September 3, 2009

Fall is here.. Does your house need refreshening?.....

Fall is here and its time to air out the house! We have the perfect product to help refresh your home and over 50 scents to choose from!

This Emerald green spray bottle contains the strongest room spray available. One or two sprays will fill a room. Better yet give a couple of sprays into your central A/C return to fill your entire house.

Our Room Sprays are also great for your vehicle! Our scents are much better than those you can get at a car wash or from an air freshener hanging from the review mirror! The bottles are the perfect size to store in your glove box, too!!

To see all the wonderful products we have to offer, click here: to visit my online shop! Check it out today! You are sure to find something to Satisfy Your Senses!
~ Mary

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