July 26, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Toys

When it comes to Toys, Kaitie is all over it!!

She knows exactly where to find the best toys.....

These shots were taken at her FAVORITE local park............

And the only thing that makes having all these toys to play with so great is.....

Sharing them with your Best Friend! (also at another local park)


  1. ooww good times! nice entry for sunday stills :)

  2. Good shots! That is an interesting surface for the playground (3rd shot). I'm assuming it is rubber like?

  3. Tammy, yes it is rubber chips, it really is wonderful to have, I really like having that over the wood mulch or packed dirt that are in most of the parks. We are fortunate to have this wonderful park here.
    Thank you ALL for the wonderful comments! ~ Mary

  4. What cute photos, love the happiness in the third one!

  5. Great photos, she looks like she had a lot of fun! :)



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