July 1, 2009


These specials are hot!! You dont want to miss them!

Pretty Feet~
Pamper your tootsies by applying our amazing Sweet Almond Oil Foot Creme, then use the included pink booties to place on feet after foot creme application for the softest feet ever!!! $21.00

Sensual Nights~
Our massage oil is amazing! Non greasy, and wont stain clothing. Use it as a superb moisturizer for a wonderful experience, or apply a capful in a warm bath and moisturize while you soak! Use the included Green Jade Roller to ease tension and massage away stress! THe jade roller is also nice chilled in the fridge, and rolled on temples for migraines. $21.50

Silky and Shimmery Legs~
Exfoliate away dead skin cells with our creamy, fluffy tangerine body smoothing scrub. This scrub can be used shoulders down in the shower. Place a small amount of our Sun GLitz leg Glitz for a nice bronzed shimmer effect! $21.00

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