September 6, 2009

Sunday Stills ~ Rule of Thirds

This Sunday we were challenged to do "Rule of Thirds". This was a bit hard for me, because I am one that tends to always "center" the photo.

This year my daughters birthday landed on Easter so we did the "Easter Egg Hunt" lol. She was very proud of all her treasures.

"Easter Treasures"

This photo pretty much explains itself!

"Beauty after the Storm"

I Hope you enjoyed these photos and this weeks theme. Check out SUNDAY STILLS to learn more or even join us in our weekly challenges!
~ Mary


  1. Oh wow! That storm photo is absoutely amazing! And your daughter with her eggs is precious! :)

  2. Great job :) love the pic of your baby girl and the scenic one! course i love scenic pics

  3. Nicely done! That landscape photo with the barn is gorgeous! The color is so unusual! Nicely captured!


  4. Lovely shots :D First shot is real cute :)

  5. Really loved the "after the storm" picture. Interesting coloring. Good job.

  6. Thank you all so much for your comments. The coloring on the storm pic is all natural, I didnt "touch it up" or anything lol. The storm had broke just before dusk. I believe that is a once in a life time shot lol.!! Yeah my daughter is the center of most of my pic's lol. I love to share with everyone a "piece" of my world now and then and doing Sunday Stills allows me to do that!

  7. Beauty after the storm is great. I'd frame that one. Nice shot.



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