October 25, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Fall

This weeks Challenge is all about "Fall" and there is still color out there,lol. Here are various shots around my area! I hope you enjoy them!

Get in on the fun! If you would like to see more wonderful pics go to: Sunday Stills.
Get out and do something good for yourself and Satisfy Your Senses!
~ Mary


  1. Great shots!! You Photographic Eye is really developing! HUGS!!!

  2. Thank you Ladies!!!!
    The last photo I took as the sun was going down, I loved the gold/fire look lol, Its actually my favorite one up there!
    Thank you Andrea!!!!!!!!!! I really am trying to get better. (psstt did you notice I was actually trying to use the rule of 1/3rds in the last pic?! lol you have taught me a lot, teheheh. And those shots were all taken while I was on a walk with my daughter. It was fun and a great excuse to get out and about! Cant wait til next weeks challenge!

  3. your last photo is very warm & welcoming, nice composition



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