March 17, 2009

Introducing Jennifer Stoll

I’d like you to meet a good friend of mine. Jennifer Stoll (lovingly known to many as “Ferfer”)

Jennifer Stoll

She runs the following awesome businesses.

The Stand Up Coach -

Inspiranza Designs -

Bodega Chocolates - & (one is the consultant site, the other is an affiliate site - slight variance in product selection on each, but both from same company)

L’Bri Pure n Natural -

Jennifers favorite thing about each of her businesses:
The Stand Up Coach - I’m truly blessed to be able to assist others in achieving their goals & dreams. It is so fulfilling when a client’s eyes are opened to their possibilities and they discover their success from within! I love speaking, teaching, engaging, performing…. this is my dream. I get to be myself. I’m in my element with The Stand Up Coach.

Inspiranza Designs - There’s a lot of passion in fashion, whether you’re savvy or not. :) Inspiranza Designs’ line is all .925 sterling silver jewelry - the pieces are absolutely beautiful and are incredibly affordable! I’m amazed at the prices! I love offering affordable solutions for updating wardrobes; and there’s nothing quite like spoiling hostesses with the Hostess Benefits program! I have the privilege of being in the service industry by ‘rescuing’ wardrobes and helping people feel good! How great is THAT?!?

Bodega Chocolates - As a coach, I was searching for great gift ideas to use as incentive rewards and THIS one hit the spot! Bodega Chocolates offers personalized party favors, which I thought were a great idea for Direct Selling leaders to use for place-settings at their leadership retreats! Their chocolates are delicious, and an assortment gift box makes for a great Thank You gift, or Congratulatory gift for a newly promoted consultant! They also offer an impressive selection of wine - and can engrave the wine bottle with a special saying! What a great gift idea for recognition! Can’t you just picture receiving a beautiful bottle of wine engraved especially for you??

L’Bri Pure n Natural - My favorite thing about L’Bri is that it’s all aloe based. I don’t publicize this one much, as I maintain the business solely for my own discount and to take care of a few clients that requested to stay with me. It’s truly a phenomenal product - cleared my acne rosacea like nothing else. However, in my time with the company I’d discovered skincare parties was not my passion. I found it more beneficial to work this business on the side rather than making it my focus. It has worked out very well to maintain it this way.

How long as Jennifer been with her companies:
I have 10+ years Direct Sales experience…. The Stand Up Coach officially launched in May 2008, which was an incredible achievement as I didn’t foresee this dream unfolding for at least another 10 years. God is good! I started with both Inspiranza and Bodega just this year, and my previous experience in Direct Sales is paying off BIG time! (L’Bri = 5 years)

Jennifer’s favorite item from each business & why:
The Stand Up Coach - it’s a toss up between Live Events, personal coaching and teleseminars. I love all 3 equally because I get to engage, inspire, celebrate… it’s truly a unique experience!

Inspiranza Designs - So far my favorite piece is the Geometric Necklace. It’s a simple, timeless, versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Jennifer is wearing her favorite necklace in the above photos. Isn’t it beautiful!

Bodega Chocolates - oh my, I’m supposed to narrow it down? Tee hee! Truth be told I think my favorite is their English Toffee… it’s so smooth and buttery, and easy on the teeth - not hard at all. I have such a sweet tooth so research for this company was FUN!

L’Bri - Oh boy, the Rejuvenating Facial Peel is incredible! It’s a greaseless, light scented enzyme peel - apply the aloe-based gel and let it sit for a few seconds. When you gently rub in a circular motion, the dead skin cells literally peel from your face! Gross description I know, but way cool! My face is incredibly soft and since there are no harsh abrasives, my skin doesn’t get irritated. I’ve also used it on my hands, elbows, knees, feet… mmm heavenly!

The Stand Up Coach - (As always) I offer a FREE initial consultation to be sure coaching with me is a fit. Be sure to subscribe to my FREE Ezine “Info Buffet” to receive my report “3 Key Elements to a Show Presentation that Most Direct Sellers Miss” as a special gift.

Inspiranza Designs -
(And right now the company special is: with a $50+ order, customers can purchase the Button earrings or the Drop Hoop Earrings for half price! Order $100+ and purchase both for half price.) *Starter Kits are on sale now through 03/31/09! Only $99! Or become a ‘Consultant in Training’ and earn your kit for FREE using Hostess Benefits!! Visit for more details.

Author/ Source : Andrea Baker:

The products and services that she provides definately "Satisfy My Senses"!

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