April 18, 2009

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I am part of an AWESOME group of ladies. we have a yahoo group Sassy Sisters In Sales
There are several companies that are represented there and we are always looking for more! Here is a post on my company that was just recently posted to our Blog: Sassy Sisters

(this is an excert from :http//sassysistersinsales.blogspot.com)

Mary Reid has been a rep with Ranch House Candles for a little over a year and she loves every moment of it. Mary chose Ranch House Candles for several reasons:
  • The company is "ground floor" which means there is a lot of room for growth as a company and a representative. It also means you aren't just a number in a sea of reps. Some candle companies have oversaturated their market and you can virtually find a rep on every corner. Not Ranch House Candles! There is a very good chance that you will be the only rep in your city. At the very least, the first.
  • She fell in love with the products. Once you try a Ranch House Candle, you will understand why. The scents are simply amazing and the selection is unparallelled.
  • Their products are eco-friendly. Ranch House Candles are made with clean burning 100% soy wax.
Unlike many programs, Ranch House Candles isn't set up by "levels". However, the company is still small and starting out, so that may change in the future. What does this mean for you if you choose to become company representative? It means you are working directly with the owners and other reps for the betterment of the entire company. The owners want to hear your ideas and suggestions. The benefits of selling Ranch House Candles are numerous:
  1. You get to sell a high quality yet reasonably priced products.
  2. You get to work 1 on 1 with the company owners.
  3. There are fewer restrictions than with most other companies.
  4. All orders are hand poured as you and your customers place them. You never recieve a candle that has been sitting on a shelf collecting dust and losing scent.
  5. You can sell your products just about anywhere you want, so long as you are respectful to the company and refrain from doing anything that would reflect negatively on the home office. All advertising must include the words "Independent Consultant" and any special offers you run must state it is a consultant specific deal and not the company's.
The cost to join Ranch House Candles is approximately $22.50/month ($14.95 plus 7.55 shipping). What all does that include? You get a fully functioning website in which your customers can submit orders directly to the company, you get 3 Square Mason Jar Candles each month ($30 value) and 50% commission on most products. Wth your first shipment, you will also get scent samples for each available scent, 20 full color catalogs, 20 invitation postcards, 20 order forms and fundraising literature.
So what is Mary's favorite products? The Wickless Candles & Room Sprays. And her favorite scent is White Nectarine & Pink Coral. Least favorite? She doesn't have one. Mary believes that each customer has different wants & needs and Ranch House Candles has something for everyone.

If you are interested in becoming the newest consultant for Ranch House Candles, please drop by their website and click on "Candles of the Month". Fill out the short form and the owners will be in contact with you! You can also visit Mary on the web at her personal website, Satisfy Your Senses or on her blog.

There are several Sisters that have submitted their information as well for different companies such as:

Brenda Chesney - Affordable Mineral Makeup
Christina Strickand - Brown Bag Parties
Aimee Plesa - Shake Your Bon Bons
JoAnn Greer - Avon
Andrea Baker - Inspiranza Designs
Debbi Anderson - Lets Do Tea & Pink Papaya

To see what they have to offer click here:
Sassy Sisters In Sales Blog

You will find some great deals here! Come join us in our companies or in our group!

To visit the group click here: Sassy Sisters In Sales Group

And as always take care of your self there is only 1 YOU!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Well, I love you guy's sassy name! Your products look yummy! Sweet!

  2. Thank you Yet! You should come join us! I checked out your blog and really enjoyed it!, thanks for leaving a comment! We have a great group of ladies!



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