October 17, 2009

Getting Connected ~ Social Networking Tutorial

I have this awesome friend who wrote up this tutorial to help us get connected! I find that I spend a lot of time trying to update ALL my social networks. My friend Andrea Baker wrote this up to help cut back on the amount of time and places we go to update. I love that she also includes how to update your blog to twitter. I have been trying to find other ways to get my blog out there and this was the perfect way to do just that! So if you have a blog that you would like to update automatically to twitter, then be sure to read through the tutorial for the instructions!! I found this extremely helpful and hope that you do as well. Thank you Andrea for doing this to help the rest of us!

Making Connections with Twitter & Facebook


Networking is important. People purchase from who they know and they want to know you. Let’s get some of your social networks connected so your sure to have several of them update with the same information.

For example, they way my social networks work is this: When I post a new blog, post a new photo to flickr, and even when I list a new item in my etsy shop a post is sent to my twitter. That twitter post in turn is sent to FaceBook.
This helps me cut down on time spent trying to be sure that when I blog, post to flickr, or update my etsy shop I don’t have to run around trying to get it posted to twitter and facebook.
How did I do this? I’m assuming you have twitter, facebook, a blog, and anything else with an RSS feed.

To hook up your twitter so that it updates your facebook follow these steps:

Install the twitter application on facebook. Visit the following link application for facebook http://apps.facebook.com/twitter/
go to application;
click allow;
login to twitter with twitter login,
then it will look like a FBized twitter page - at the top hit “allow twitter to update FB…” and should be done.

Test it out. Post a snazzy update on your twitter page and then check your facebook. YAY!!

Okay now on to setting it so that your blog, flickr, any place that has an RSS feed for you will update twitter.

http://twitterfeed.com/ Visit this link and sign up. Be sure to note your password and user name.

Now you might want to have several tabs open with your places you want to list here. Blog, Flickr, Etsy Shop, Artfire Shop, any place that has an RSS feed for you.

Now you want to create a new feed. Follow these steps
You want to authenticate at twitter. This will make sure you have connected correctly.

Give your Feed a name.

You want to go to your blog (or where ever you’re snagging your feed from) and snag your RSS link. Use your feedburner link if you can. Right click and save link target. You want to copy that link. Now you just past that link over at twitter feed.

I have noticed that some blogger templates remove the subscribe to posts link at the bottom of the posts section. If this happens then test out the following with your blogger link.

http://YOURBLOGGERLINK HERE.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default

Once this is done you can edit your settings. For mine I add a little prefix {blog} or {flickr} or {etsy} what ever you want to do. You set it how you want it.

When you’re done hit update.

Rinse and Repeat as needed.

Type a post, upload a photo, list something in your etsy shop and wait to check it out on twitter and then facebook.

See any errors in the info above? Contact me and let me know.

(you can contact her by clicking on the "Making connections......" title above, this will go directly to her blog and you can message her from there.)

~ Mary


  1. Awesome! I posted a link to this on Plurk!!!

  2. Thanks Teri! Yeah, Andrea did a great job on helping us figure out how to do it lol! Thanks for sharing this with others!!!!!



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