September 24, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday.....

I have been thinking a bit here lately on ways to "de-stress". There is so much stress floating around these days due to our jobs, home life, health, bills etc.
When I stress out, I find later that most of the time it was for no good reason, because it all worked out in the end and I had wasted time stressing that I could have been relaxing, working on another project, having family time, or what ever I wanted.
Stress and worry go hand in hand. And as I was growing up at home, my dad would tell me that worrying doesnt fix anything! Can you fix it? If so then fix it, if not then give it to God and move on. For so long I would look at my dad and say yeah right whatever, it doesn't work out that way, then he would pull out the bible and tell just how it was.
Later in years I found he was right. IF you can fix a problem then fix it, don't fixate on something you have no control over. Things do have a way of working out even if they are not what we expect. But we make the best of what does come our way.
There are several things that help me put things in perspective. One way is working out. I have been told, by several people, that when you work out, it helps clear your mind and lets you focus on what is at hand. I made a vow that I was going to work out more. Not just for my sanity, but my health as well, (killing 2 birds with one stone there).
I found this blog post to be of great help. It lists several ways to relax.
These posts have been very helpful and informative. If you get a chance check out all the "Take Time Out Thursday" posts, its well worth the time!

More on Exercise... Sometimes we get to the point where we really dont want to hear about another "work out" program, or see another perfect body picture posted. But what I have found that if the program is actually about someone that is doing the exercising and sharing their progress, ups & downs, and tips, that I am more motivated to do so myself! Here is a blog about a lady who is using her blog as a way to tell her story as it unfolds. She tells us about her excersie routines, she shares tips, ideas and even hardships that she worked through anyway. In do this for the public to read it is a way to have accountability to others to maintain that motivation. I commend her for doing this. She has kept me wanting to be in motion to actually get off my butt and do something. Check out her blog
She also has another blog where she is doing a fantastic Giveaway! It is centered around Marriage. You can enter it here

I have found those who swear by yoga! Though I have yet to try it, I have heard great things! While I was "surfing the net" I came across this great site all about yoga. The benefits, poses, instructions, health, and more. This is a great resource that I will be checking more into and passing on!

Now for those out there that are looking for a less physical way to relax, you might try reading. Reading has helped in the past as well. I find that I delve into a book and leave worries and stress behind. When i am finished reading, I feel that I am ready to tackle the issues. Writing has been another favorite tool for me as well. I take out the note pad and just start writing out everything that I am stressing over or worrying about, Not looking for perfect grammar just writing all that come to mind. I come to a stop and put it down, walk away from it. When I come back to it and as I am reading what I wrote, I am amazed at all the stuff I am stressing about. It helps put them in perspective and then I narrow down what I really need to work on and what can wait etc.

Situations are not the same for everyone. We all have different ways of getting through the day. Just remember there are different ways to deal with those situations, if what you are currently doing, isn't working then try something else. Things have a way of working out, why beat yourself up (mind & body) over something you cant control!

Now that I have exhausted my ramblings, I am going to go relax! Do something good for yourself today and Satisfy Your Senses!
~ Mary



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