April 5, 2009

ON HAND INVENTORY SALE!!!!!!!!...........

Hello my wonderful Followers and Subscribers! I am in the process of changing over to a new spa company and am ready to offer you some AWESOME deals! These are items that i have on hand right now and want you to take them off my hands lol! The specials offered from the company (as listed in the previous post) are still available. I am offering these deals on first come first gets, until they are all gone. You can email me for these items at maryreid121@yahoo.com.

I have 25 Soap bars:
These are homemade Glycerin Soap Bars, under my label, HillSide Soaps. I use some of the same scents that are used for Ranch House Candles.
They are $4 each or you can get 3 for $10. Shipping is dependent on how many you order, but wont go over $10.00.
If there is a scent that you want, but not on this list, email me about it and i can send you a list of scents that i offer. Any orders that are placed for those not on the list can take up to two weeks, to be sent out. Those on the list can be sent out in as little as two day.
Here they are:

6 - Fruity Passion, Chunk
4 - Sparkling Citrus
1 - Sand & Sun
4 - Clothesline, Chunk
4 - Coconut Lime
3 - Mulberry, Chunk
2 - Caribbean Coconut

(Chunk is soap that i made with chunks of soap in it, for a textured look)

Now I have several items from The Body Shop at Home. The shipping is the same as above, all dependent of the amount you order.
My prices are cheaper than you can order them right now.

3 - Head to Toe Gift Sets - $15.00/was $25.00
SOLD 1 - Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection - $35.00/was $49.30
SOLD 1 - White Gardenia Collection - $25.00/was $52.70
1 - Exotic Mango Body Trio Gift Set - $10.00/was $15.00
1 - Shea Whip Body Lotion - $10.00/was $16.00
1 - Moroccan Rose Shower Gel - $8.00/was $13.00
8 - Head Bands - $2.50/ was $5.00
2 - Fresh Feet Treat gift set - $10.00/ was $20.00
1 - Spa Sanctuary Gift set - $20.00/was $32.00
6 - TBS Logo mirrors, black - $3.00/was $5.00
2- TBS Logo Bath Matts - $3.00 / was $5.00
1- Mens Maca Root Face Trio gift set - $10.00/was $20.00
8 - Mini Body Butters - $5.00 / was $10.00
(the mini body butters are:
SOLD 1 - Shea
2 - Almond
2 - Satsuma
1 - Brazil Nut
1 - Strawberry
1 - Warm Amber Shimmer BB)

There you have it! As I go through more things I will list more items for sale! These items are marked to sale fast so hurry and claim yours before someone else does!!! This is for US shipping only, Im sorry for that inconvenience. Thank you all so much for being so wonderful!
I am using theses sales to invest in my new company Pink Papaya.(which myself and my team are going to now that The Body Shop at Home consultant division is closing).

I know with deals like this you are sure to find something to "Satisfy Your Senses"!

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