September 9, 2009

A Family Kept apart..............

Hello everyone, Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.
As these past few months have come and gone, I have had a few things weigh heavily on my heart. One of these things is RAK! Random Acts of Kindness. I am asking you to continue reading this post for it can help change a families life! When we open up our hearts and do RAK's we become better people. I have been making a commitment to do more RAK's, knowing that somehow I will be helping someone else's life/day better, even if it just for a small moment. That alone is worth all the effort.

I want to tell you about someone that just recently joined one of my yahoo groups. As I have gotten to know her, I have found out that she is in a bad way. Her name is Donna.

Donna, like many people, lost her job when it closed. Things went from bad to worse and her children are now living with their grandmother, which she feels, they are not in good hands. To add to this weight on her shoulders, she is also pregnant at this time. She really wants her family back together and has tried getting a job numerous times to no avail.

Donna is a very talented person. She has opened an Etsy shop and has put many handmade items up for sale. Shes not asking for donations, she is asking for sales. Sales from her items will help her bring her family back together again.

Here are a few of the handmade items that she has to offer:

Handmade Potholders

Handmade Crochet Blankets

Handmade Facial Scrubbies
Please find it in your heart to help this family out and have their family back together for the Holidays.

Visit her shop : to see more items that she has to offer. You can also contact her with orders as well at:

I pray that you all have a Blessed Day!

~ Mary

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