old boys who can make me a crazy person faster than anyone else in the world! LOL.

  5. Lol Deb, I knew you could appreciate the growing of fur babies!!! Its so amazing, I may have to dig out some Kaitie T&N photos lol Thank you Teri,you very blessed with two of little creations running around! lol

  6. Nice blog! I love it :) keep up the awesome job!



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