March 26, 2009

HUGE Sales!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


As most of you all know, the Consultant division of The Body Shop is closing its doors. Today I am bringing you some extremely good deals!!! TBSaH is offering these items at 50% off
(the prices are already marked with the discounted prices)
I also need to note that these items are only while supplies last. These items are EXCLUSIVE to The At Home Consultants and I cant guarantee that they will be available in the stores... So, if you see something that you want, now is the time to stock up...................
I am including the item number so that it will be easier for you.

These items are 50% off:

56239 Shimmer Cube Shade 16 $11.00/was $22.00
56240 Hi Shine Lip Treatment 14 $6.50/was $13.00
57133 Hi Shine Lip Trio $20.00/was $40.00
57137 Luxury Spa Wisdom Gift $65.00/was $130.00
57962 Sumptuous Strawberry B&B Gift $22.50/was$45.00
57136 Ultimate Make Over Collection $65.00/was$130.00
(the items above will go very fast)
52339 Coconut Shimmer Body Butter $11.00/was$22.00
57957 Scented Garden Candle $12.00/was$24.00
56238 Spa Robe $44.50/was$89.00
56603 Spa Wisdom Blooming Bath Oil $11.00/was$22.00
56605 Spa Wisdom Tranquility Bath Milk $9.00 /was$18.00
56384 Vitamin E Facial Oil $11.00/was$22.00
52597 White Gardenia Body Cream $11.00/was$22.00
52587 White Gardenia Body Mist $7.00/was$14.00
52580 White Gardenia EDT $13.00/was$26.00

We are also offering these item for our March Sales:

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on all skin care products.

I am listing the skin care lines here for you:

Tea Tree Oil
Vitamin E
Wise Woman
Vitamin C


Although I am sad about the closing, I am excited about the sales they are offering.
I truly hope that you continue to come back for more sales, new items, tips and random thoughts
that appeal to me and those that truly want to "Satisfy Their Senses"!
You can get these deals and check out more at my website at this link:

Thank you for stopping by! Please feel free to leave a comment here as well.

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