April 13, 2009

Do Your Feet Hurt? Do you have Plantar Fasciitis or other foot related problems?....

I know that when your feet hurt it makes every task you do become a painful chore.
Every morning I absolutely dreaded getting out of bed only to face the excruciating pain in my beet when I tried to stand up.....forget about trying to walk the short distance across the room.
Like most people with this kind of problem, I have worked many years in jobs that required being on my feet for long periods of time.
At first I thought it was the extra hours I was putting in at work. As it gradually got worse I thought maybe it was my weight, I had put on a few extra pounds. As the months went by I would avoid getting off my feet until the last possible moment which just made for an even longer day and a more exhausted me!
I was given much advice from friends and family etc. From soaking my feet to seeing a Chiropractor. By this time several months had went by and I continued to "work" through it. I soaked my feet in various treatments, I saw a Chiropractor and I bought new shoes.
After consulting several different doctors ( that i could afford to see), One told me I had Heel Spurs, One told me I had Stone Bruises, One told me to lose weight, I was overweight, and another said it was Planar Fasciitis. I was told to get new shoes, lose weight, get inserts for my shoes, and to do a set of exercises.
I took this all into consideration. I tried to lose weight, but was hard going since I could barely stand the pain (no pun intended). Bought a good pair of shoes, got some inserts, (which all seemed to flatten out while wearing them). The exercises seemed to help for the immediate pain, but wasn't long lasting.
At this point I am telling my self, It takes time! It took time an neglect to get to this point and it is going to take time and effort to at least get to a point that I could live with.
On a day this is much like all other day, I got up hobbled and Cringed my way across the room. Taking baby steps and holing on to walls and tables until my feet were able to get me to where I desperately needed to be.....which was the coffee pot and the bathroom,lol. About 30 minutes later it was life as usual. Determined to get as much done before having to succumb to the greater pain.
The big difference in that day was that I had a Home Party scheduled and the show had to go on. This show was later in the evening, so I knew I was going to be up late and had 1 1/2+hour drive to this party and the same back home.
Like a trooper, I set up for the party for 13+ guests, which by the way was a BLAST! I really enjoyed that party,lol. Everyone was so great! At the end of the night when i was tearing down and packing up, the pain was really starting to get worse. At this point I had been on my feet since 5am that morning and it was at that point 8:30pm. My movement that I had running between the guests had slowed down significantly and I started limping slightly. I was trying desperately to not let it show.
One of the remaining guests at that point (it was held at her house), ask out of true concern, If I was alright. Of course I said "Oh yeah, Im fine, I have issues with my feet, this is nothing, would be fine once i got home. Thank you for asking" all with a smile. I had no idea where it would lead to from that point, but hoping it wouldn't mar their image of me as being able to handle my job professionally.
The guest disappeared into a room and came back with her shoes in hand. We had just had a spa party where everyone got to soak and pamper their feet and sample other products.
She pulled these blue rubber type inserts from her shoes and told me about her issues with her feet. She had the SAME problem! She told me what she had went through and what she had tried. She had recently taken a vacation with little to NO problems! Wow, this had really caught my interest. I had asked her what she did for a living, if she was on her feet a lot and if these inserts helped with her day to day job etc. She is a NURSE.
After listening to her story, it was enough to convince me that I had to at least try them. Everything else I had tried didn't seem to work anymore for the most part. I went on line and found them and I purchased a set.
The first day I over did it,lol. I had done more errands and chores than normal and at first it did take a little getting use to. I did notice right away that the arch's were not flattening out like most all of the others I had tried from local stores. Also the heel was just soft enough that there wasn't pain shooting up my legs into my back. WOW, that was a huge deal right away! The second day in wearing them I could go longer on my feet with out repercussions. Then on the third day I cheated. I stayed home and with out thinking ( because my feet weren't killing me), I wore my clogs. Wrong thing to do!! I woke up the next morning unable to make that walk across the room again. Needless to say, the rest of the week I wore the inserts. This was about 2 weeks ago that I started this trial and I have worn dress shoes, flip flops, and yes the clogs as well, but for long periods of time. I know this will take sometime. I do suggest doing the exercises along with the inserts. It has helped me tremendously. I am more active (which helps with the weight issue) and have less pain. It was a blessing that I met this particular person when I did. So, now for the part you have been waiting for.................. These inserts are called "Heel Seats"

You can find them at this link:

I want to remind you that this is solely my personal opinion. This may not work for everyone and you should always consult your doctor before trying new treatments. I have in no way been paid to do this review in cash or free products. I purchased them personally. I believe in passing on a good thing!

Take care of your feet and experience the Sense of Relief!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!
Please feel free to leave any comments you have or would like to share.


  1. So glad to hear youre getting relief at last!!!

  2. Glad to see that you are getting relief! I too was diagnosed w/ Planar Fasciitis. I worked for 8 years @ a fastfood restaurant, sometimes pulling 16 hour days. My feet would hurt me so badly, as you describe. Occasionally they still do. I will definately check out these Heel Seats! Thanks for the post.



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