March 12, 2009


Introducing the BURITI BABY product line!

When it comes to our precious babies (no matter how old they are), we only want what is best for them. So many products out there say they are "the best", but when you look into them they aren't what they appear to be.
Our baby line contains oil from the fruit of the Buriti tree, also known as the "tree of life", that is found deep in the Amazon Rain Forest. Revered for being so gentle, yet protective and moisturizing.

The BURITI BABY skin care line is Tear Free, Pediatrician & Dermatologist Approved and contains NO alcohol or artificial coloring.

The Buriti Baby body products consist of Body Lotion, Body Butter, Shampoo, Massage Gel, and Body Wash. This line also has wonderful accessories!

  • Buriti Baby Drench Sponge - for foamy suds galore at bath time.
  • Buriti Baby Bamboo Hair Brush - ultra soft bristles for baby's first locks.
As well as,
  • Buriti Baby Snuggly Bath Towel
  • Buriti Baby Soft Wash Cloth
  • Buriti Baby Muslin cloth
All of which are made using unbleached organically grown cotton.

I highly RECOMMEND this product line! It isn't just for babies, it is also perfect for those that have sensitive skin and especially for our seniors!

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  1. Buriti Baby Skin Care products sound ideal for baby skin...



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