July 19, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Nuts~

First of all I want to thank Andrea and Carrol Baker for introducing Sunday Stills to me! Now I felt that this was truly an interesting photo topic , for being my first one.

So, I tried to keep it somewhat "clean" considering the topic!

These are photos of my wonderful, crazy Brother. The collective thought in our family, when we think of him is "Are You Nuts?!?" So, when I saw what this weeks challenge was, my thoughts went immediately to him, and I knew that these were the perfect photos.

Brad is and has always been the "funny" one in our family. He is always trying to get a laugh out of you, no matter what is going on or what he has to do. And I must say, he's pretty good at it.

Here you see him at the Out House that is still on our Nanny and Granddad's land. (and as you can see behind him that it is boarded up and no longer in use, thankfully,lol)

These were taken this past Christmas at the big family get together.

Can't you just see the gleam in his eye!

He was recently Medically Discharged from the Army, after doing 2 tours in Irac. Bless his heart for having such wonderful Humor!

Thank you for letting me share my "Nutty" brother with you! Can't wait for next weeks challenge!
~ Mary


  1. he looks a little nutty in that first photo! great shots mary!

  2. Thats funny! Glad to see you posting here! Welcome to the group!

  3. awesome job!!! I guess I didnt realize Sunday Stills was like a group or something?? share with us maybe we can all get in on the fun!!!!

  4. First off thanks to him for his service to the country.

    Second, I'm glad I am not the only person in the world who thinks their brother is a nut!!! I cant wait to see what you come up with in the future.

  5. Great photos, thanks for sharing and welcome to Sunday Stills!

  6. Thank you everyone! I know that these photos are dear to me and cant wait to share more with you! I really appreciate all of your comments!

  7. I think about everything has been said. But, props to your brother for putting his country first. He's a wonderful "nut". :):)

  8. hehe nice photo's; that b&w toneing is superb :)

  9. Very cute!! Tell him thank you for serving our country!!



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