April 1, 2009

This is not a Joke, check this out...............

Hello Yes i am doing another post , but want to make sure everyone is in on this special deal.This is the last month for us (the consultants) and they are offering a 25% off sale on many items and there are still some 50% off items still available.
Here are the Sale items!

*All Spa Wisdom products and Select Accessories are 25% off
*the Spa Wisdom Blooming Bath Oil and Tranquility Bath Milk are 50% off.

*All Almond Oil Hand products and Select Accessories are 25% off.

*All Fragrance Products are 25% off:
Aqua Lily, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Mandarin Orchid, Moroccan Rose, Neroli Jasmin,Vanilla and White Musk.
Perfume oils and Scent me are also 25% off
White Gardenia is 50% off

* All gifts are 25% off,
the Ultimate Make-over collection, Sumtuous Strawberry, Hi-shine Lip trio and Luxury Spa wisdom Gift are 50% off

* Buy 1 Get 1 FREE on Body Focus Products and Cellulite Massager.

these products will go fast so stock up while supplies last.

here is the link to the site : http://www.thebodyshopathome.com/web/maryreid1

I hope everyone has a great day!!!!!!

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